2009 London Cast Recording

Louise Gold features as Mrs Sowerberry and Mrs Bedwin, her vocals are also elsewhere in the ensemble.

Catalogue number: (CD – First Night Records) CAST CD 105, album released 16 March 2009



Oliver – Laurence Jeffcoate

Mr Bumble – Julius D’Silva

Widow CorneyWendy Ferguson

Matron – Myra Sands

Mr SowerberryJulian Bleach

Mrs SowerberryLouise Gold

Charlotte – Mary Cormack

Noah ClaypoleDavid Roberts

Artful Dodger – Ross McCormack

Eccentric Dancer/Clown – Philip Catchpole

Fagin’s Gang – Tanners Gang: William Edden, Daniel Ferrari-Lane, Jake Goldman, Jack Hamshere, Dominic Hansford, Callum Henderson, Idress Kargbo, Jordan Li-Smith, Jermaine Nelson, and, Ben Wilson, plus Daniel Huttlestone as Nipper

Fagin – Rowan Atkinson

Bill Sikes – Burn Gorman

Nancy – Jodie Prenger

Bet – Charlotte Spencer

Mr Brownlow – Julian Glover

Punch And Judy Man – Tim Laurenti

The Landlord – Ian Jervis

Boxers – Chris Bennett, and, Jay Bryce

Percy Snodgrass – Tom Edden

Little Sally – Lynne Wilmot

Mrs BedwinLouise Gold

Dr GrimwigJulian Bleach

Rose Seller – Jenny Fitzpatrick

Milkmaid – Lyndsey Gardiner

Strawberry Seller – Sarah Lark

Knife Grinder – Hadrian Delacey

Posh Lady – Clare Rickard

House Maid – Cara Elston

Old Sally – Susan Fay

Eccentric Dancer/Hussar – Oliver Roll

Hussar’s Girl – Hollie Taylor

NightwatchmanRobert Kershaw

Swings - Matthew Clark, Alison Dormer, Rebecca Louis, and, Spencer Stafford

Children’s Ensemble – Tanner’s Team:  Edward Birchinall, Gareth Borrow, Lily Brooks, Anne Cockshott, Sam Constanti, Edward Darnell-Hayes, Sophia Decaro, Omar Dixon, Alexander Hockaday, Thomas Holmes, Zac Hurst, Louis Jackman, Natalie Kassanga, Hannah Lowther, Joseph McManus, Lauren Mead, Georgia Stewart, Archie Sullivan, Joseph Thompson-Oubari, Shannon Wake, Matthew Walker, and, Jake Watkins


Production Team

 Show Produced by – Cameron Mackintosh

Album Produced by – First Night Records

 Book, Music and Lyrics by – Lionel Bart, based on the novel by Charles Dickens

Original Production – at The New Theatre (now known as The Noel Coward Theatre) 30 June 1960, with Sonia Fraser as Mrs Sowerberry, and, Madeleine Newbury as Mrs Bedwin

Musical Supervisor – Stephen Brooker

Orchestrations by – William David Brohn

Musical Director – Graham Hurman

sound Design – Paul Groothius

Co-Directed & Choreographed by – Matthew Bourne

Directed by – Rupert Goold


Under the direction of  - Graham Hurman

Keyboard/Assistant MD – Roger Davison

Violin/Mandolin – Oliver Lewis

Viola – Kate Wilkinson

Cello – Chris Fish

Double Bass – Steve McManus

Flute/Piccolo/Penny Whistle – Andy Findon

Oboe/Cor AnglaisRebecca Wood

Clarinet / Eb Clarinet – Rachel Brown

Clarinet / Bass Clarinet / Flute – Duncan Ashby

Bassoon / Tenor Recorder – Gavin McNaughton

Horn – Matthew Gunner, and, Richard Clews

Trumpet / Flugelhorn – Pat White, and, Andy Gathercole

Trombone – Gordon Campbell, and, Ed Tarrant

Bass Trombone / Tuba / Euphonium – Adrian Hallowell

Electric / Acoustic Guitar / Banjo – Andy Taylor-Vebel

Percussion – Julian Poole, James Gambold, and, John Rockliffe

Accordion / Concertina – Mark Bousie

Orchestral Management – Sylvia Addison for Music Solutions

Produced for record by – Stephen Brooker, and, Stephen Metcalfe (with a little interference from Cameron Mackintosh)

