Side By Side By Sondheim

Louise Gold starred as "Millie" (in this production known as "Lulu") at The Chelmsford Civic Theatre, on 22 - 30 October 1999



"Julia" ("Lizzie") - Liz Robertson

"David" - Robert Meadmore

"Millie" ("Lulu") - Louise Gold

"Ned", The Narrator - David Kernan


Production Team

Music and Lyrics - Stephen Sondheim

Additional Music - Leonard Bernstein, Mary Rodgers, Richard Rodgers, and, Jule Styne

Narrators Script (original) - Ned Sherrin

Original Production – 15 October 1975, The Stables, Wavenden, with Millicent Martin as “Millie”

Director - David Kernan

Musical Director - David John Laugharne

Second Piano - Nathan Martin

Musical Staging - Irving Davis

Lighting Designer - Andy Chafer

Sound Designer - Geoff Wheatley

Deputy Stage Manager - Ian Mason

Setting by - Newpalm Productions


For a full Review/Account of the show, please click here.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that at one point in the show Pianist Nathan Martin had to play a piano with a six-months pregnant actress sitting on top of it. He also had to help her off it.

All four performers in this production subsequently contributed to Side By Side's 25th Anniversary Gala in Wavenden, and Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala in London.

The show's Cack-handed trio, David Kernan, Liz Robertson and Louise Gold had previously appeared together in Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It and on the album Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It (Recording)

Louise Gold and David Kernan had also appeared together in Broadway To Brighton (where Louise Gold also sang If Momma Were Married) , Sondheim At The Barbican (where David Kernan also sang: Anyone Can Whistle and Buddy’s Blues, and Louise Gold sang on You Could Drive A Person Crazy, only not in as Maxine), and possibly Comedy Tonight (where the are billed as singing Comedy Tonight).

David Kernan had previously directed Liz Robertson and Louise Gold in Chicago & Company

Louise Gold and Liz Robertson may have previously appeared together, along with David Kernan, and, Robert Meadmore, in Will-Aid, which was directed by David Kernan.

David Kernan, and, Robert Meadmore may have previously appeared in Kids At Heart.

Louise Gold and Robert Meadmore had starred together some 14 years previously in The Metropolitan Mikado , the following year they were in a concert of highlights from it Ratepayers' Iolanthe & Metropolitan Mikado; and the year after that they appeared in a one night concert staging of a musical called The Soap Opera. They have also appeared together in television in Julia And Company. They have since taken part in Hubert Gregg’s Memorial Service.

Liz Robertson, besides being the female understudy in the original production of Side By Side By Sondheim, had sung April’s part, including the Barcelona number in a charity concert of Chicago & Company.

Liz Robertson had previously appeared in The Royal Variety Performance (1982), A Time To Start Living, and, CLIC’s 18th Birthday Celebration, she went on to appear in Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala, and, Happily Ever After.

Liz Robertson’s recording credits include: Cole Porter - Night And Day

Robert Meadmore’s recording credits include Simply Musicals, The Great Musicals – Dashing Heroes, Blushing Maidens, and, 100 Hits Musicals.

Louise Gold went on to appear in the Sondheim musical Follies

Nathan Martin went on to appear at Dress Circle Grand Reopening.

Robert Meadmore went on to appear in A Love Letter To Dan.

David Kernan, and, Liz Robertson’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Laughter And Tears. Their radio credits include The Radio 2 Arts Programme Chichester Festival 1994.

Louise Gold has been involved with various performances of the song Beautiful Girls in: Sondheim At The Barbican Side By Side By Side By Sondheim 25th Anniversary Gala, and, of course, Follies .

Louise Gold has gone on be involved in performances of the song Comedy Tonight in The Regents Park 70th Gala, Curtain Up, and a very different version of the song in The Company Of Mary Poppins.

Louise Gold has also subsequently had the opportunity to sing some of the songs from this show that her character “Millie” doesn’t sing in this show, for example in Follies she sang Could I Leave You and in Curtain Up she sang Broadway Baby.

Louise Gold has also gone on to sing Mazeppa’s part in You Gotta Get A Gimmick properly in context (complete with playing the trumpet properly) in Gypsy.

After Ned Sherrin’s death The Company Of Mary Poppins’s late night FUNdraising special was dedicated to him.

Liz Robertson went on to get Robert Meadmore, and, Louise Gold to take part in Shopping With The Stars 2008.

Louise Gold, and, Liz Robertson went on to take part in A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh, and, Shopping With The Stars 2009.

David Kernan may have previously taken part in Thing A Thon. His recording credits include The Great Musicals - From Broadway to Hollywood.

Sondheim’s lyrics to Leonard Bernstein’s Music can also be found in Candide In Concert.



Critics Comments

 “Robert Meadmore, Liz Robertson and Louise Gold sing a variety of songs with consummate ease and successfully disguising all the hard work that went into obtaining such split second timing” Peter Andrews, CHELMSFORD WEEKLEY NEWS, 28 October 1999

 “There’s an all Essex born highly experienced musical theatre cast clearly enjoying themselves, led by director David Kernan - Liz Robertson, Louise Gold and Robert Meadmore create together a highly entertaining evening ranging from West Side Story and A Funny Thing to Follies and A Little Night Music” Mary Redman, ESSEX CHRONICLE, 29 October 1999.

 “Then there is the ladylike Broadway Baby Liz Robertson, and more earthy natural comedienne Louise Gold, doing her Dietrich thing with I Never Do Anything Twice from Seven Per Cent Solution and blowing a rude trumpet in Gypsy’s You Gotta Get A Gimmick.” Mary Redman, THE STAGE, 28 October 1999


 “Louise Gold was generally impressive, and particular high spots of her performance were the pathos of Send In The Clowns, the bitchy cynicism inherent in You Must Meet My Wife and the definite flavour of Marlene Dietrich in her handling of Madam’s catalogue of sexual blunders I Never Do Anything Twice. Despite the fact that she is expecting a baby in January, she also coped well with the gymnastics necessary for You’ve Gotta Get A Gimmick. Her only real difficulty was with the shows weak point, namely Getting Married Today. In handling the ‘Amy’ role, she did not have the benefit of Millicent Martin’s experience all those years ago in belting out fast tempo numbers on TW3 and consequently had to take the piece at a slower tempo. That said Getting Married today is a notoriously difficulty piece for any performer of Sondheim.”  Mark Smithers, SONDHEIM NEWS, December 1999


Links about Side By Side By Sondheim

TheatreNow.Com interview: Gold On Stage: Louise Gold In Follies:  This is an interview carried out by Theatre.Com’s Paul Webb, one hot summer’s day, while Louise was appearing in Follies at The Royal Festival Hall. Although the interview is ostensibly about her role in Follies she also talks about her other Sondheim performances, along with: Memphis Tennessee, Political Theatre, and Spitting Image.


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