Once A Catholic

Louise Gold starred as Mary Mooney, at York Theatre Royal, from Wednesday 28 October to Saturday 14 November 1981



Nicholas Bell – as Cuthbert

Rachel Bell

Terence Booth

Louise Gold – as Mary Mooney

Cynthia Grenville

Sadie Hamilton

Vanessa Kempster

Nigel Makin

Lynda Rooke

Sarah Webb

Derek Wright


Production Team

Play by – Mary O’Malley

Directed by – Jan Sargent

Designer – Pauline Murphy

Lighting – Peter Tate


York Theatre Royal is a rather unusual theatre, in that it’s structure incorporates part of Britain’s largest medieval hospital, St Leonards.

 Appearing in this play in York, at the age of twenty five, was intended to mark Louise Gold’s ‘Come-Back’ as a proper actress, after four years working as a television puppeteer, on The Muppet Show. However, the ‘come back’ seems to have been short lived, for two years later she was employed as Leading Puppeteer on the pilot episodes of what would become Spitting Image.

Louise Gold had previously appeared at York Theatre Royal in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (York Production).

Rachel Bell went on to appear on television two years later in For 4 Tonight, on one episode of which Louise Gold played one of their guests, along with David Claridge, the result of which was that Louise ended up puppeteering on Roland Rat – The Series.

Rachel Bell may have appeared in Dear Ralph.

Jan Sargent went on to director The Bill on television.

In March the following year Sarah Webb played Mary McGinty in another production of the play at Watford Palace Theatre. It does not seem to be known whether she had played the same role in this production.


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