Senior Engineer – Devin Workman

Recorded Live at -  Theatre Royal Drury Lane January 2009 using the Red-TX-DE-RIG

Engineers – Ian Dyckoff, Ollie Nesham, and, Nat Wood

Mixed at – Sphere Studios London

Assistant Engineer – Ronan Phelan

Live Sound Supervisor- Tom Marshall

Mastered At Finesplice by – Ben Turner

Co-ordinated for First Night Records by – John Craig



Track Listing

1. Food Glorious Food – Oliver& Workhouse Children (Laurence Jeffcoate with the Tanners Gang and Tanners Team Children’s Ensemble)

2. Oliver! – Mr Bumble, Widow Corney, & Company (Julius D’Silva, and, Wendy Ferguson, with members of both the Adult Ensemble, and the Tanners Gang and Tanners Team Children’s Ensemble)

3. I Shall Scream – Mr Bumble, and, Widow Corney (Julius D’Silva, and, Wendy Ferguson)

4. Boy For Sale – Mr Bumble (Julius D’Silva)

5. That’s Your Funeral – Mr Sowerberry, Mrs Sowerberry, and, Mr Bumble (Julian Bleach, Louise Gold, and, Julius D’Silva)

6. Coffin Music – Orchestra conducted by Graham Hurman, (with spoken introduction from Louise Gold – uncredited)

7. Where Is Love? – Oliver (Laurence Jeffcoate)

8. Consider Yourself – Dodger, Oliver & Company (Ross McCormack, Laurence Jeffcoate, Tanners Gang, and, Adult Ensemble)

9. Consider Yourself (Reprise) – Nipper, Dodger & Gang (Daniel Huttlestone, Ross McCormack, and Tanner’s Gang)

10. You’ve Got To Pick-A-Pocket Or Two – Fagin & Gang (Rowan Atkinson and Tanner’s Gang, with Ross McCormack, and, Daniel Huttlestone)

11. It’s A Fine LifeNancy, Bet & Gang (Jodie Prenger, Charlotte Spencer and Tanner’s Gang)

12. I’d Do AnythingNancy, Dodger, Oliver, Bet, Fagin & Gang (Jodie Prenger, Ross McCormack, Laurence Jeffcoate, Charlotte Spencer, Rowan Atkinson, and, Tanner’s Gang)

13. Be Back Soon – Fagin & Gang (Rowan Atkinson, and, Tanner’s Gang, with Ross McCormack and Laurence Jeffcoat)

14. The Robbery – Orchestra & Company (Tanner’s Gang, Adult Ensemble, plus Julian Glover - uncredited)

15. Oom-Pah-Pah – Nancy & Company (Jodie Prenger, and, Adult Ensemble)

16. My Name – Bill Sikes (Burn Gorman)

17. As Long As He Needs Me – Nancy (Jodie Prenger)

18. Where Is Love? (Reprise) – Mrs Bedwin (Louise Gold)

19. Who Will Buy? – Oliver & Company (Laurence Jeffcoate, and, Adult Ensemble, including: Jenny Fitzpatrick, Lyndsey Gardiner, Sarah Lark, and, Hadrian DeLacey – uncredited)

20. It’s A Fine Life (Reprise) – Nancy, Fagin, Sikes, and, Dodger (Jodie Prenger, Rowan Atkinson, Burn Gorman, and, Ross McCormack)

21. Reviewing The Situation – Fagin (Rowan Atkinson)

22. Oliver! (Reprise) – Mr Bumble, and, Widow Corney (Julius D’Silva, and, Wendy Ferguson)

23. As Long As He Needs Me (Reprise) – Nancy (Jodie Prenger)

24. London Bridge / The Chase – Orchestra & Company (Orchestra conducted by Graham Hurman, and Adult Ensemble, plus: Jodie Prenger, Burn Gorman, Julian Glover, and, Laurence Jeffcoate – uncredited)

25. Reviewing The Situation (Reprise) – Fagin (Rowan Atkinson)

26. Finale – Company (Entire Company)




It is not quite clear why when the Tanners Gang are featured as Fagin’s Gang on this recording, Nipper is being played by a member of the Shillings Gang.

