The Wonderful World Of Puppets

Louise Gold starred as one of the “Expert” puppeteers, talking about her work on both The Muppet Show, and, Spitting Image. Recorded around 23 December 1999, broadcast on BBC 2 on 3 January 2000.



Gerry Anderson – Producer (and puppeteer – the latter was not credited)

Bridget Appleby – Art Director

Zoe Ball – Presenter

Liana Bridges  - Presenter and Puppeteer of Sooty Heights

Richard Cardell – Present and Puppeteer of Sooty Heights

Phil Cornwell – Voice Artiste and Actor (voice artiste on Spitting Image)

Jamie Courtier – Creative Director Of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (Puppet Builder)

Chris Crane – Puppeteer on Rainbow (George & Zippy)

Jan Daliber - Creator and Puppeteer of Pinky And Perky

Vlast Daliber – Creator and Puppeteer of Pinky And Perky

Jack Dee – Actor and Comedian

Quenin Dupleux – Musician and Creator of Flat Eric

Peter Firmin – Puppet Maker

Louise Gold - Puppeteer

Rolf Harris – Presenter

Brian Henson – President of Jim Henson Productions (and puppeteer)

Peter Jago – Puppeteer

Roger Law – Creator Of Spitting Image (puppet builder)

Ronnie Le Drew – Puppeteer on Rainbow (George & Zippy)

Sally McNally – Daughter of Muffin The Mule’s Puppeteer Ann Hogarth

Roy North – Actor & Presenter

Nick Owen - Presenter

Nicholas Parsons – Actor (and voice artiste)

Andi Peters – Presenter

Roland Rat – Superstar (actually puppeteer David Claridge, not credited)

Tim Rose - Puppeteer

Phillip Schofield - Presenter

John Thomson – Actor (voice-artiste on Spitting Image)


Production Team

Director – Caroline Norris

Music – Andy Hopkins

Graphic – Gareth Price

Dubbing Mixer – Stuart Hinkins

Camera – Jim Fyans, Andy Lee, and, Sean Tevamley

Sound – Richard Jupp, John Hooper, Patrick Quirke, Phil Clayton, Adrian Jacques, and, Brian Davis

Unit Manager – Ian Pyke

Editor – Andy Nicholson

Production Team  - Paula Cowin, Jennifer King, Sarah Graham, and, Tanya Gotlieb

Programme Associate – Dave Chapman

Producer – Caroline Norris

Executive Producer – Anne Gilchrist


The programme focused on British television puppetry. However as The Jim Henson Company filmed a lot of their best known work (including The Muppet Show) over here they were also included. ‘The English Muppet’, Louise Gold, therefore represented both The Muppet Show and Spitting Image puppeteers in this programme.


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The Muppet Show was represented by Louise Gold (puppeteer), and, Brian Henson (son of the show’s creator). It should however be mentioned that Tim Rose had worked as a puppet builder on the show.

Spitting Image was represented by Phil Cornwell (voice-artiste), John Thompson (voice-artiste), Louise Gold (Puppeteer), and, Roger Law (Puppet Builder).

Being among the founders of Spitting Image, Roger Law, and, Louise Gold had worked on the Spitting Image Pilots.

Some months after this programme Roger Law was involved with the Spitting Image Auction, which he briefly mentioned in the programme.

Brian Henson directed The Muppet Christmas Carol, on which Jamie Courtier worked as a puppet builder, the film’s puppeteers included Louise Gold, Ronnie Le Drew, and, Tim Rose.

Jamie Courtier worked on Alice In Wonderland.

Brian Henson took part in his father Jim Henson’s Memorial Service.

Brian Henson, and, Louise Gold puppeteered on The Great Muppet Caper, on which Tim Rose worked as a puppet builder.

Louise Gold, and, Brian Henson also puppeteered on That

 Puppet Game Show


Brian Henson sang on The Muppet Christmas Carol (Soundtrack album). He also got featured on the documentary Inside The Labyrinth.

Brian Henson and Ronnie Le Drew puppeteered on Labyrinth.

Brian Henson directed Muppet Treasure Island, whose puppeteers included Louise Gold, and, Ronnie Le Drew. It is not known whether Editor Andy Nicholson could be the same person as that film’s Assistant Art Director/Draughtsman; or whether Programme Associate Dave Chapman could have been other of that film’s additional puppeteers, although both are possible.

Roland Rat, puppeteered by David Claridge starred in his own BBC television programme Roland Rat The Series, which Louise Gold did some puppeteering on, and on which Nicholas Parsons was a guest on

Nicholas Parsons took part in the Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala.

Louise Gold, and, Tim Rose puppeteered on The Dark Crystal, where their work included performing the Skeksis.

Puppeteers David Claridge, and, Louise Gold both acted on For 4 Tonight.

Caroline Norris went on to produce Gina’s Laughing Gear, one episode of which involved Spitting puppeteer Louise Gold appearing as an actress portraying a caricature she had often puppeteered!

Louise Gold, and, Brian Henson went on to appear in the documentary I Love The Muppets, which Chris Crane and Ronnie Le Drew probably took part in uncredited.

Phil Cornwell, Louise Gold, and, Roger Law went on to appear in the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image, which Gareth Price also did the graphics on.

Philip Schofield, and Nicholas Parsons went on to appear in ITV’s 50 Greatest Shows, it is not clear whether the ITV Producer Paul Smith who appeared on that documentary is also the BBC Producer and puppeteer Paul Smith who appears in this documentary.

Ronnie Le Drew, and, Louise Gold went on to take part in Muppets And Puppets (Kaleidoscope Event).

Note (since Ms Gold tells a story about it on the programme): Aspects Of Love opened in London, at the Prince Of Wales Theatre, on 12 April 1989,s o would presumably have been auditioning sometime before that.

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