Thing A Thon

A Mammoth Singing Marathon

Louise Gold was scheduled to appear as a member of the cast of Nunsense, a fundraising event in aid of The Terrence Higgins Trust, and, Frontliners, at The Piccadilly Theatre, on Sunday 13 December 1987.

Note: Please note the cast listing and running order is not necessarily accurate, the webmaster wasn’t present and so is using the original printed programme of events as a guide. I don’t even know whether Ms Gold actually took part in this! However those whose names are listed here in italics are definitely known to have taken part.

The event was scheduled to run from 12 Noon to 10:30pm.



All Day Compere – Clarke Peters



First Show 12 O’clock


Eileen Atkins

British Airways Groovers Steel Orchestra

Miguel Brown


“Girlfriends” Company

Norma Atallah

Clare Burt

Donna Champion

Jacqui Cryer

Tracey Halsey

Tina Jones

Julie Jupp

Heather Mathers

Jenna Russell

Gareth Snook

Sara Weymouth

Musician: Kate Young

Half Moon Panto

Nicola Blackman

Angela Curran

David Fielder

Simon Greenall

Michael Gunn

Barrie Jaimeson

Julia Office

Ian Puleston-Davies

Musicians: Paul Abrahams, and, Maurice McEllroy

“Les Liaisons Dangereuses Company

Samantha Bond

John Cullen

Jackie Dankworth

Peter Lennon

Andy Rattenbury

Kate Spiro

Paul Medford

National Theatre Company No. 73

“Nunsense Company”

Maxine Audley

Louise Gold

Pip Hinton

Anna Rees

Bronwen Stanway

“On The Other Hand”

Fay Presto

“String Of Pearls”

Dilys Watling

Musician: Leslie Hayes



Second Show 2:30pm


Michael Ball, and, Angela Richards

Musician Calum McLeod

Debbie Bishop

“The Compulsives”


Kathryn Apanowicz

Michael Cashman

Pam St Clement

Musician: Dave Brown

42nd Street

Steven Baker

Nicolas French

Jay Graham

Jean Jourdan

Kerry Lovegrove

Christina Matthews

Jemma Ward

Helen Way

Musician: John Langridge

“Girls and the Great Xar

Jackie Arnold

Emma Freud

Amanda Garwood

The Great Xar

The Brough Boys

Hue And Cry

Kenny Lynch

Claire Rayner


“Starlight Express” Company

Shezwae Powell

Lon Satton

Musician: Peter Hagen

Peter Straker

Helen Terry

Musician: Adrian York


Third Show 5 o’clock


Neil Bartlett

Gaye Brown, and, Philip Paul

Musician: Jonathan Cohen

Elaine Delmar

Musicians: Mario Castronari, Brian Dee, and, Mark Taylor

Daniel Day Lewis

Billy Geraghty

Liam Grundy

Carol Sloman

Emma Freud

Bob Harris, and, Kathy Louis

Gloria Hunniford

David Kernan

Musician: Jonathan Cohen

Les Miserables” Company

Leon Ferguson

Kate Percival

Myra Sands

Musicians: Mark Inscoe, and, Courtney Kenny

Lulu and the “Peter Pan” Company

The McGanns (Stephen McGann, Clare McGann, Paul McGann, Mark McGann, and, Joe McGann)

