The House Of Eliott

Louise Gold starred as Gwendoline - Duchess Of Bridgewater, in Series II Episode 7 (sometimes known as Episode 19), recorded 21 March 1992, first broadcast on BBC 1 on Sunday 18 October 1992, and repeated on BBC 1 on 17 July 1993.



Beatrice Eliott - Stella Gonet

Evangeline Eliott - Louise Lombard

Jack Maddox - Aden Gillett

Gwendoline - Louise Gold

Ralph Saroyan - Michael Culver

Lord Alexander Montford - Rupert Frazer

Lady Elizabeth Montford - Elizabeth Garvie

Agnes - Victoria Alcock

Eric Bulmer  - Andrew Maclean

Alfred Ranby - Roger Watkins

Joseph Wint - Stephen Churchett

Alice Burgoyne - Kate Fahy

Madge - Judy Flynn

Tilly - Cathy Murphy

Betty - Diana Rayworth

Maria Nugent - Georgia Allen

Mabel Rutherford - Barbara Keogh


Production Team

Episode Written by - Julia Stoneham

Producer - Jeremy Gwilt

Director - Jeremy Silberston


For a review/account of the episode please click here.

It is noticeable that an actor billed as Aiden Gillet appeared in Kids At Heart, one wonders if this could be Aden Gillett with his name mispelt?

Blue Peter, BlackAdder, Joint Account, Allo Allo, Casualty, Doctors, Gina’s Laughing Gear, and, That Puppet Game Show were also first screened on BBC 1.

Aden Gillett has gone on to appear on stage in Mary Poppins.

Eileen Atkins may have taken part in Thing A Thon.


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