In the sleeve-notes that accompany the CD album, Louise Gold is pictured at least half a dozen times: On the page ‘That’s Your Funeral’ she is in two pictures (top and bottom of the three smaller ones) as Mrs Sowerberry; ‘Oliver! article by Stephen Brookercentre fold shows her as the hat seller; Oom-Pah-Pah...’ finds her in the main centrefold picture and also in one of the small ones (second from right) as a drunk in the pub; ‘Who Will Buy’ one of the small pictures (bottom left) as Mrs Bedwin

According to the sleeve notes the album was mostly recorded on 14 January 2009, with some additional material from the next six days. It used 112 microphones (the show itself usually used 90).

All of the cast featured on this album of course appeared in Oliver! 

There is however one oddity, percussionist John Rockliffe is listed as playing on this album but he is not mentioned in the programmes as a member of the orchestra in the show itself. It is possible he may be a dep and therefore not credited in the show’s programme.

Representing the “Stars From Oliver!” Louise Gold, and, Jodie Prenger have taken part in Shopping With The Stars 2009, at which Julius D’Silva, and, Julian Bleach also put in appearances.

Louise Gold, and, Myra Sands have previously appeared together in the Discovering Lost Musicals productions of: By Jupiter, One Touch Of Venus (1992 Production), DuBarry Was A Lady (1993 Production), New Girl In Town, Red Hot & Blue, Something for The Boys, Panama Hattie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and, One Touch Of Venus (2000 Production). They also appeared together in Follies, as well as taking part in a concert of highlights from the Ratepayer’s Iolanthe & Metropolitan Mikado, and, Camberwell Pocket Opera’s First Fundraising Gala. They have since gone on to appear in another Lost Musical Darling of The Day.

Julian Bleach had previously appeared in Topsy Turvy.

Rowan Atkinson had previously starred in BlackAdder, on which Louise Gold once appeared in an episode.

Rowan Atkinson took part in Comic Relif 1986, his recording credits include Utterly Utterly Live Comic Relief.

Julian Glover may have appeared in Kids At Heart.

Julian Glover, and, Myra Sands may have taken part in Thing A Thon.

Cara Elston, Louise Gold, Clare Rickard, and, Rebecca Louis had previously appeared in Mary Poppins, on which Roger Davison, Chris Fish, Duncan Ashby, Ed Tarrant, and, Adrian Hallowell also played in the orchestra; and which Stephen Brooker was also involved with.

Cara Elston, Louise Gold, and, Clare Rickard had previously appeared in The Company Of Mary Poppins’s late night FUNdraising show. For which Roger Davison played on the band.

Steve McManus had previously played in the pit orchestra for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and in the band for Happily Ever After, he may also have played in the band for A Time To Start Living, and, Comedy Tonight. His recording credits include Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It (recording), and, Defiant Dames.

Stephen Brooker was also involved with conducting on the album The Great Musicals – Laughter And Tears, and, 100 Hits Musicals.

John Craig had previously been involved in producing Ziegfeld (recording).

Wendy Ferguson, Louise Gold, and, Myra Sands have gone on to appear in Mexican Hayride.

Philip Catchpole, and, Louise Gold went on to appear in Gypsy, on which Paul Groothius also worked.