Ian McKellen

Sarah Jane Morris

The Phantom Of The Opera” Company

Paul Arden-Griffith

Sally Ashfield

Wayne Aspinall

Anne Breckell

Justin Church

Janet Devenish

Lynn Jezzard

Karen Lowe

Patricia Merrin

Claire Moore

Marina Stevenson

Alison Townsend

Musician: Calum McLeod

Lilly Savage

Hank Wangford

Musicians: Martin Belmont, Cissy Footwear, and, Bobby Velentino

Ruby Wax


Fourth Show 7:30pm


Cass Allen

Musician: Clare James

Alan Bates

Madeline Bell

Christopher Biggins

Billy Bragg*

Chess” Company

David Burt

Kevin Colson

Litsa Davies

Philip Griffiths

Liza Hobbs

Grainne Renihan

Duncan Smith

Staged by: Peter Walker

Musician: Trevor York

John Christie

Ronnie Corbett

Julie Covington


Fenella Fielding

Follies” Company

Linda Baron

Gillian Bevan

Maria Charles

Brad Graham

Simon Green

David Healy

Margaret Houston

Hope Jackman

Steven Lubmann

Murray Lane

Jill Martin

Siobhan O’Kane

Evan Pappas

Debbie Poplitt

Jenny Scott-Malden

Sally Smith

Roy Sone

Dawn Spence

Kathy Terry

Barbara Toye

Sally Ann Triplett

Dorothy Vernon

Arrangements: Martin Koch

Samantha Fox

Claire & Leonard Friedman

Adelaide Hall

Lesley Joseph, and, Patricia Hodge

Helen Lederer

Maureen Lipman

Mass Carib

Nicola McAuliffe

Sylvester McCoy

George Melly

Anton Rogers

Ned Sherrin

Labi Siffre

Carol Woods



Neil McArthur’s All Star Band


(The programme says the band were backing various artistes throughout the day, and playing between shows two & three, and, three & four).


Neil McArthur

Richard Allen

Howard Britz

Sharon D. Clarke

Andrew Huggett

Peter Hurt

Henry Lowther

Michael Osbourn

Chris Pynee

Ian Shaw

Jeremy Taylor

Pete Thomas

Marie Waldren

Daryll Williams

James Woodrow

Ian Woods



Front Of House Performers


Musical Director – Stephen Warbeck

Stage Managers – Nigel Guy, and, Maureen Poole

Menage A Trois”

Jason Carr

Jonathan Donne

Kathryn Hide

Merial Dickinson, and, Bruce Ogston

Margaret Houston

Dawn Spence

Sally Ann Triplett

Jenny Scott-Malden

“Platform 5”

Corianne Benbow

Claire Carpenter

Vivien Parry

Pat O’Toole

Sally Dexter

Melaine Howard, and, Ollie Blanchflower

Sue Beard

Carol Carey

Caroline Humphries



Carol Concert


Musical Director – Trevor York

Man For All Seasons” Company

Kiss Me Kate” Company

Chico Andrade

Andree Bernard

Jacqui Botswain

Carole Brooke

Richard Calkin

Raymond Chai

Caroline Dillon

Angela Hercules Joseph

Liz Izen

Berwick Kaler

Danny Lane

Peter Ledbury

Melanie Marshall

Nicola McAuliffe

Robert Purvis

Tarno Rea

Mikaela Ryden-Taub

Stephen Thomas


Arrangement: Tim Higgs

Chess” Choir

Yvonne Bachem

Margaret Bankier

Sue Cullen

Rob Fardell

Steve Fortune

Philip Griffiths

Liza Hobbs

Debbie Holmes

Ellen Jackson

Tom Marandola

Terry Mitchell

Duncan Smith


John Barr

Gabby Bevan

Isla Blair

Caroline Bliss

Gary Bond

Mark Bond

Helena Bonham Carter

Joia Claire

Sally Dexter

Deirdre Forest

Deborah Fox

Mark Fowler

Julian Glover

Georgina Hale

Alex Hanson

Helen Hobson

Patricia Hodge

Sally Ann Howes

Deirdre Lovell

Clare James

Annabel Levington

Ian Ogilvy

Nulla O’Sullivan

Allan Rice

Kelly Sanders

Stella Segar

Jayne Threadgold

Ed Wiley

and members of the When Did You Last See Your Trousers” Company


Production Team

 Event Inspired and Produced by Maria Friedman

Co-Producer – Kelly Hunter

Executive Producer – Roland Brine

Production Manager – Sonia Friedman

Assistant Production Manager – Mark Ormerod

Executive Committee – Anna Gardner, Charlotte Hindle, Julie Kinney, Inez Thorn, and, Michael Whaley

Committee – Helen Anderson, Samantha Bond, Francis Cox, John Field, Leon Ferguson, Nigel Guy, George Hetherington, Liz Hobbs, Matthew Lynch, Jackie Morgan, Rita McDonel, Crispn Thomas, and, Johnny Worthy

Stage Manager – Sonia Friedman

Assistant to the Stage Manager – Ken Grant

Deputy Stage Managers – Jackie Morgan, and, Mark Ormerod

Stage Management – Sylvia Carter, Matthew Lynch, and, Meg Smith

Sound – Nic Jones, Gary Giles, and, Beni Turkson

Wardrobe – Helen Anderson

Terrance Higgins Trust Coordinator – Elizabeth Davies

Frontliners Coordinator – Peter Tilson


Some of the Groups appearing do not give the names of the individuals. Thus is may be possible that some of the named performers who took part in one show, may possibly have appeared in other shows as part of groups where the individuals have not been named.  Your webmaster, for example, does wonder who “The Compulsives” were. A few years earlier there had been an alternative cabaret group around called Anna Rexic and The Compulsives, but it is not known whether this could be that group with a slightly altered name.

