Thanks and Acknowledgements

My thanks to the following individuals:

 Firstly I would like to thank

Louise Gold

for being such a terrific performer and a truly lovely lady

(and of course for giving her permission for this website)

 Extra special thanks to:

Una Brandon-Jones

(I am not stating the reasons, but to anyone who knew her they are obvious)

 Special Thanks to:

Cassie Mayer Ltd (Ms Gold’s former agent, for their help in gaining permission &c), in particular Josie Milton (who was especially helpful).

Ken B (an usher at The Reading Hexagon on Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Reading Production), for his help with information about that elusive production).

Timothy Bentinck (for various bits of information about The Pirates Of Penzance)

Les Biggs (of Ralph Bates PCRF, for the information and programme for Dear Ralph)

Ivan Coleman, Photographer (for permission to use his photograph of Louise Gold, on the front of the site)

Gareth Cork (of TV Tome’s section on Doctors, for his help with information about that episode of Doctors)

Kieran Creggan (for information about Man Of La Mancha)

Kathleen Dickon and Steve-the-technician at the British Film Institute (for enabling me to finally get to see Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire, before it was available on DVD)

Michael J Dixon (For being such a mine of information about The Muppets)

Paul Dixon of  (For sharing his resources of theatrical information)

Ray Donn of The Entertainment Artistes Benevolent Fund: (For information, and permission to use that information, about the 1977 Royal Variety Performance)

Karen Falk, Henson Archives (for some useful information about taping dates for The Muppet Show)

Peter Gannaway (For various useful bits of information about The Lost Musicals)

Charles Garland (for information about Hands Together)

Gary Graham (Production Manager on Hair, for sharing his recollections of and information about that show)

Erica Hemenway of (for a very good example of how to run and maintain a website about a Star)

Christopher Hillard (Photographer and author of the book ‘Voices, Faces, Characters’ for permission to use his portrait photograph of Louise Gold, on the page about Awards & Accolades)

Miss Carol Hughes (the editor of Words And Music magazine, for permission to reproduce three reviews from that magazine)

Barrie Jerram (Sondheim Society Member & Musical Stages writer, for sharing information about the charity concert Broadway To Brighton)

David Levey (of Fynsworth Alley, A Musicals and Muppet Buff, and, the first person who ever said to me "You ought to write a website about Louise Gold")

Barbara Mates (Assistant Stage Manager on My Fair Lady, for sharing her recollections of and information about that show)

J Derrick McClure (For the translation of “Miya Sama)

James McCully (Webmaster at The Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, for information about Squeak! - and permission to use The Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch’s online archive’s info on Squeak!)

Eli Francica Nava (Webmaster of The Philip Quast Guide – a splendid fansite, for her help with the details of the additional Chichester 2003 productions “Curtain Up!” and Final Chic Cabaret 2003).

Graham Nelson (Audience member – for information on the Norwich production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

Jill Parry (For her review of “Curtain Up!”)

Mr Nigel Plaskitt (The Director of LOUISE GOLD...By Appointment,  & major British puppeteer. For the info on “LOUISE GOLD...By Appointment” permission to include the flyer from that show on the site, when appropriate, and also for help with some of the other TV puppet programme information)

Kenneth Plume (The editor of Tibby's Bowl, for suggesting the Muppet Central/Tibby's Bowl interview with Ms Gold, and also for his encouragement)

Sally Preisig (puppet builder on The Spooks Of Bottle Bay, for her info on that programme)

Kevin A. J. Ranson & Anita Pashley (cast members of The Pirates Of Penzance & Anything Goes

, for information about both those shows)

Jacqueline Shane (For letting me use her Demon Web-space to host this site when I first started it, and for a lot of help and encouragement - because "I simply could not do it alone!")

Mark Smithers (for permission to quote various extracts from Sondheim News from when he was it’s editor, and also for information about Once A Catholic)

Jim Stone (a The Ghost Of Faffner Hall fan, for information about The Ghost Of Faffner Hall)

Brian Tennant (For finding various bits of theatre information in his extensive collection of Theatre programmes)

Martin Thompson (for helping me sort out moving this site and my show reviews site to a new domain and webspace)

Terry Wardrope (For information about various Stage Musicals)

Tony Whitaker (a Muppet fan, for sharing his knowledge and interest in Sesame Street)

Martin Yates (Composer of The Soap Opera, for information on The Soap Opera)

Melissa Yowhan (for her review of Muppet Treasure Island, and also for her friendship and encouragement)

.  My Grateful thanks to:

