The Muppet Christmas Carol

Louise Gold performed Mrs Dilbert, Spider and other assorted characters, fulfilling various other puppeteering duties (such as assistant puppeteer on Gonzo in some scenes, and a Cockney Woman in others), filmed at Shepperton Studios, 1992 (Principal photography started on 11 June 1992)



Principal Puppeteers

Dave Goelz – as The Great Gonzo / Charles Dickens, Robert Marley / Waldorf, Bunsen Honeydew, Betina Cratchit, Zoot and other assorted characters (including – according to the IMDB - a Rat, and according to voice-chasers Punch and Judy Puppeteer).

Steve Whitmire – as Rizzo The Rat, Bean Bunny, Kermit The Frog / Bob Cratchit, Beaker, Belinda Cratchit, and other assorted characters (including: Beetle, Sprocket, Lips, another Rat, Launderess)

Jerry Nelson – as: Tiny Tim Cratchit / Robin The Frog, Jacob Marley / Stadler, Ma Bear, The Ghost of Christmas Present, Floyd Pepper, Lew Zealand, Pops and other assorted characters (including: Father Mouse, Mr Applegate, a Penguin, a Pig Gentleman / Businessman, a Rat, Dr Julius Strangepork, and probably J.P. Grosse)

Frank Oz – as: Miss Piggy / Mrs Emily Cratchit, Fozzie Bear / Mr Fozziewig, Sam The Eagle/ Headmaster, Animal, and other assorted characters (including: George The Janitor, Horse And Carriage Driver / Wagon Driver, and, Vegetable Peddler / Vegetable Vendor)


Co-Starring Puppeteers

David Rudman – as: Peter Cratchit, Old Joe, Swedish Chef, and other assorted characters (including Boppity, a Rat, Beggar on crutch, )

Louise Gold – as: Mrs Dilbert, Spider, Assistant puppeteer on Gonzo, and other assorted characters (including: Cockney Woman)

Mike Quinn – as assorted characters (including Pig Gentleman / Businessman, Turkey Vendor, Undertaker and Whatnot Muppets)

Karen Prell  - as The Ghost of Christmas Past and other assorted characters (including: Daughter Mouse)

Rob Tygner – as: The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, The Ghost of Christmas Past, and other assorted characters (including a Turkey)

Donald Austen – as: The Ghost Of Christmas Present, and, The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

William Todd-Jones – Ghost Of Christmas Past and additional Muppets


Credited As Additional Puppeteers

Ian Allen, David Barclay, Robbie Barnett, James Barton, Joan Barton, Mike Bayliss, Simon Buckley, Dave Bulbeck, Marcus Clarke, Craig Crane, Sue Dacre, Taylor David, John Ecclestone, Geoff Felix, Kate Frost, Ken Haines, William Todd Jones, Ronnie Le Drew, Christopher Leith, Anthony Lymboura, Rebecca Nagan, Angie Passmore, Peter Passmore, Nigel Plaskitt, Judy Preece, Sally Preisig, Peter Robbins, Gillie Robic, Tim Rose, Kaefan Shaw, Dave Showler, John Thirtle, Ian Thom, Mark Alexander Todd, Ian Tregonning, Simon Williamson, Victoria Willing, and, Phil Woodfine

Note: since it is possible that some of the people credited as “additional puppeteers” may not necessarily be primarily puppeteers, the webmaster has taken the liberty of marking in italics the ones who definitely are known as puppeteers.  .

Note: David Barclay is sometimes known as David Alan Barclay, Tim Rose as Timothy M Rose, Rob Tygner as Robert Tygner, Mike Bayliss as Michael Bayliss, Dave Bulbeck as David Bulbeck, Dave Showler as David Showler, and, Kaefan Shaw as Kevin Bradshaw.


Uncredited Additional Puppeteers



Other Muppet Characters

Other Muppet Characters (not credited as assigned to specific puppeteers) include: Janice, Droop, Lyle The Dog, Dark Green Hunchback Frackle, Elderly Frackle, Chester The Rat, Masterson The Rat, Wander McMooch, Brool the Minstrel, Murray The Minstrel, Begoony, Mudwell the Mudbunny, Aretha, Snowman, <ossAppleby, Sheep Wolf, Bobby Benson, Prisoner, Dogs, Penguins, Inkspots, Pigs, Vegetables, Puppets,  Mice, Geri and the Atrics, Cashboxes, Locks, and, Whatnots.