*It is known that Billy Bragg who was scheduled to appear in the Fourth show, did not in fact appear in the Fourth show, however, he did appear in the Third Show.

 On the entry for this gala on The McGann Brothers’s fansite, it says that this event was “Organised by Su Pollard”. However, your webmaster has found no mention of Su Pollard in the programme. The programme does however very clearly present Maria Friedman’s obvious involvement (and others associated with her). This also mentions (and their webmaster was there) that Billy Bragg actually appeared in the Third Show and not the Fourth show.

Bronwen Stanway’s firstname appears to have been misspelt in the programme as Bronwyn Stanway. It may also be noted that Jacqueline Dankworth usually seems to have used Jacqui as the short of her name, but in this programme she is credited as Jackie (but the spelling of that short does often vary). Also Debbie Bishop’s name is usually spelt as Debby Bishop. It would appear that Pam St Clement’s name has been misspelt as Pam St Clements. While Sally Ann Triplet’s name should actually have been spelt as Sally Ann Triplett. Meanwhile Grainne Renihan has been known to spell her name as Grania Renihan as well as Grainne. Anton Rodgers should have been spelt as Anton Rogers. John Bar should have read John Barr, and, Deidrie Forrest should have read Deirdre Forrest.


Maxine Audley, Louise Gold, Pip Hinton, Anna Rees, and, Bronwen Stanway were appearing in Nunsense (stage show) at the time of this event.

Louise Gold, Pip Hinton, Anna Rees, and, Bronwen Stanway can be heard on the album Nunsense (recording).

Louise Gold, Christopher Biggins, and, Berwick Kaler had previously appeared at The Piccadilly Theatre in The Soap Opera.

Louise Gold, and, Sylvester McCoy went on to appear at The Piccadilly Theatre in Noises Off.

Angela Richards, Debby Bishop, Sinitta, Shezwae Powell, Gaye Brown, David Kernan, Ian McKellen, Claire Moore, Alan Bates, Madeline Bell, Christopher Biggins, Ronnie Corbett, Fenella Fielding, Linda Baron, Gillian Bevan, Simon Green, Lesley Joseph, Maureen Lipman, Ned Sherrin, Sally Ann Howes, and, Maria Friedman took part in Kids At Heart; which Clark Peters, Pam St Clement, Emma Freud, Claire Rayner, Maria Stevenson, Ruby Wax, Dawn Spence, Patricia Hodge, Nicola McAuliffe, Carol Woods, Richard Calkin, Isla Blair, and, Julian Glover may have appeared in. It could also be possible that The Brough Boys might have taken part in this show (well a Harvey Brough did take part in it).

 Eileen Atkins went on to become one of the creators of The House Of Elliott.

Cantabile, Maxine Audley, Dilys Watling, Angela Richards, Peter Straker, Jonathan Cohen, David Kernan, Paul Arden Griffith, Sally Ashfield, Anne Breckell, Justin Church, Lynn Jezzard, Patricia Merrin, Claire Moore, Alan Bates, Linda Baron, Simon Green, Nicola McAuliffe, Anton Rogers, Ned Sherrin, Sally Ann Howes, Ian Ogilvy, and, Maria Friedman may have previously appeared in Will Aid.

Clare Burt, Gareth Snook, Jackie Dankworth, Claire Moore, Philip Griffiths, Dawn Spence, Bruce Ogston, Rob Fardell, and, Maria Friedman’s recording credits include Cabaret.

Clare Burt, Christina Matthews, Shezwae Powell, Claire Moore, and, Helen Hobson’s recording credits include Encore The Very Best From The Musicals.

Clare Burt, Shezwae Powell, and, Jonathan Cohen’s recording credits include Cole Porter - Night And Day.

Clare Burt, Claire Moore, Christopher Biggins, Grainne Renihan, and, Sally Ann Triplett’s recording credits include Simply Musicals.

Clare Burt’s recording credits include The Greatest Musicals of the 20th Century.

Clare Burt, Angela Richards, Peter Straker, Simon Green, Sally Ann Triplett, Lesley Joseph, Patricia Hodge, and, John Barr went on to appear in A Love Letter To Dan.

Clare Burt, Jackie Dankworth, Claire Moore, Gillian Bevan, and, Maria Friedman’s recording credits include Centre Stage Showtime!.

Clare Burt, Jackie Dankworth, David Kernan, and, Alex Hanson’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Laughter And Tears.

