The Nineteenth List

Louise Gold starred as Matilda (the fake clairvoyant), in this Independent Radio Drama Production for London News, broadcast on  Sunday 24 September 1995


Cast (includes)

Matilda (a fake clairvoyant) – Louise Gold

Matilda’s Father – Billy J Mitchell

Rebecca – Jenny Stoller


Production Team

 Play by – Anna McGrail


It seems to be variable as to whether this piece it titled The Nineteenth List or The 19th List.

This radio play is about a fake clairvoyant in the USA at the end of the nineteenth century.

This production was nominated for a Prix Italia Award by the UK Radio Authority.


Critics Comments

  “Matilda (Louise Gold)  uses cues fed to her by her father (Billy J Mitchell) to work out which object is being held up by the member of her audience in order to entice out the spirit of a loved one. She is in fact using the sophisticated, if amateur technique of psychology. This is beautifully illustrated when she visits the impassive Rebecca (Jenny Stoller). Through Matilda’s thoughts we learnt how she pieced together tiny clues to build up a picture of her client. The production was beautifully paced, a pulse away from melodrama, yet anything but.” Moira Petty, THE STAGE, 12 October 1995, page 23.


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