Ebenezer Scrooge – Michael Caine

Fred  (Scrooge’s nephew)– Steven Mackintosh

Belle – Meredith Braun

Clara – Robin Weaver

Young Scrooge – Raymond Coulthard, Russell Martin, Theo Sanders, Kristopher Milnes, and Edward Sanders

Boy #1 – Anthony Hamblin

Boy #2 – Fergus Brazier

Voice of Ghost of Christmas Past – Jessica Fox

Voice of Old Joe – David Shaw Parker

Mr Caine’s Double – Reginald Turner

Soundtrack singer “When love Is Gone” – Martina McBride

Dancers (at the Fozziewig’s Party) - ? Includes: Michael Matus



Production Team

Directed by – Brian Henson

Produced by – Brian Henson, and, Martin G Baker

Screenplay by – Jerry Juhl, from the novel by Charles Dickens

Executive Producer – Frank Oz

Co-Producer – Jerry Juhl

Film Editor – Michael Jablow A.C.E.

Director of Photography – John Fenner

Production Designer – Val Strazovec

Line Producer – David Barron

Original Score by – Miles Goodman

Songs by – Paul Williams

Executive Producer – Robert Kraft

Costume Designer – Polly Smith

Choreographer – Pat Garrett

Production Manager – Peter Coogan

First Assistant Director – Crispin Reece

Second Assistant Directors – Callum Mc Dougall, and, Richard Whelan

Script Supervisor – Lissa Ruben

Camera Operator – Michael Brewster

Supervising Art Director – Alan Cassie

Production Accountant – Brian Bailey

MuppetTM Workshop Production Unit Project Supervisor – Mark Zeszotek

MuppetTM Workshop Production Unit Assistant Project Supervisor – Peter Mackennan

MuppetTM Workshop Production Unit On Set Technicians – Maria Boggi, Fiona Cazaly, Debbie Coda, Henri Ewaskio, Janet Knechtel, Mark Ross, and, Darryl Worbey

Muppet Electro/Mechanical Effects Supervisor – Larry Jameson

Muppet Electro/Mechanical Effects PersonnellTom Newby, Tim Rose, and, Chris Barton

Muppet Stunt Coordinator – Fred Buchholz

Puppet Coordinators – Mike Quinn, Karen Prell, and, Rob Tygner

Casting – Suzanne Crowley, Gilly Poole, and, Mike Fenton CSA

Construction coordinator – Vic Simpson

Set Decorator – Michael Ford

Art Director – Dennis Bosher

Draughtsmen – Sarah Jane Tozer, and, David Wood

Art Department Assistant – Marina Morris

Storyboard Artists – Michael Sarley, Syd Cain (should possibly read Zoe Cain) and, Dan Sweetum

Scenic Artists – Steven Sallybanks, and, David Nicoll

Production Buyer – Ron Quelch

Property Master – Brian Payne

Focus Puller – Gary Spratling

Clapper Loaders – Leigh Gold, and, Nienke Hendriks

Camera Trainee – Jay Green

Dolly Grip – Kenny Atherfold

Video Coordinator – Bob Bridges

Video Technicians – Kevin Brookner, and, Jeremy Brookner

Video Trainees - Gregory Shaw, and, Sean Moore

Video Consultant – Ian Kelly

Effects Supervisor – Paul Gentry

Visual Effects Consultant – Thomas G Smith

Visual Effects Editor – Simon Harris

Assistant Visual Effects Editor – Simon Manley

First Assistant Editors – Michael Muhlfriedel, Paul Topping, Vaune Kirby, and, Angela Terry Robinson