Clare Burt, Jackie Dankworth, Jonathan Cohen, Claire Moore, Grainne Renihan, Trevor York, Gillian Bevan, and, Sally Ann Triplett’s recording credits include Magic Of The Musicals.

Tina Jones, and, Christopher Biggins may have taken part in Dear Ralph.

Julie Jupp, and, Angela Curran’s film credits include Topsy Turvy.

Julie Jupp’s recording credits include Topsy Turvy (Soundtrack album).

Jenna Russell, Christopher Biggins, and, Gillian Bevan went on to appear in the Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala.

Gareth Snook, Jackie Dankworth, Evan Pappas, Deirdre Forrest, and, Maria Friedman went on to appear in Merrily We Roll Along, and on the associated album Merrily We Roll Along (Recording).

Gareth Snook went on to appear in Assassins, on which Kate Young also worked on.

Gareth Snook, Philip Griffths, Liza Hobbs, Bruce Ogston, and, Rob Fardell’s recording credits include On The Town.

Gareth Snook, Philip Griffiths, Liza Hobbs, Simon Green, Bruce Ogston, and, Rob Fardell’s recording credits include Anything Goes (Recording)Website Recommended Album.

Kate Young, Martin Koch, and, Sylvester McCoy had previously worked on The Pirates of Penzance (Stage Production).

Kate Young, Mark Inscoe, and, Philip Griffiths went on to work on Anything Goes (Stage Production).

Nicola Blackman went on to appear in The Taming Of The Shrew.

Angela Curran, Erasure, and, Samantha Fox’s television credits include Roland Rat The Series.

Simon Greenall’s television credits include Alexei Sayle’s Merry-Go-Round.

Michael Ball, and, Anton Rogers’s television credits include A Week In The West End.

Angela Richards, Pam St Clement, Gaye Brown, David Kernan, Lesley Joseph, Ned Sherrin, Jason Carr, and, Maria Friedman took part in Chicago & Company.

Angela Richards, Elaine Delmar, David Kernan, Claire Moore, Fenella Fielding, Simon Green, Ned Sherrin, Neil McArthur, Jason Carr, Sally Ann Howes, and, Maria Friedman probably took part in A Time To Start Living.

Angela Richards, David Kernan, and, Maria Friedman appeared in Sondheim At The Barbican.

Angela Richards, David Kernan, Fenella Fielding, Sally Ann Triplett, and, Ned Sherrin went on to appear in the Side By Side By Sondheim 25th Anniversary Gala.

Debby Bishop went on to appear in Kiss Me Kate, and Hot’n’Spicey 2.

Michael Cashman had previously appeared in Godspell.

Pam St Clement, Gaye Brown, David Kernan, Fenella Fielding, Linda Baron, Lesley Joseph, Ned Sherrin, and, Jason Carr may have taken part in Broadway To Brighton.

Christina Matthews’s film credits include Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire.

Christina Matthews, Shezwae Powell, Grainne Renihan, Simon Green, and, Maria Friedman’s recording credits include The History Of The Musical.

Shezwae Powell, and, Myra Sands went on to appear in Follies.

Neil Bartlett went on to adapt and design a musical version Lady Into Fox.

Gaye Brown, Myra Sands, Liza Hobbs, and, Debbie Holmes appeared in a concert of highlights from the Ratepayers’ Iolanthe & Metropolitan Mikado, with which Ned Sherrin was also involved.

Gloria Hunniford, Martin Koch, Sylvester McCoy, and, Anton Rogers had previously appeared in The Royal Variety Performance (1982).

David Kernan, Ned Sherrin, Jason Carr, and, Sally Ann Howes appeared in Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It.

David Kernan, and, Jason Carr’s recording credits include Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It (Recording).

David Kernan, Claire Moore, Gillian Bevan, Ned Sherrin, and, Helena Bonham Carter may have appeared in Comedy Tonight.

David Kernan went on to appear in the Chelmsford revival of Side By Side By Sondheim. His radio credits include The Radio 2 Arts Programme Chichester Festival 1994.

David Kernan, Christopher Biggins, Simon Green, Sally Ann Triplett, Maureen Lipman, and, Ned Sherrin went on to appear in the Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala.

Myra Sands has gone on to appear in many Lost Musicals concert stagings including: By Jupiter, One Touch Of Venus (1992 Production), Du Barry Was A Lady (1993 Production), New Girl In Town, Red Hot & Blue, Something For The Boys, Panama Hattie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and, Darling of The Day. She also took part in Camberwell Pocket Opera’s First Fundraising Gala.

