Louise Gold starred as Dick Whitttington, at Half Moon Theatre, from 28 December 1988 to 28 January 1989


Cast (Includes)

Louise Gold – as Dick Whittington


As this run was “Back by popular demand” it seems likely that many of the rest of the cast would have been in an earlier production of the show at the Half Moon Theatre.


Production Team

Book & Lyrics by – Peter Nichols

Music by – Monty Norman

Original Production – Barbican Theatre 25 September 1982, with Geraldine Gardner as Dick Whittington

Directed by – Chris Bond

Designed by – Ellen Cairns

Lighting Designed by – Jim Simmons

Choreographer – Petra Siniawski


Ellen Cairns had previously done the decor for Sink The Belgrano, which had started out at The Half Moon Theatre (although had transferred by the time Louise Gold joined its cast).

Petra Siniawski may have previously appeared with Louise Gold in Will-Aid.

Chris Bond went on to directed Louise Gold in The Little Sister, which Ellen Cairns also designed.


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