Apprentice Editors – Tristan Mullane, and, Eric Wiler

Negative Cutter – Theresa Repola Mohammed

Color Timer – Dale Grahn

Supervising Sound Editor – Bobby Mackston

Dialogue Editor – James Matheny, and, Nick Lowe

Sound Effects Editor – Doug Kent

Foley Artists – Dan “Dickenson” O’Connell, and, Gary “Wrecker” Hecker

Foley Mixer – Jim Ashwell

Foley Recordist – Nerses Gezalyan

Supervising ADR Editor – Joe Dorn

ADR Editors - Becky Sullivan M.P.S.E., Howell Gibbens, and, Derek Holding

ADR Mixers – Charlene Richards, and, Bob Baron

ADR Recordist – Greg Steele

Assistant Sound Editors – Catherine Calleson, and Philip Alton

Apprentice Sound Editor – Ceri Davies

Sound Recordist – Chris Munro

Sound Playback Recordist – Gerry Bates

Sound Maintenance – Graham Nieder

Sound Trainee – Lawrence Sibley

Rerecording Mixers – Matthew Iadarola, and Gary Gegan

Recordist – Mark Harris

Stage Engineer – John Rotundi

Songs Arranged By – Miles Goodman, Oscar Castro-Neves, and, Chris Caswell

Music Editors – Bob Hathaway, and, Nancy Fogarty

Assistant Music Editors – Lisa Davis, and, Carolyn Bahr

Music Recorded and Mixed by – Joel Moss

Additional recording – Michael Farrow

Orchestra Contractors – Emile Charlap, and, Sandy DeCrescent

Music Recorded At – BMG Studios, New York, and, Sony Studios, Culver City

Vocals Recorded At – CTS Recording Studios, England

Assistant Accountant – Sarah Dean

Accounts Assistant – Ann Thrift

Production Coordinator – Jill Colley

Producers Assistants – Stephanie Robinson, and, Nancy Keller

Production Assistants – Dan Bateman, Matty Eyre, and, Adam Faucsset

Assistant To Mr Caine – Brian Weske

Chief Makeup Artist – Lois Burwell

Makeup Artist – Eric Allwright

Trainee Makeup Artist – Sian Grigg

Chief Hairdresser – Betty Glasgow

Assistant Costume Designer – Daria Gibson

Costume Design Consultant – Ann Hollowood

Wardrobe Supervisor – Charlotte Finlay

Wardrobr Assistant – Jim Smith

Prop Storeman – Bob Douglas

Chargehand Dressing Prop – Dennis Simmonds

Dressing PropmanKen Perkins

Chargehand Standby PropmanJoseph Dipple

Standby PropmanBradley Torbett

Drapes Master – Colin Fox

MuppetTM Workshop New York

Creative Supervisor – Tim Miller

Design Consultant – Michael K Frith

Muppet Designers And Builders – Paul Andrejco, Heather Asch, Abigail Belknap, Mary Brehmer, Edward G. Christie, Isabelle Dufour, Henri Ewaskio, Patty Farr, Jon Gellman, Jim Glaven, Jim Hammer, Paul Hartis, Rollin Krewson, Laurent Linn, Peter Mackennan, Tom Newby, Ann Timnelli, Jean-Guy White, Michael Wick, and, Mark Zeszotek

Muppet Costume Supervisor – Connie Peterson

Muppet Costumes – Lisa Boquist, Carol Craddock, Barbara S. Davis, Carmel Dundon, Victoria Ellis, Liz McGarrity, Stephen Rotondaro, Carol Spier, and, Muriel Stockdale

Muppet Milliner – Doug James

Muppet HandpropsRich Hochheimer

Purchasing Manager – Faye Kreinberg

Shipping Co-Ordinator – Don Creech

Foam Lab Technician – James Chai

Rizzo’s Personal Caterer – Mark McAniff

Fabric Dying and Painting – Jason Weber

Jim Henson’s Creature ShopTM

Creative Supervisor – John Stephenson

Production Supervisor – William Plant

Workshop Manager – Robin Durham

Ghost of Christmas Past Designer – Kevin O’Boyle

            Control System

Supervisor – David Housman

On Set Technician – Mark Ross

Technician – Pete Bell


Supervisor – Terry Sibley

Plasterer – Mel Coleman

Labourer – Dave Kelly

Foam Lab Supervisor – Mike Osborn

Special Effects Supervisor – David Harris

Senior Special Effects Technicians – Darren May, Neil Swann, Roger Nichols, and, Ron Horne

