Muppet Treasure Island

Louise Gold featured as a Rat Tour Guide/Female Tourist rat,  filmed at Sheppterton Film Studios, principal photography 3 April to 7 July 1995.



 Principal Puppeteers

Dave Goelz – as: The Great Gonzo, Dr Bunsen Honeydew, Waldorf,and other assorted characters (including Zoot, Dr Levesey)

Steve Whitmire – as: Kermit The frog / Captain Smollett, Rizzo The Rat, Beaker, and other assorted characters (including: Beaker, Bean Bunny)

Jerry Nelson – as: Statler, Blind Pew, Mad Monty, and other assorted characters (including: Male Tourist Rat, Floyd Pepper, Lew Zealand)

Kevin Clash – as: Bad Polly, Black Dog, Spa’am, and other assorted characters (including: Polly Lobster, Real Old Tom)

Bill Barretta – as Clueless Morgan, and other assorted characters (including: Rowlf The Dog)

John Henson – as: Sweetums

Frank Oz – as: Miss Piggy / Benjamina Gunn, Fozzie Bear / Squire Trelawney, Sam The Eagle / Mr Samuel Arrow, and other assorted characters (including: Animal)


Additional Puppeteers

Louise Gold – as: Rat Tour Guide, Female Tourist Rat, and other assorted characters (including according to the IMDB a Tomato)

Nigel Plaskitt – As assorted characters

John Ecclestone – As assorted characters  -should be John Eccleston

Simon Buckley – As A Principal Puppeter’s stand in, Additional Puppeteer, Sweetums eyes, and other assorted characters

Katherine Smee – As assorted characters

Andrew Spooner – As assorted characters

Credited As Additional Puppeteers

Robbie Barnett, James Barton, Michael Bayliss, Charles Broughton, David Bulbeck, Dave Chapman, Marcus Clarke, Susan Dacre, Taylor David, Geoff Felix, Mike Gallant, Pat Garrett, Barnaby Harrison, Mark Jefferis, William Todd Jones, Robin Kingsland, Steve Kynman, Christopher Leith, Anthony Lymboura, Mark Mansfield, Joan Morris, Rebecca Nagan, Margaret O’Flaherty, Angie Passmore, Peter Passmore, Marie Phillips, Colin Purves, Mike Quinn, Peter Robbins, Gillie Robic, Helena Smee, John Thirtle, Ian Thom, Heather Tobias, Juergen Tombers, Ian Tregonning, Rob Tygner, James Vaughan, John  Wheatley, Victoria Willing, Phil Woodfine, Sarah Wright, and, Paul Zerdin

 Note: since it is possible that some of the people credited as “additional puppeteers” may not necessarily be primarily puppeteers, the webmaster has taken the liberty of marking in italics the ones who definitely are known as puppeteers. 

Note: Susan Dacre is often known as Sue Dacre, Rob Tygner as Robert Tygner, Michael Bayliss as Mike Bayliss, and, David Bulbeck as Dave Bulbeck.


Uncreditted Additional Puppeteers

Patrick Comerford (according to IMDB), Brian Henson (according to the IMDB), Brian Herring (according to IMDB), Bruce Lanoil (according to Shop A Save) Ronnie Le Drew (according to IMDB), Dave Showler, Catherine Sweet (according to The Complete Henson Database), and, Mak Wilson (actually billed in IMDB as an Animator)



Long John Silver – Tim Curry

Billy Bones – Billy Connolly

Mrs Bluveridge – Jennifer Saunders

Jim Hawkins – Kevin Bishop

Short Slack Stevens – Danny Blackner

Black Eyed Pea – Peter Geeves

Easy Pete – Harry Jones

Butler – Jerry Nelson

Captain Flint – David Nicholls

Calico Jerry – Frederick Warder


Uncredited Actors


Additional Pirate (Uncredited, but in the IMDB) - Roscoe Lee Brown (given in some sources as Roscoe Lee Browne)

Singer – Ziggy Marley


Production Team

 Directed by – Brian Henson

Produced by – Martin G Baker, and, Brian Henson

Screenplay by – Jerry Juhl, Kirk R. Thatcher, and, James V. Hart, suggested by the Robert Louis Stevenson novel.

