Vinegar Tom

Louise Gold may have appeared in a Staged Reading of this play, at The Royal Court Theatre, as part of their season of Caryl Churchill Readings, at 4pm on Thursday 18 September



Adie Allen

Michelle Asante

Lorraine Ashbourne

Dona Croll

Louise Gold

Sinead Matthews

Annabel Scholey

Mossie Smith

Nicolas Tennant


Production Team

Author Caryl Churchill

Original Production The Royal Court, 1978

Directed by Winsome Pinnock


This staged reading was part of a series of staged readings at The Royal Court, during September 2008, to mark the playwright Caryl Churchills 70th birthday.

The information here is what it says on The Royal Court Theatres website, which added that the cast information is subject to change. Therefore it is not known for certain whether the cast line up given here was actually the cast. It is not even known for certain whether Ms Gold was in it.

Louise Gold had previously appeared at The Royal Court Theatre as a member of the alternative cabaret group Anna Rexic and The Compulsives.

Dona Croll had previously appeared on television in an episode of Casualty.



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