Gaffer Electrician – Ron Green

Best Boy Electrician – Paul Wells

Electricians – Paul Kemp, and, Micky Flynn

Electrical Rigger – Robert Gurney

Standby Carpenter – David Bubb

Standby Painter – Brian Hartinoll

Standby StagemandRonald Nichols

Standby Rigger – Steve Sansom

Unit Nurse – Claire Lavelle, and, Amy Medical

Unit Drivers – Steve Earner, and, John Swan

Second Unit Crew

Director – Nick Willing

Assistant Director – Bernie Bellew

Script Supervisor – Sharon Mansfield

Director of Photography – Ivan Bartos

Focus Puller – Mike Evans

Loader –Shaun Evans

Dolly Grip – Phil Kenyon

Sound Mixers – Ian Munro, and Mike Harris

Boom Operator – John Salter

Gaffer Electrician – Gary Cross

Electrician – Alan McPherson

Standby Carpenter – Eddie Young

Standby Stagehand – Mark Impey

Standby Rigger – Bill Richards

Standby PropmanClive Wilson

Miniatures Unit

Director – Paul Gentry

Miniatures Supervisor – David Sharp

Director of Photography – Paul Wilson B.S.C.

Gaffer ElectricanJohn Rogers

Motion Control Technicians – Stuart Galloway, Andrew Eio, and, Bob Ballan

Miniatures Construction – Jim Henson’s Creature ShopTM

Model Makers – Arthur Catten, Jamie Courtier, Malcolm Evans, Louis Glickman, James Gresham, Tamzine Hanks, Chris Howes, Ben Morris, Tom Sturgess-Lief, and, Chris Warren

Construction Crew

HOD Carpenter – Dick Shackleton

Chargehand Carpenters – Jack Hammerton, and, Reginald Keywood

Carpenters – Joseph Alley, John Behan, Leslie Butterfield, Kelvin Carter, Frederick Gunning, J. F. Henry, Martin Hubbard, Richard Jones, Hugh McKenzie, Paul Nott-Macaire, Dennis Pack, Henry Portlock, James Reynolds, Donald Sargent, Kenneth Thursby, and, Roger Willis

Wood Machinists – Ronald Nicholls, and, J.C. Townsend

Chargehand Painter – Eric Regan

Painters – Harry Alley, Adam Campbell, John Campbell, Roy Martin, Douglas Regan, and, Sidney Regan

Chargehand Riggers – Bill Sansom

Riggers – Simon Dutton, Sidney Hinson, Pat Killeen, and, Melvyn Sansom

Chargehand Stagehand – Ronald Bede

Stagehands – Steven Bede, Gary Evans, Ted Jaffrey, Terence Meadows, and, James Warren

HOD Plasterer – Ken Powell

Chargehand Plasterer – Barry Fowler

Plasterers – Phillip Babbage, Harold Burst, William Clayton, Melvyn Coleman, Francis Ronald, Anthony Vice, and, Robert Voysey

Plasterers Labourers – Jim Donohue, and, George Giles

Digital and Optical Effects

The Computer Film Company, London

Visual Effects – Nick Brooks

Studio Manager CFC – Peter Hanson

Digital Compositor – Mark Nemies (sometimes written as Mark Nelmes)

Visual Effects – Janek Sirrs, and, Val Wardlow

Other CFC Personnel - Paddy Evasin, Roz Lowrie, Mark Nemies, Janek Sirrs, Val Wardlaw, and, Janet Yale

CIS Hollywood / Composite Image Systems, Los Angeles

Digital Visual Effects - Andrea D’Amico,

Visual Effects Producer - C. Marie Davis

Digital Compositor – Don Lee

Other CIS Hollywood personnel – Peter Coczera, Joni Jacobson, Dave Kervinan, Danny Mudgett, Peter Pethel, and, Steve Rundell

EFILM  Carol Brzezinski, John Gale, and, David Hayes

Peerless Camera Company, LondonSteve Cutmore, Doug Forrest, Allan Hall, Kent Houston, Andy Jeffrey, Tim Ollive, and, Duboi Paris

