Rachel And The Roarettes

Louise Gold appeared, as Bootleg Jane, BBC Pebble Mill, Broadcast on Thursday 13 June 1985, BBC 2.


Cast (includes)

The Roarettes

Rachel - Josie Lawrence

Moll - Jean Hart

Black Bess - Femi Taylor

Bootleg Jane - Louise Gold

At The Black Dog

Maggie - Terry Neason

Melanie - Susannah Bunyon

Gary (the bride-to-be’s fiancé) - Gary Oldman

Harold - Alan Ford

Eustace - Howard Lew Lewis

Priest - Norman Beaton

The Law

Judge - James Grout

Elizabeth - Linda Polan

Belinda - Deborah Poplett

DC Smear - Barry Stanton

PC Twerp -  Christopher Ryan


Production Team

Words and music - Jude Alderson / Sadista Sisters

Musicians - Richard Wolfson, Andrew Saunders, David Adams, Julia Palmer, and, Slaned Jones

Director - Rob Walker

Choreography - Stuart Hopps

Sound - Ian Rae

Lighting - Bob Chaplin

Script Editor - Caroline Oulton

Designer - Sally Engelbach

Producer - Roger Gregory for BBC Pebble Mill

Other Crew - John Greening


The plot seems to have been about a motercycling homosexual feminist named Rachel popping into a pub to borrow a spanner, and, along with her gang of multicoloured homosexual bikers, ends up rescuing the landlord’s daughter, on her wedding day, from what would have been an enslaving marriage; while at the same time metaphorphosing into a dashing eighteenth century highwayperson.

A substantial amount of Gary Oldman’s part was cut, due to the shooting schedule overrunning (as he still seems to have been billed, one might assume that some of his part survived). There was actually a photograph of him with Josie Lawrence in 18th century garb and swords in that week’s edition of The Radio Times, for the programme’s billing.

Josie Lawrence went on to appear in television on A Week In The West End, and on stage in Happily Ever After.

Christopher Ryan’s recording credits include Utterly Utterly Live Comic Relief. His film & TV credits include Alice In Wonderland. He also took part in Comic Relif 1986.

Christopher Ryan and Louise Gold went on to appear together on stage in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Howard Lew Lewis and Louise Gold had previously appeared together on television in BlackAdder.

It’s possible that Deborah Poplett could be the Debbie Poplitt who may have taken part in Thing A Thon.

Josie Lawrence, and, Louise Gold had previously appeared together in Bag.

Laugh I Nearly Paid My Licence Fee, Rita Rudner, Alexei Sayle’s Merry-Go-Round, and, A Week In The West End were also shown in BBC 2, as was the national broadcast of City Lights, and the first terrestrial broadcast of The Alan Clark Diaries.


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