The Taming OF The Shrew

Louise Gold starred in the title role, as Katherina, at Nuffield Theatre Southampton, 22 April - 15 May 1993

 Prior to the play’s opening, one of the local newspapers in the area (probably The Southern Evening Echo) interviewed Leading man Jason Connery during a photo session, at which the ladies of the production were also present, and

 “Judging by banter and teasing from his female co-stars during the photo session, they have no problem keeping Jason in his place” Sue Wilkinson (probably Southern Evening Echo), Weekend of 24-25 April 1993



The Hostess - Nicola Blackman

Christopher Sly  - Clive Flint

The Lord - Bernard Brown

Bartholomew The Page - Richard Karlsson


Lucentio, in love with Bianca - Grant Parsons

His Servants:

            Tranio - Mac Andrews

            Biondello - Richard Karlsson

Baptista - Philip Lowrie

His Daughters:

            Bianca - Rebecca Lacey

            Katherina - Louise Gold

Suitors to Bianca:

            Gremio - Roy Boutcher

            Hortensio - Martin Ball

Petruchio - Jason Connery

His Servants:

            Grumio - Stephen Bent

            Curtis - Nicola Blackman

A Tailor - Bernard Brown

Vincentio, Lucentio’s Father - Bernard Brown

A Widow - Nicola Blackman

Additional Cast Members: - Helen Plunkett and Chris Carter



Production Team

            Author - William Shakespeare

            Original Production – circa 1592-1594, company unknown.

Director/Producer - Patrick Sanderford

Set & Costume Designer - Paul Farnsworth

Lighting Designer - Stephen Watson

Deputy Stage Manager (This production) - Nicola Wingfield

Set Construction - Harris Bros, with Bridge & Staircase by Miraculous Engineering

Company & Stage Manager (Nuffield Theatre) - Julien Boast

Deputy Stage Manages (Nuffield Theatre) - Nicola Wingfield and Karen Whitting

Assistant Stage Managers - Helen Plunkett and Chris Carter

Programme Editor  - Timothy Ramsden


The production credits (listed in the programme) include the following:

 “Special Thanks to Mollie Guilfoyle of The Solent People’s Theatre for help with the lifting in this production.”

“The cast were eating Micro-Chefs during this production supplied by Brooke Bond Foods Ltd”

“With thanks to Manor Bakeries, makers of the Mr Kipling’s Manor House Cake which is eaten by the cast in each performance”


Leading Lady Louise Gold’s resume in the programme looks strangely short, and her puppeteering credits are conspicuous by their absence. You could never even guess from reading this programme that the actress playing The Shrew, is actually one of the great ladies of British television puppetry! In many programmes (of the 1980’s and very early 1990’s) they were simply disguised as ‘voice work’ but in this instance, they are not there at all.

The dates of this production overlaps with The Lost Musicals production of Du Barry Was A Lady (1993 Production)  in which Louise was also playing the title role; So some Sunday's found Louise back in London appearing on the stage of Barbican Cinema 1.

Philip Lowrie had previously appeared on television in Rita Rudner, and has gone on to appear in television in Coronation Street.

Four years later Louise Gold and the role of The Shrew crossed paths again, in the New Shakespeare Company's production of Kiss Me Kate at Regents Park Open Air Theatre

Programme editor Timothy Ramsden, went on to review  Next Door’s Baby.

Nicola Blackman may have previously taken part in Thing A Thon.


Critics Comments

  "Her final words on wifely obedience, so often a stumbling block, here come off remarkably well" Jason Best, THE STAGE, 27 May 1993

 "Louise Gold's transformation as Kate is tinged with mischief." Southern Evening Echo


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