Special Thanks To – Ellis Flyte, Alex Rockwell, and, David Lazer


Uncredited in Credits, but in IMDB

Painter - Rashina Elavia

Poster Artist - Drew Struzan

Special Effects (Creature Shop) – Simon Clutterbuck

Effects Animator – James DeValera Mansfield

Visual Effects Producer, DuboiAntoine Simkine

Duboi Colour – Rip Hampton O’Neil

Senior Software Engineer – Kim Libreri

Midi Production Consultant – Craig Stuart Garfinkle

Second Unit Camera Operator – Peter Versey

Puppet Builders – Jane Howell, and, David Skelly

Note: Edward G Christie is sometimes credited as Ed Christie, and, Andy Jeffrey as Andrew Jeffrey. Presumably Melvyn Coleman is sometimes credited as Mel Coleman.

During The Ghost Of Christmas Past’s major scene, Rizzo and Gonzo encountered a white live chicken, which puppeteer Dave Goelz (performing Gonzo) named Louise, after his sometimes assistant puppeteer, Ms Gold.

The film soundtrack for this film is The Muppet Christmas Carol (Soundtrack album), it features: Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, David Rudman, Louise Gold, Mike Quinn, Karen Prell, Meredith Braun, Michael Caine, Martina McBride, and Brian Henson; And to which Miles Goodman, Robert Kraft, Paul Williams, Oscar Castro-Neves, Chris Caswell also contributed.

Dave Goelz, and, Steve Whitmire went on to feature on the album A Green And Red Christmas, for which Louise Gold, Karen Prell, Mike Quinn, and, David Rudman are credited as backing vocalists, one cannot help but wonder whether this could have anything to do with them all working on this film.

Many of the people involved with this film went on to work on Muppet Treasure Island, which was also filmed at Shepperton Studios and directed by Brian Henson. The puppeteers who worked on both are: Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, and, Frank Oz, Louise Gold, Mike Quinn, Robbie Barnett, James Barton, Mike Bayliss, Simon Buckley, Dave Bulbeck, Marcus Clarke, Sue Dacre, John Ecclestone, Geoff Felix, William Todd Jones, Ronnie Le Drew, Christopher Leith, Anthony Lymboura, Rebecca Nagan, Angie Passmore, Peter Passmore, Nigel Plaskitt, Peter Robbins, Gilly Robic, Dave Showler, John Thirtle, Ian Thom, Ian Tregonning, Victoria Willing, and, Phil Woodfine; The puppet builders, including some from Jim Henson’s Creature ShopTM, who worked on both are: Polly Smith, Mark Zeszotek, Janet Knechtel, Fred Buchholz, Maria Boggi, Chris Barton, Malcolm Evans, Larry Jameson, Peter MacKennan, Tom Newby, Mark Ross, Edward G Christie, Tim Miller, Michael K. Frith, Heather Asch, Abigail Belknap, Mary Brehmer, Henri Ewaskio, Paul Hartis, Jane Howell, Rollin Krewson, Laurent Linn, Jean-Guy White, Constance Peterson, Lisa Boquist, Barbara S. Davis, Carmel Dundon, Victoria Ellis, Patricia Farr, Stephen Rotondaro, Carol Spier, Muriel Stockdale, J. Douglas James, Joe Gellman, Rich Hochheimer, Jason Weber, James Chai, and, John Stephenson; Other personnel who worked on both include choreographer Pat Garrett, and, The Computer film Company, as well as: Martin G. Baker, Jerry Juhl, Michael Jablow, John Fenner, Thomas G. Smith, Val Strazovec, Peter Coogan, Suzanne Crowley, Mike Fenton, Michael Brewster, Gilly Poole, Brian Bailey, Vic Simpson, Gary Spratling, Leigh Gold, Sean Moore, Bob Bridges, Jill Colley, Don Creech, Taylor David, Ann Thrift, Daria Gibson, Charlotte Finlay, Brian Payne, Ken Perkins, Joseph Dipple, Bradley Torbett, Dennis Bosher, Marina Morris, Sharon Mansfield, Michael Flynn, Jeremy Brookner, Louis Glickman, Paul Topping, Eric Wiler, Vaune Kirby, Theresa Repola-Mohammed, Neil Swan, Alan McPhereson, Steve Sansom, Robert Gurney, Jim Warren, Edwin Warren, David Sharp, Gary Cross, Reginald Keywood, Dennis Pack, Ronald Nicholls, John Campbell, Adam Campbell, Roy E. G. Martin, Douglas Regan, Sidney Regan, Harry Alley, Bill Sansom, Sidney Hinson, Melvyn Sansom, Ronald Bede, Gary Evans, Ken Powell, Frank Ronald, Phillip Babbage, William Clayton, Melvyn Coleman, Anthony Vice, George Giles, Ellis Flyte, Alex Rockwell, Alan Cassie, Rashina Elavia, Peter Hanson, Kim Libreri, Roz Lowrie, Andy Jeffrey; If Nienke Hendrick is really Nienke Hendriks then they also worked on both films.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, and, Louise Gold had previously been among the eight main puppeteers on The Muppet Show, on which Karen Prell also puppeteered; for which Ed Christie, Barbara Davis, Michael K. Frith, Larry Jameson, Rollin Krewson, Tim Miller, Tim Rose, and, Polly Smith built puppets, Jerry Juhl, wrote material; and on which David Lazer, Martin Baker, and, Anne Hollowood also worked.

