Louise Gold starred as Annie Haven the owner of an antique shop, in Series 3 Episode 6 ‘Come In Digby Your Time’s Up’, at first broadcast on CBBC on Monday 1 August 2011 at 9:00am



Digby DigworthShaun Williamson

Hacker T Dog – puppeteered by Phil Fletcher

Hamish McGafferLaurie Ventry

Hot Dog Person – Kate Plummer

Hot Dog Seller – Russell Muir

Max de Lacy – Mark Benton

Carl Plummer – Chris Brazier

Annie Haven – Louise Gold

Hot Dog Person – Sakim Mohammed

Skate/Jogger – Vasili Tsybulka


Production Team

Production Manager – Diana May Jones

Director – David McKay

Producer – David Collier

Executive Producer – Steven Andrew

Writers – Tom Jamieson, and, Nev Fountain


Other facts

Gina’s Laughing Gear, and, Transmission Impossible With Ed And Oucho were also first broadcast on CBBC

Phil Fletcher who puppeteers Hacker T Dog is also a puppet builder and built the Termite puppets that Louise Gold and Warrick Browlow-Pike performed on Transmission Impossible With Ed And Oucho.

Mark Benton appeared in the film Topsy Turvy and was a male chorister on its soundtrack album.

It is not known whether Producer David Collier could be the same person as the Camera Assistant Dave Collier on Transmission Impossible With Ed And Oucho, or the child-actor David Collier in Squeak.

Tom Jamieson, and, Nev Fountain also wrote for Gina’s Laughing Gear

Phil Fletcher and Louise Gold went on to take part in Muppets And Puppets (Kaleidoscope Event).



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