The Little Sister

Louise Gold played Dolores Gonzales, at The Liverpool Playhouse, from 23 October to 17 November 1990, also at Theatre Royal Plymouth 11 to 20 October 1990.


Charaters and Instruments

George Costigan as Philip Marlowe

Sheri Graubert as Orfamy Quest (The Little Sister)

Sharon Lee Hill as Mavis Weld (an actress beauty)

Louise Gold as Dolores Gonzales

Sidney Dunn as Clausen, Director, Reporter, and, Drums

Peter Zorn as Dr Lagardie, Endicott, Saxes and Percussion

Robbie Jarvis as Alfred, Orrin, Filmcrew, Lawyer, and, Guitar

Nick Lumley as Lieutenant French, Toad, Filmcrew, Vocals, and Percussion

Bob Hewis as Beifus, Ballou, and, String Bass

Janet Beale as Manicurist, Nurse, Delivery Boy, and, Piano

Chris Darwin as Hicks, Steelgrave, Maglashan, Filmcrew, Mexican Waiter, and, Newsboy



Production Team

A Theatre Royal Plymouth and Liverpool Playhouse co-Production by arrangement with Chris Malcolm for Viva Productions and with Armada Productions

Based on the Novel by - Raymond Chandler

Adapted for the stage by Bill Morrison

Directed by Chris Bond

Musical Arrangements and Direction by Rick Juckes

Designed by Ellen Cairns

Lighting Design by Jim Simmons

Sound Design by Tim Foster

Company Stage Manager Mel Moran

Deputy Stage Manager Irmi Hager

Assistant Stage Manager Annabel Ingram

PA to Chris Bond Charlotte Bond

Costumes by Theatre Royal Plymouth Wardrobe Department

Sets and Properties by Theatre Royal Plymouth Workshop

Cloths Painted by The Liverpool Playhouse


This production was the first (and as far as is known the only) time a Raymond Chandler novel had actually been adapted for the professional stage. No stage versions of Chandlers work appeared during his lifetime, and even after his death his estate usually only sanctioned film, television and radio dramatisations of his stories. Bill Morrison had adapted of the Chandlers Marlowe novels for BBC Radio, then in 1988 he mounted a schoolboy adaptation of The Little Sister at Dulwich College to mark Chandlers centenary, the success of that enterprise prompted this production.

For some strange reason the programme (or at least the programme for when the piece was at Theatre Royal Plymouth) did not give Nick Lumley a resume, though all the other actors in the piece had resumes in the programme.

Robbie Jarvis was also noted in the programme as Rob Jarvis.

Christopher Bond had previously directed Louise Gold in Poppy, which Ellen Cairns also designed.

Ellen Cairns had previously designed Sink The Belgrano, which was also produced by Viva Theatre Productions.

Sound Designer Tim Foster had previously helped with Comic Relief 1986.



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