Louise Gold had previously worked at Shepperton Studios in her actress guise some ten years earlier on The Pirates Of Penzance (Film), on which Supervising Art Director Alan Cassie had been an Art Director, and Brian Bailey also worked.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, and, Louise Gold had appeared with The Muppets in The Royal Variety Performance (1977). Their recording credits include: The Muppet Show Music Hall, and, Jim Henson Present’s Silly Songs.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include The Muppet Show 2, on which Jerry Juhl also worked. Excerpts from that album were on the single For What It’s Worth.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include The Muppet Show Music Album, on which Jerry Juhl, and, David Lazer also worked.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, and, Louise Gold had previously puppeteered on The Great Muppet Caper, as had Mike Quinn, Robbie Barnett, Tim Rose, and, Brian Henson; That film’s puppet builders included: Debbie Coda, Tom Newby, Larry Jameson, Tim Miller; Edward G Christie, Connie Peterson; Barbara S. Davis, and, Carol Spier; While Martin Baker, Jerry Juhl, Ian Kelly, Faye Kreinberg, Jill Colley, Michael K Frith, and, David Lazer also worked on the film, and its soundtrack was also recorded at CTS Studios.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include The Great Muppet Caper (Soundtrack album), on which Michael K Frith, and. Drew Struzan also worked.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Louise Gold, Steve Whitmire, and, Mike Quinn, along with Rollin Krewson had previously puppeteered on The Muppets Go To The Movies, for which Jerry Juhl wrote, David Lazer also worked; and puppet builders included: Ed Christie, Deborah Coda, Barbara Davis, Connie Peterson, and, Carol Spier.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include John Denver And The Muppets A Christmas Together, on which Martin Baker, and. Michael K Frith also worked. Some of the tracks from that album found their way onto John Denver & The Muppets Merry Christmas 45RPM, Christmas For Kids, and, John Denver Christmas.

Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, Mike Quinn, David Barclay, Robbie Barnett , Tim Rose, John Thirtle, and, Simon Williamson had previously puppeteered on The Dark Crystal, on which Jerry Nelson also worked as a voice-artiste; whose amazing puppet-building team which founded Jim Henson’s Creature Shop included: Polly Smith, Debbie Coda, Tim Miller, Rollin Krewson, Barbara S. Davis, John Stephenson, and, Mike Osbourne; and on which other production personnel included Martin Baker, Ian Kelly, Jill Colley, David Lazer, Paul Wilson, and, David Harris. There was also a puppet-builder named Barry Fowler, but it is not clear whether that is the same or a different person to the plasterer of the same name on this film. If Andy Jeffery is really Andy Jeffrey then he also worked on both films.

David Barclay, Louise Gold, and, Mike Quinn, and previously puppeteered on the UK Co-Production of Fraggle Rock, for which Jerry Nelson and Dave Goelz (besides puppeteering on the main show itself) also did some voice-work.

