The Bill

Louise Gold appeared a Ginny Sharman, in ĎAloneí, first broadcast on ITV at 8pm on either Friday 17 February 1995 or Friday 17 March 1995 (The date originally given in the Radio Times was Friday 17 February 1995, however it was also listed in exactly the same way in The Radio Times for 17 March 1995, and on the latter it was not given as being a repeat, and that date is often given in internet listings as the original airdate, so it seems likely that the 17 February date was cancelled for reasons unknown)



Acting Di Deakin - Shaun Scott

DS Greig - Andy Mackintosh

Des Riley - Niall Buggy

Mrs Riley - Marian Mcloughlin

DS Pearce - Martin Marquez

DC Skase - Iain Fletcher

Flannery - Jake DíArcy

Ginny Sharman - Louise Gold

Sgt Cryer - Eric Richard

Acting Supt Conway - Ben Roberts

PC Hollis - Jeff Stewart

Angie - Lisa Spicer

Mal Ericson - Terry Molloy

WPC Ackland - Trudie Goodwin


Production Team

Episode Written By - Jonathan Myerson

Producer - Mike Dormer

Director - Jan Sargent

Production Company and show & character names copyright - Thames Television and ITV

Episode Number originally 804 (in the old episode guide listing, currently listed as Episode 841or Series 11 Episode 29 in TV Tome.


Several of ĎThe Boys From The Bill (including Andy Mackintosh, Ben Roberts, and, Jeff Stewart) had appeared on stage in the charity gala Kids At Heart.

Martin Marquez went on to appear on stage in The Gondoliers.

Terry Molloy is of course better known as the actor who plays Mike Tucker in The Archers.

Thames Television also produced the television special Julia And Company, and broadcast The Ghost Of Faffner Hall.

Eric Richard went on to appear on television in The Alan Clark Diaries

Jan Sargent had previously directed Once A Catholic on the stage.

Trudie Goodwin spoke about The Bill, and other programmes on ITVís 50 Greatest Shows.

The Ghost Of Faffner Hall, Up The Garden Path, ABBA The Reunion, Spitting Image: Must See TV, ABBA Ė The Mamma Mia! Story, Best Ever Spitting Image, ITVís 50 Greatest Shows, and, Coronation Street were also first broadcast on ITV.


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