Note the critic Ken Caswell, reviewing this album for Musical Stages (quoted some way below), has in fact appeared at Theatre Royal Drury Lane himself, he was in the chorus of The Pirates Of Penzance.



by Emma Shane, April 2009

Fizzing with energy, this album attempts to capture the new revival. Of course being an album it can only capture the sounds of the show, which does not do full justice to Cameron Mackintosh’s vast production. If you see the show you can see just how very full the huge Drury Lane stage is with people and scenery. However, an album is considerably better than nothing. In fact it’s a great disc of fun and energy, and I for one am jolly pleased that First Night Records and Cameron Mackintosh had the good sense to have it made. All too often when one sees a good show one wishes there was a cast album recording of that particular production, featuring that particular cast, when there isn’t. This time for once there is. This is an album to give theatre-going public exactly the sort of thing it really wants, but all too often is not available to them

Of course Oliver! is a classic show and as such has been subject to various recordings, some good, some not so good. This recording, with it’s shear verve is surely one of the better ones. Of course one might prefer some of the individual interpretations on other recordings to this one, but then again we all like different things and sometimes one person may prefer version A over version B of a song, while another person might prefer version B to version A. It doesn’t always mean a version is superior, just different ideas. Of course some versions of even classic songs can be truly terrible. Fortunately on this recording none of the performances are terrible. It is noticeable that all the performers very sensibly do not try to imitate what has gone before, but do the songs in whatever way is right for them as individuals and right for the production as a whole.

This is an album that while bound to be an initial popular best seller, by all the rules of what sort of casting will actually endure and become a musical theatre standard recording it shouldn’t. And yet I think in actual fact it may very well endure and become a standard. It contains all sorts of people whom while they might be great talking point casting to draw in an audience; you might not expect to actually achieve a lasting effect on their roles. All the sorts of performers serious Musical-theatre fans might mock the very idea of them doing an album of a major musical, all the things that could be dismissed as publicity stunts:: Winners of Television Talent contests, Famous ‘celebrity’ Television actors, stage actors who haven’t done professional musicals before, child stars etc etc .Yet somehow this group of apparent Musical Theatre misfits all thrown together in an incredible swirling rich audio mix, a vast soundscape (that fits in everything and everyone of the cast) works, and produces a brilliant sounding cast album of a classic musical.

The named stars of the album are of course Rowan Atkinson and Jodie Prenger, in the roles originally made famous by Ron Moody and Georgia Brown. While Rowan Atkinson is not Ron Moody, he is nevertheless convincing. His performance of You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two is quite distinctively Rowan Atkinson. However, when he sings Reviewing The Situation he is so completely into the character of Fagin, that if one were to just hear that recording without knowing who it was one would not recognise him from the voice alone. While Jodie Prenger makes Nancy a much tougher and rougher woman than Georgia Brown. To those who are used to Georgia’s sweet voice this may be an unwelcome surprise, particularly in As Long As He Needs Me. However, it is a perfectly valid way of presenting the character, and brings a grittier edge into this musical, making the character perhaps more realistic. Besides which, Jodie let’s not forget is the people’s Nancy, and I think many of the people will enjoy her prize-winning performances on this album. Jodie never murders any of the songs. And surprisingly, given how much she wanders off-accent in performance, this recording has managed to capture her largely staying in accent. In addition her diction in It’s A fine Life is actually better than Georgia Brown’s! Though I still feel that Graham Hurman’s conducting rather spoils that number. Jodie really comes into her own with Oom Pah Pah, although the chorus (which included Louise Gold) is tremendously strong, Jodie holds her own amongst them bringing to this classic number her glorious joie de vie.

Then there’s the two child-stars, Laurence Jeffcoate does well in the title role, a sympathetic portrayal, just the right mixture of spunk and innocence. For the three boys who won the role on I’d Do Anything, I do think he’s the best. Harry Stott is an excellent actor, and Gwion Wyn Jones very appealing, but Laurence Jeffcoat fits the part so very well. Ross McCormak makes an excellent Artful Dodger (though Robert Madge would I think also have been a good choice). I was somewhat relieved the album didn’t use Eric Dibb-Fuller for the purposes of the recording

In addition to these stars there’s Burn Gorman, who clearly benefited from the show’s lengthy previews, giving him time to hone his character, and come of with a fine rendition of My Name. Sarah Lark and company acquit themselves well with Who Will Buy.  Meanwhile Wendy Ferguson and Julius De Silva, as Widow Corny and Mr Bumble, though a bit over the top to my taste, nevertheless sound satisfactory, they do not detract from the album. Meanwhile Julian Glover can be heard in a few pieces of spoken dialogue, that’s rather special given that his association with Lionel Bart’s work goes right back to Bart’s Unity Theatre days, and he isn’t the only connection with that period Bart’s career..

