Muppets And Puppets – A Kaleidoscope Event

Louise Gold starred as herself (a notable British television puppeteer), at Birmingham City University Curzon Building on Saturday 7 September 2019



 HostsTony Currie and Claire Bueno


Guest Puppeteers and others

Ronnie Le Drew – Puppeteer (Zippy)

Jeff Smart – Puppeteer (Sooty, and creator of Nosey Parker is Go)

Nigel Plaskitt – Puppeteer (Hartley Hare)

Louise Gold – Puppeteer (Funella Furchester, Zelda Rose, and others)

Warrick Brownlow-Pile – Puppeteer (Gonger, Hoots, Dodge Dog and others)

Jocelyn Stevenson  - Scriptwriter

Phil Fletcher – Puppeteer (Hacker T Dog, and others), and, Puppet Builder

Neil Sterenberg – Puppet Builder & Puppeteer

Dave Chapman – Puppet Builder & Puppeteer

Will McNally  - puppeteering Muffin The Mule



Production Team

 Chris Perry – for Kaleidoscope


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Ronnie Le Drew, Nigel Plaskitt had previously puppeteered on Labyrinth. and, The Muppet Christmas Carol

Ronnie Le Drew, Nigel Plaskitt, Louise Gold, and, Dave Chapman had puppeteered together on Muppet Treasure Island

Ronnie Le Drew appeared on the documentary The Wonderful World Of Puppets, which Will McNally’s mother also appeared in (to represent the Hogarth puppeteers)

Ronnie Le Drew, and, Louise Gold took part in the Labyrinth 25th Anniversary Screening.

Nigel Plaskitt and Louise Gold have of course both worked on Spitting Image, The Spooks of Bottle Bay, Alice In Wonderland, Space Sprongs, Five Minutes More, and, Best Ever Spitting Image. Nigel also directed Louise’s cabaret act Louise Gold – By Appointment.

Nigel Plaskitt  and Louise Gold both puppeteered on Tale of The Bunny Picnic, The Secret Life Of Toys, and, Mopatop’s Shop, which Jocelyn Stevenson was a writer on.

Nigel Plaskitt, Louise Gold, Warrick Brownlow-Pike, and, Dave Chapman all puppeteered on That Puppet Game Show.

Jocelyn Stevenson was of course also a writer on Fraggle Rock, and, The Ghost Of Faffner Hall.

Warrrick Brownlow-Pike and Louise Gold first puppeteered together on Transmission Impossible With Ed And Oucho, for which Phil Fletcher built puppets.

Warrick Brownlow-Pike and Louise Gold have also puppeteered together on Muppets Most Wanted.

Warrick Brownlow-Pike, Louise Gold, and Neil Sterenberg have all worked, together on The Furchester Hotel.

Phil Fletcher puppeteered on Scoop.





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