Space Sprogs - Pilot

Louise Gold puppeteered on the pilot for this new TV Show, filmed at Blue Egg Studios, Upper Rissington, May 2002


At present there seems to be very little information about this mysterious pilot.  


Cast Includes:

 Louise Gold – puppeteering, but what remains a mystery?


Production Team

 Written & Created by Andy Green, and, Dawn Melvin

ProduceersPlanet Sprog Productions Ltd

Productions Director – Nigel Plaskitt


At present there seems to be very little information about this mysterious new TV puppet show. The only reason your webmaster is even aware that those two great British puppeteers known (in British film and TV puppetry) as Louise and Nigel were involved are because: Nigel Plaskitt mentions it in his CV on his website (but strangely only as a directing credit, it doesn’t say whether he puppeteered on it; while Louise Gold has it mentioned in her resume in some theatre programme and on her agent’s website.

There must surely have been other puppeteers involved, but who they are seems to remain a mystery. Perhaps one day, if/when the programme itself comes to fruition, we may learn more, let’s hope so.


Nigel Plaskitt’s own puppeteering credits include Labyrinth, the video that went with the album Spit In Your Ear, The Animal Show, and, Five Minutes More.

As two of Britain’s major television puppeteers, Louise Gold, and, Nigel Plaskitt have, perhaps not surprisingly, worked together as puppeteers a number of times, on such puppet productions as: Spitting Image, Tale Of The Bunny Picnic, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Spooks Of Bottle Bay, The Secret Life Of Toys, Muppet Treasure Island, Alice In Wonderland, Mopatop’s Shop, and, That Puppet Game Show. They have also appeared in the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image. They have also taken part in Muppets And Puppets (Kaleidoscope Event).

At the time of this particular production, Nigel Plaskitt was also involved in directing Louise Gold in “Louise Gold Sings Some Nice Songs” the try out for her cabaret act LOUISE GOLD... By Appointment.



Links about Space Sprogs

Official Site:

 Agency Licensing Campaign (article in The Stage):, and Online Petition (which anyone who supports it can sign): , seeing as Nigel Plaskitt is among the performers supporting this worthy campaign.


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