(Directly, or indirectly they have all been helpful one way or another, though some of them may not know it): Katherine Barker, Kynan Barker, Paul Bateman (pianist-arranger), Black Hat Productions, Philip Brownsey, Jason Carr, Gordon Carruthers, Lynne Chapman (Sondheim Society), Philip Chapman (at Muppet Central), Richard Coombs, Louise Davidson, Phil Eason, David Ebersole, Nancy Eliers-Hughes, Mike Fenton Stevens, Anna Francolini, Kim Goody, Louise Grant, Don Gray, Linda Green (@UKAAS), Marie Gunn (Founder of UKAAS), Graham Hoadly, James Head, Brian Herring, Susan Homes (Philip Quast fan), Jason Howells, Richard Huntrods (at The Chichester Festival Theatre), Katherine Ives (at Trilby Productions), Miki Jablkowska, Jogchem Jalink, Mark Jefferis, Jerry Juhl, Paul Kerryson, Hannah Kenneally-Muir (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang cast member), Brian Knatchball, Peter Lathan, Barry Lowe, Rick Lyon, Jessica Martin, Nathan Martin, Stacy McInnis, DW. McKim, Simon Moss, Henry Murray, Steve Nallon, Jerry Nelson, Donna Peddicord (JHC), Jill Peterson (at JHC), Sally Preisig (puppet-builder on The Spooks Of Bottle Bay), Karen Prell, Wendy Russell, Myra Sands, Manny Schreiber (Shane), Mark Shepard, Laura Snook, Rebecca Thornhill, Lynda Trapnell (Editor of Musical Stages), Lucy Tregear, Mak Wilson, Peter Wood, John Yap (at JAY/TER), and, Kate Young.

  Thanks also to:

Jamie Badminton, Barb (of Kevin Kline’s Unoffical Fan Site, Billy Barkhurst, Philip Barton, Suzanne Beby, Tracey Bedford, Leon Berger, David Beukema, Sally Bradshaw, Peter Briffa, Frank. M. Brown, T. Erik Browne, Warrick Brownlow, Rexton S Bunnet, Yvonne Bowman (Shane), Felix Chan, James Church, Emily DEBU, George Dillon, Marlene M. Dixon, Steve Donald, H.E. Elsom, Gigi (of Kevin McKidd’s Fansite),Mrs Linda Freeman, Manuel Gosano, Don Gray, Simon Hardy, Henry12345672000 (on the Mamma Mia Yahoo Fan-club), Art Hilgart, David L Hobbs, Danny Horn, Michael H Hutchins, Maximillian Jacobson-Gonzalez, Lynn Heinemann, Susan Holmes (Philip Quast fan), Hans Jensen, David Johansson, Colin M Johnson, Tony Kaye, Kimberly Last, Tanya Lees (Dress Circle website), Lesley P Liddle, Trevor Lyttleton, Greg MacKellan, Ian Marshall-Fisher (of The Lost Musicals Charitable Trust), George McElroy, Gareth McGinley, Matt McKenzie, Emily Miklasevitch (of Richard Hunt’s tribute site), Joseph Molnar, Kenn Oldfield, Yolanda Perera-Ramos, Adrian Petford (Kalidiscope), Stuart Piper, Beth Porchey, Max O Preeo, Gina Reeves, Ian Sanders, Ben Sears, Craig Silverston, Denise Silvey, Gillian Smith (Sondheim Society Member), Patricia Smith (former Electrician at ‘The Lane’), Gay Soper, Elaine St George, Andrea Stephenson (of Mark Mckerracher’s fansite), Richard Stockton, Stephen Turnbull, Gabriel Velez, Philip Walsh, Michael L Walters, Carolyn Wiesner, and, Rob Wilton.

  The Following people deserve a mention for being an inspiration:

Matt Bacon, Tim Barry, Nigel Bennett, Paul Bentley, Caroline Bristoll, Alison Burridge, Hilary Brown, Nancy Carothers, Nance Cedar, Lea Chambers, Dennis Clancy, Keiron Cooke, Philip Crammond, Karl Cranick, Meg Cummings, Dan Dye, John Esche, Alison Franke, Ross Gamill, Sally Garnet, Max Gold, Jack Grossman, Glenda Higley, Tony Kaye, Harry Landis, Bonnie Langford, Linda Lawson, Karen Levin, David Low, Christine Mayer, Sarah Mercier, Joseph Molnar, Mel Moratti, Jedidjah Julia Noomen, Sarah Novak, Xavier Obach, Louise Plowright, Emily Posedel, Ryan Roe, Jeremy Sams, Jorge Santos, Warren Semans, Anna Sharkey, Dave Showler, Sam Silvers, Liz Sowden (of Zoe Wannermaker’s fansite,, Tony Sullivan, Jorgen Thorsen, James Vaughan, Dick Vosburgh, Sarah Waller, Andrew Wright and especially Rachel O’Reilly.


 Written Acknowledgements

 Firstly I would like to acknowledge and remind everyone that all Muppet names and characters are the copyright of the Jim Henson Companyä .