Graham Hurman conducts the album. I feel that he takes It’s A Fine Life much to fast barely giving Jodie time to do Lionel Bart’s wonderful lyrics full justice (she manages, but she shouldn’t have to). However, there are other numbers, notably Food Glorious Food, and, I’d Do Anything, what have benefited from being a little speeded up (compared to the original cast album).  Oom Pah Pah also seems to work rather well.  While Consider Yourself gives the orchestra a chance to really let itself go. The album includes most of the songs from the show, including such tuneful pieces as Boy For Sale, and Be Back Soon. In fact Be Back Soon is a gorgeous song, whose lyrics almost give a clue to it’s origins, they so include such lines as ain’t that a lovely tune” and “do not forget this tune”, it did date back to Bart’s Unity days, with Jack Grossman, but it is a lovely tune. I was a little disappointed that the album ends with the Finale, and does not include the post finale reprise of Consider Yourself. However one can’t have everything, and they probably couldn’t have squeezed any more onto the single CD. That is a very minor detail when it is such a joy to have this album and all the other songs (including reprises) on it.

Anyone who buys this album will have their own favourite bits on it. My favourites are of course That’s Your Funeral, and the reprise of Where Is Love, two pieces not always included on recordings of this show. It’s a real joy, for the first time in years, to find Louise Gold featured on a truly new recording of a musical theatre album, it makes a welcome change form endless repeats of excepts on numerous compilation albums (good though some of those are, and of course they may bring her work to a wider audience). That’s Your Funeral is a terrific comedy song, with some lovely lyrics for really skilful singer-actors to play with. Louise Gold and Julian Bleach make the most of them. Lionel Bart was a terrific lyricist, and Louise Gold happens to be the sort of singer who really comes into her own when singing decent lyrics that she can have fun interpreting. So it’s an absolute winning combination to have her singing Bart’s lyrics. It’s a combination that was just meant to be. How lovely to have it on an album. But Gold isn’t just a great comedy singer, with a powerful voice. She can also be very sweet and subtle, as she proves in her beautiful dulcet handling of (a track which might have been intended for Rosemary Leach on this album) the reprise of Where Is Love. What a wide vocal range she has! Thank goodness this often forgotten reprise has been included. In addition to all this, if you listen very carefully to The Robbery, you can just hear a distinctive voice say “Gentlemen’s hats here.”  What a range of performances from a truly versatile lady. How lovely to hear her in talents so well used, and to have her singing Lionel Bart’s songs.

 It’s such a rich diverse album, that there really is something to cater to a wide variety of customers. Of course Jodie Prenger will be deservedly the lions share of reasons and many more might also choose it because of Rowan Atkinson. However: whether you want to hear the winners of a TV talent contest, whether you want famous television actors singing classic musical theatre songs. Or whether you want to hear a new recording involving some stalwart West End performers; this album will be worth considering buying. But in my humble opinion, Louise Gold’s performance on it is as good a reason as any.



Critics Comments

 “All the benefits of recording a musical live are here. Audience reaction and the intimacy of live performance come across very well. The main drawback is that the actors are playing to one of the largest auditoriums in London and consequently some of the performances seem somewhat over the top.” Ken Caswell, Musical Stages, Spring 2009

 “That's Your Funeral is rather dark, but very funny too. It takes place quite near the start of the show and is the fifth track here. Oliver Twist is taken from the workhouse to work at the funeral parlour owned by Mr and Mrs Sowerberry. The song is performed by Mr Bumble (Julius D'Silva), Mr Sowerberry (Julian Bleach) and Mrs Sowerberry (Louise Gold).” Karenuk for DOOYOO Records.


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  Agency Licensing Campaign (article in The Stage): http://www.thestage.co.uk/news/newsstory.php/31022/theatre-stars-back-campaign-for-talent-agency, and Online Petition (which anyone who supports it can sign): http://www.gopetition.com/petition/41085.html , seeing as Rebecca Louis is among the performers supporting this worthy campaign.


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