Myra Sands also appeared in One Touch Of Venus (2000 Production), which Jason Carr also worked on.

Joe McGann went on to work on The Gondoliers, which Caroline Humphries sometimes conducted.

Joe McGann went on to appear in Jason Carr’s musical The Water Babies, which Caroline Humphries conducted.

Ruby Wax’s television credits include For Four Tonight.

Christopher Biggins went on to appear in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Liza Hobbs, Sally Ann Triplett, and, Debbie Holmes appeared in The Metropolitan Mikado, which Ned Sherrin was also involved with.

Grainne Renihan took part in Dress Circle Grand Reopening.

Ronnie Corbett took part in A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh.

Erasure’s television credits include ABBA – The Mamma Mia Story.

Fenella Fielding, Patricia Hodge, and, Ned Sherrin’s radio credits include Ned Sherrin’s Review Of Revue.

Gillian Bevan went on to appear in The Boys From Syracuse.

Simon Green went on to appear in Flaunt It 2008.

David Healy’s film voice-over credits include Labyrinth.

It is possible that Debbie Poplitt could be Deborah Poplett who appeared in Rachel And The Roarettes:

It seems unlikely that the Barbara Toye appearing in the Follies Company, would be the same person as the lady of the same name who was a production assistant on Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It.

Sally Ann Triplett went on to appear in Happily Ever After. Her recording credits include The Best Of The Musicals, and her television credits include Rita Rudner.

Martin Koch, and, Sylvester McCoy had previously worked on The Pirates Of Penzance (Gala Performance), The Pirates Of Penzance (Gala Preview), and, The Pirates Of Penzance (Benefit Preview).

Martin Koch went on to work on Mamma Mia.

Martin Koch, and, Vivien Parry’s television credits include ABBA – The Reunion.

Helen Lederer’s television credits include A Kick Up The Archive.

Anton Rogers’s television credits include Julia And Company.

Ned Sherrin was involved with Ziegfeld (stage show), and the associated record Ziegfeld (Recording).

The Company of Mary Poppins’s FUNdraising late night gala was dedicated to Ned Sherrin.

Sharon D Clarke, and, Jason Carr’s recording credits include Defiant Dames.

Stephen Warbeck’s composition credits include music for productions of The Caucasian Chalk Circle, and, The Cherry Orchard.

Jason Carr worked on the Lost Musicals production of 110 In The Shade, played the piano for Oh Kay, and, A Lost Musicals Occasion. He has also gone on to play the piano for Louise Gold’s cabaret act LOUISE GOLD...By Appointment, as well as the Final Chic Cabaret 2003 and he was a guest pianist on Dead By 12.

Bruce Ogston’s radio credits include LetEm Eat Cake.

Liz Izen went on to appear in Calamity Jane.

Alex Hanson’s recording credits include Great Duets From The Musicals, and, The Great Musicals – Dashing Heroes, Blushing Maidens.

Helen Hobson’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Wonderful Tales.

The stage manager Matthew Lynch on the production team committee, is one would presume, not the same person as the film recordist of the same name on Muppet Treasure Island.

Crispin Thomas had previously appeared in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (York Production).

Michael Ball, Alexander Hanson, and, Patricia Hodge have gone on to take part in Shopping With The Stars 2009.

Ronnie Corbett had previously taken part in Comic Relif 1986.

Michael Ball, Gillian Bevan, Jonathan Cohen, Sally Dexter, Maria Friedman, Timothy Higgs, Claire Moore, and, Sally Ann Triplett’s recording credits include 100 Hits Musicals.

Claire Moore’s recording credits include Let’s Go On With The Show – Hit Songs From The West End & Broadway.

Gillian Bevan, Clare Burt, Maria Friedman, Simon Green, David Kernan, and, Claire Moore’s recording credits include The Great Musicals - From Broadway to Hollywood.

Kathryn Apanowicz had previously appeared in Bag.

Gillian Bevan had previously appeared in Blood Brothers.

Myra Sands, and, Julian Glover went on to appear in Oliver!. They can be heard on the cast album Oliver! (Recording).

Madeline Bell, Ned Sherrin, and, Dawn Spence went on to take part in CLIC’s 18th Birthday Celebration.

Ian Puleston-Davies went on to appear in television in Coronation Street.

John Barr went on to appear in  Somethin’ Good .


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 The McGann Brothers’ fansite’s entry for this event:   (For some strange reason this appears to state the event as being organised by Su Pollard)


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