The Land Of The Dinosaurs

Louise Gold appeared in this, on tour at various venues during the Spring of 1977

The Land Of The Dinosaurs was a musical play for children. So it only played matinee performances.


On occasion the play used walk-a-about publicity stunts to advertise itself. For example, in Oxford Caro Gurney (with her name spelt as Gurrey) was pictured as a knife waving maiden along with one of the show’s seven foot dinosaurs, though apparently

 “A couple of Amazonian natives had to support the seven-footer, which purported to be an extremely rare Tyrannosaurus Rex” OXFORD MAIL, Wednesday 11 May 1977, p3.

According to the Local paper the walk-about continued with

 “Feeling a little behind the news the 175m years out-of-date reptile picked up a copy of the Oxford Mail at the corner of Cornmarket, scanned the front page and ate it.” OXFORD MAIL, Wednesday 11 May 1977, p3.



 Includes:      Louise Gold.

                      Caro Gurney


Production Team

Director – Ken Hill

Music & Lyrics - Ken Hill and Ian Armit

Original Production - 3 October 1974, Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Loosely wrenched from Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Tour Dates

? Bristol, March 1977 (noted in The Stage on 24 March, presumably the show was earlier)

Kings Theatre Glasgow, 25 April to 7 May 1977

New Oxford Theatre 9 to 14 May 1977

There may well have been other venues played on the tour, these are the only ones I could find listed in The Stage.

Apparently (according to an article on page 12 of The Stage from 24 March 1977) the local RSPCA in Bristol objected to show, complaining about the fact that its contents included two dinosaurs (Tynnosaurus Rex and Tercerauctus) having a “death dual” live on stage,

There was also a production of The Good Old Days - With The Fol De Rols touring the same venues during the evenings for which The Land Of The Dinosaurs was the matinee performance. However, the performers of the afternoon production do not appear to have been involved with the evening production.


It is worth noting that for one matinee performance Ms Gold’s understudy took her place, so that Ms Gold could go to an audition. That audition changed her life, it was for The Muppet Show.

Louise Gold and Caro Gurney had previously appeared together in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Touring Production).


Critics Comments

 The play tells how a family go in search of a land of monsters in the crater of an extinct volcano and discover more than they bargained for.” D.A.C., OXFORD MAIL, Tuesday 10 May 1977, p4.


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