Martin G. Baker was also involved with the German Co-Production of  Fraggle Rock, on which Louise Gold puppeteered.

David Barclay, Louise Gold, and, Mike Quinn had previously represented The Dark Crystal puppeteers in an item about that film on Blue Peter.

Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, David Rudman, Mike Quinn, Karen Prell, Rob Tygner, Donald Austen, David Barclay, Mike Bayliss, Simon Buckley, Dave Bulbeck, Sue Dacre, Geoff Felix, Ronnie Le Drew, Christopher Leith, Nigel Plaskitt, Judy Preece, Gilly Robic, Dave Showler, Ian Thom, and, Ian Tregonning had previously puppeteered on Labyrinth, as had Brian Henson; Another Jim Henson’s Creature Shop film, the puppet builders included Rollin Krewson; other personnel included Martin Baker, and, Ellis Flyte; While puppeteer Louise Gold appeared as an actress. Some of these people appear on the documentary Inside The Labyrinth.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, and, Karen Prell’s recording credits include Favourite Songs From Jim Henson’s Muppets, and, which also included some songs by Paul Williams.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitemire, Louise Gold, and, Karen Prell’s recording credits include Muppet Music Mix, which also includes some songs by Paul Williams, and on which Robert Kraft also worked.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz Steve Whitmire, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include Muppet Music Sampler, and, Music Mayhem And More.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include Muppet Hits 1, and, Muppet Hits 2. on both of which Robert Kraft also worked.

Jerry Nelson, Steve Whitmire, and, Louise Gold had previously appeared in The All Time Get Around Sometimes Play Together Every Other Friday Night Vaudeville Show.

Jerry Nelson, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include Jerome Kern The First 100 Years. They may also have sung together on The Count’s Countdown, although there has been some debate as to whether Louise Gold actually sang on that.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Louise Gold, and, David Rudman’s recording credits include Elmo’s Lowdown Hoedown.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include Born To Add.

Louise Gold, Rob Tygner, Donald Austen, Simon Buckley, Sue Dacre, Nigel Plaskitt, Kaefan Shaw, John Thirtle and, Ian Thom had puppeteered on Spitting Image.

Nigel Plaskitt has gone on to direct Louise Gold in her cabaret act LOUISE GOLD....By Appointment; which has included a song by Paul Williams.

Michael Matus went on to appear on stage with Louise Gold in the Lost Musicals production of 110 In The Shade, and later in a LMTO production of Candide In Concert.

Camera Operator Michael Brewster went on to work as a cinematographer on another Henson production, Animal Farm, whose puppet builders also included John Stephenson, and, Chris Howes.

Nigel Plaskitt, David Barclay, Sue Dacre, Louise Gold, Rebecca Nagan, and, Victoria Willing went on to puppeteer on Alice In Wonderland, whose puppet builders included Jamie Courtier; and whose production team included: Nick Willing, Paul Kemp, Bob Bridges, and, Pat Garrett.

Ian Allen, Sue Dacre, Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, John Thirtle, Mark Todd, went on to puppeteer on The Spooks Of Bottle Bay, for which Sally Preisig was a puppet builder (and in Series 1 occasional puppeteer), apprentice editor Tristan Mullane was part of the camera crew, and on which Maria Boggi, and, Phil Woodfine also worked.

Darryl Worbey had previously puppeteered on Roland Rat The Series.

Simon Buckley, Geoff Felix, Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, Karen Prell, Mike Quinn, David Rudman, David Showler, and, Steve Whitmire had previously puppeteered on Tale Of The Bunny Picnic; for which Fred Buchholz, Edward G. Christie, Larry Jameson, Rollin Krewson, Tom Newby, Connie Peterson, and, Polly Smith also built puppets; and on which Martin G. Baker also worked.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, and, John Eccleston went on to puppeteer on The Animal Show, for which Nigel Plaskitt, and, Frank Oz also made puppeteering contributions, Jane Howell, and, David Skelly also built puppets, and Dave Housman, and, John Stephenson also worked on it.

Louise Gold, and, Nigel Plaskitt went on to work on the pilot of Space Sprogs.

