Spitting Image - BFI Event

Louise Gold starred as herself, a Puppeteer, one of the panellists of movers and shakers behind Spitting Image, The National Film Theatre, NFT2, Friday 9 December 2005 (started 6:30pm lasted 100 mins) 


Hosted by - Jeremy Dyson


With Panellists / On-Stage Guests


John Lloyd - Producer

Peter Fluck - Puppet-Builder & Co-Creator

Louise Gold - Puppeteer

Steve Nallon - Voice-Artiste


Production Team

 Event Produced by - The British Film Institute


For a Review/Account of this Spitting Image BFI Event, please click here.

The four panellists / On-Stage Guests were described as being The movers and shakers behind Spitting Image.

All four panellists subsequently appeared in the television documentary Best Ever Spitting Image.

Three of the four (namely: John Lloyd, Peter Fluck, and, Louise Gold) were also involved in the Spitting Image Pilots.

John Lloyd also produced BlackAdder.

One way or another all of the panellists had been involved with the Spitting Image Auction.

Louise Gold, and, Steve Nallon also spoke about their work in the programme on Spitting Image: Must See TV.

Peter Fluck spoke about the programme on ITVís 50 Greatest Shows, on which Louise Gold probably performed The Queen, and, Steve Nallon probably voiced Margaret Thatcher.

Steve Nallon also puppeteered on The Spooks Of Bottle Bay.

Louise Gold has also made use of The Queen puppet in her cabaret act LOUISE GOLD....By Appointment.


Links about Spitting Image - BFI Event

BFI page advertising the event: http://www.bfi.org.uk/incinemas/nft/film/6071

BFI Transcript of the event: https://www.bfi.org.uk/features/interviews/spitting-image.html (they had a few problems with audibility, so some comments got lost)


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