 Books Used:

The Art Of The Muppets. By Henson Associates, first published in 1980 by Muppet Press and bantam book. ISBN 0-553-01313-0

Bart! - The Unuthorised Life & Times ins and outs Ups And Downs Of Lionel Bart. By David Roper, first published in 1994 by Pavilion Books Limited, ISBN 1 85793 330 3

Jim Henson The Works. By Christopher Finch, first published in 1993 by Random House. ISBN 0-679-41203-4

No Strings Attached - The Inside Story Of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. By Matt Bacon, first published in 1997 by Virgin. ISBN 1-85227-669-X

Of Muppets and Men - The Making Of The Muppet Show. By Christopher Finch, first published in 1981 by Michael Joseph Ltd. ISBN 0 7181 2112 0 (Note, the details on this book, such a publisher info and ISBN may vary)

The Story of Unity Theatre. By Colin Chambers, first published in 1989 by Lawrence and Wishart Ltd, ISBN 0 85315 587 9

Tooth & Claw - The Inside Story Of Spitting Image. By Lewis Chester, first published in 1986 by Faber and Faber, ISBN 0-571-14557-4

Voices, Faces, Characters - by Christopher Hillard, published in 2001, by Cavilier Productions, Melbourne, Australia,. ISBN 0-646-40854-2


 Webpages consulted (amongst many others):

- See also Offsite Links.

  I would also like to acknowledge the numerous critics and such like who I have quoted. I would particularly like to single out: Benedict Nightingale, Helen Taylor and most especially Aline Waites

 They are all mentioned individually in the texts, but the other critics are:

Peter Andrews, Tim Ashley, Harold Atkins, Claire Armitstead, Harold Atkins, Mark Barlow, Kate Bassett, Claire Bayley, Sarah Beaumont Belinda Beckett, Jason Best, Michael Billington, Hilary Bonner, Lizz Brain, Georgina Brown, Chris Buchanan,richard Buskin, Robert Butler, Gordon Carruthers, Paul Chand, Susannah Clapp, Quentin Clark, Tim Connor, Maddy Costa Michael Coveney,Robert Crowe, Nick Curtis, Robert Cushman, Lynn Daly, Iain Darroch, Michael Darvell, Nicholas de Jongh Colin De Suinn, Thorn Dibdin, Colin Donald, Christopher Edwards, Harry Eyres, Charles Godfrey-Faussett, Peter Filichia, Mark Fisher, Peter Gannaway, Lyn Gardner, Liz Gilbey, Robert Gore-Langton, John Gross, Nancy Groves, Bill Hagerty, Mary Harron, Graham Hassell, Malcom Hay, Sarah Hemming, Robert Hewison, Phil Hewitt, Jim Hiley, Clive Hiroshhorn, Jane Holly, Nigel Howard, Rosalie Horner, David Howe, Martin Hoyle, Carol Hughes, Kenneth Hurren, Donald Hutera, Sue Jameson, Barrie Jerram, Sam Jones, Kate Kellaway, Francis King, Jeremy Kingston, Rhonda Koenig, Alex Krasreil, Richard Loup-Nolan, Alistair Macaullay, Sam Marlowe, Patrick Marmion, John Martland, Lisa Martland, Jane McCarthy, Sheridan Morely, Fiona Mountford, David Munro, David Murray, David Nathan, Maureen Paton, John Peter, Richard Perry Timothy Ramsden, Robin, Ray, Simon Reade, Mary Redman, Mary Redman William Russell, Val Sampson, Mark Sanderson, Edward Seckerson, Michael Sell, Ken Sephton, Julian Shea, Mark Shenton, Gary Shipton, Eric Shorter, Ian Shuttleworth, Denise Silvey, Mark Smithers, David Sonin, Charles Spencer, Mark Styen, Jane Sullivan, Tom Sutcliff, Paul Taylor, John Thaxter, David Thomas, Anthony Thorncroft, Robin Thorner, Jack Tinker, Vicky Tinker, Tom Vallance, Gerard Van Werson, Sara Villers, Terry Wardrope, Paula Webb, Carol Woddis, and, Matt Wolf.

  I would like to acknowledge having made a lot of use of The London Theater Record, and various back copies of The Stage, and various Theatre Programmes, to trace the details of various Stage Shows.

  I would like to acknowledge the various admirable Poets and Lyricists who’s lines may have found their way on to the site, they are: Lionel Bart, Irving Berlin, Una Brandon-Jones, Jason Carr, Ira Gershwin, W. S. Gilbert, Ogden Nash, Cole Porter, William Shakespeare, Stephen Sondheim, Bjorn Ulvaeus, and Fred Ebb.

I hope have covered everything and everyone,

Emma D Shane 


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