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This is a Website about the career of the British Actress, Singer, & Puppeteer Louise Gold. This is a fan-run website. Ms Gold has given her permission for it, but has no involvement with it.

So, Who is Louise Gold?

Basically she is a talented British Singer-Actress-and-Puppeteer. You may well be familiar with her work as either an actress or a puppeteer, or both. However you come to have heard of her, the webmaster hopes that this website will give you a better idea of this extraordinary performer.

Below, this site has been divided into four subsections: The first dealing with Useful Information about both the site and Ms Gold, the second dealing with the Acting strand of Ms Gold's career, the third dealing with the Puppeteering strand, while the fourth is a miscellaneous section concerning both strands. For, sometimes, the two strands to Ms Gold's career are so intermingled one really cannot separate them.



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