Louise Gold, William Todd Jones, Nigel Plaskitt, and, Victoria Willing went on to puppeteer on Mopatop’s Shop, on which Larry Jameson, Tim Miller, and, Jason Weber worked as puppet builders, it was also produced by Brian Henson, and Peter Coogan was also involved.

Michael K. Frith, Dave Goelz, Louise Gold, Brian Henson, Jerry Juhl, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Karen Prell, Mike Quinn, David Rudman, and, Steve Whitmire had taken part in Jim Henson’s Memorial Service.

Louise Gold, Karen Prell, Mike Quinn, and, Angie Passmore had previously puppeteered on The Ghost Of Faffner Hall.

Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, and, Mike Quinn went on to puppeteer on The Secret Life Of Toys, for which Paul Hartis also built puppets, Alan Cassie and Val Strazovec built sets, and, Peter Coogan was also involved.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Louise Gold, Steve Whitmire, and, David Rudman puppeteered on Sesame Street (in the early 1990s).

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, Jerry Juhl, David Lazer, and, Martin Baker had featured on the television documentary Of Muppets And Men, on which Karen Prell also appeared.

Jamie Courtier, Louise Gold, Brian Henson, Ronnie Le Drew, and, Tim Rose featured on the television documentary The Wonderful World Of Puppets.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, and, Karen Prell’s recording credits include Put Some Zing In Your Spring.

It seems likely that the puppeteer Robbie Barnett is also the actor of the same name who had previously appeared in Bag.

Pat Garrett had previously been originally scheduled to choreograph the British premier of the musical Angry Housewives (but in the end did not do so).

Nigel Plaskitt, along with puppeteers Louise Gold, and, Gillie Robic went on to do voices for Five Minutes More, which Nigel Plaskitt also puppeteered on, and Peter Coogan was also a producer on.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, Ronnie Le Drew, Brian Henson, and, Rollin Krewson went on to contributed to the documentary I Love The Muppets.

Louise Gold went on to appear (in her actress’s guise) in a stage adaptation of another Charles Dickens novel, Oliver!.

Sue Dacre, Louise Gold, and, Ronnie Le Drew went on to appear as panellists at the Labyrinth 25th Anniversary Screening

Simon Buckley, Louise Gold, and, Nigel Plaskitt contributed to the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image.

Meredith Braun went on to take part in CLIC’s 18th Birthday Celebration.

Steve Whitmire probably puppeteered Kermit The Frog on ITV’s 50 Greatest Shows.

Louise Gold, David Rudman, and, Rebecca Nagan went on to puppeteer on The Furchester Hotel, for which Ed Christie was also a puppet designer.

Nigel Plaskitt, Ronnie Le Drew, and, Louise Gold, went on to take part in Muppets And Puppets (Kaleidoscope Event).


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MSN Movie Info for the film (includes lots of credits):

Tiny Dancer’s page about the song It Feels Like Christmas:

Clive Banks’s page for the film:’s page for the film:;jsessionid=doo7a37lgriti?method=4&dsid=2222&dekey=The+Muppet+Christmas+Carol&curtab=2222_1&sbid=lc05b&linktext=The%20Muppet%20Christmas%20Carol

Kennedy’s TV SF Guide’s page for the film (note this webpage plays a lot of sounds):

DVD Concept’s page for the film:

Film Werner’s page for the film:

Film Fashion’s page for the film:

Vicdir’s page for the film:’s page for the film:’s pages for the film: and

D3 Production’s page for the film:

Jurassic DVD’s page for the film:

Axel Music’s page for the film:

Muppet Central article about the film (includes some great user comments from the muppet fans):

Shadow Raider’s page for the film:

Video Movie House’s page for the film:

Disney DVD Movies’s page for the film:’s page for the film:

Famous’s page for the film:

Muppet Central Forum - Various Questions About Muppet Christmas Carol:’s page for the film (includes lots of info, but most of that’s from the WIKI):

DVD Express’s page for the film:’s page for the film:’s page for the film:’s page for the film:

DVD Rentz’s page for the film:’s page for the film:

 Agency Licensing Campaign (article in The Stage):, and Online Petition (which anyone who supports it can sign): , seeing as Pat Garrett and Nigel Plaskitt are among the performers supporting this worthy campaign.



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