Executive Producer – Frank Oz

Film Editor – Michael Jablow A.C.E.

Director Of Photography – John Fenner

Costume Designer – Polly Smith

Production Designer – Val Strazovec

Producer of Visual Effects – Thomas G. Smith

Line Producer- Selwyn Roberts

Music Composed by – Hans Zimmer

Songs Composed by – Barry Mann (Composer), and, Cynthia Weil (Lyricist)

Production Manager – Peter Coogan

First Assistant Director – Simon Hinkly

Second Assistant Director – Trevor Puckle

Casting – Mike Fenton CSA, Alison Cowitt CSA, Suzanne Crowley, and, Gilly Poole

Choreographer – Pat Garrett

Second Unit Director – David Lane

Associate Producer – Michael Jablow

Puppeteer Co-ordinator – Kevin Clash

Assistant Puppet Co-ordinator – Nigel Plaskitt

Camera Operators – Michael Brewster, and, Martin Foley

Script Supervisor – Shelia Wilson

Production Assistant – Brian Bailey

Special Effects Supervisor – Nick Allder

Construction Co-ordinator – Vic Simpson

Set Decorator – Simon Wakefield

Stunt Co-ordinator – Nicholas Powell

Focus Pullers – Gary Spratling, and, Leigh Gold

Clapper Loader – Mark Patten

Camera Trainee – Marc Atherfold

Grip – Tony Turner

Video Supervisor – Bob Bridges

Video Assistants – Sean Moore, and, Scott Holland

Sound Mixer – Peter Lindsay

Boom Operator / Maintenance – Mervyn Moore

Sound Assistant – Steve Finn

Production Co-ordinator – Jill Colley

Third Assistant Director – Olivia Lloyd

Production Assistant – Nick Cornwell

Floor Runner – Marc Baker

Assistants To Brian Henson – Frances Patterson, and, Debbie McClellan

Producer’s Assistant – Tatiana Bicat

Assistant Accountant – Kathy Ewings

Accounts Assistant – Ann Thrift

Chief Make-up Artist -  Lynda Armstrong

Make-up Artists – Karen Dawson, Christine Blundell, Pauline Heys, Jill Hornby, and, Julia Wilson

Chief Hairdresser – Suzanne Stokes-Munton

Hairdressers – Carole Bennett, Jane Body, and, Daphne Vollmer

Assistant Costume Designer – Daria Gibson

Wardrobe Supervisors – Mandy Bryan, and, Charlotte Finlay

Wardrobe Assistants – Vanessa Munro, and, Marion Appleton

Property Master – Brian Payne

Production Buyer – Joe Vaughan

Dressing Propmen – Brian Aldridge, and, Ken Perkins

Chargehand Dressing Propman – Terry Royce

Prop Storeman – Brian West

Prop Carpenter – John Pledger

Chargehand Standby Propman – Joseph Dipple

Standby Propman – Bradley Torbett

Stuntmen – Dave Foreman, and, Vincent Keene

Art Directors – Lucy Richardson, and, Dennis Bosher

Assistant Art Director / Draughtsman – Andrew Nicholson (sometimes known as Andy Nicholson)

Draughtsperson – Toad

Assistant Set Decorator – Marina Morris

Art Department Modeller – Ken Court

Art Department Assistant (Junior Draughtsman according to IMDB) – Matthew Gray

Storyboard Artists – Jane Clark, and, Julian Callow

Muppet Workshop Production Unit

Project Supervisor – Mark Zeszotek

Muppet Stunt Supervisor – Fred Buchholz

1st  Unit Captain – Maria Boggi

2nd Unit Captain – Janet Knechtel

Mechanical Captain – Chris Barton

On-Set Technicians – Astrig Akseralian, Denise Baseley, Malcolm Evans, Jane Gootnick, Ann Marie Holdgruen, Larry Jameson, Peter MacKennan, Tom Newby, Helen Pitcher, and, Mark Ross

Muppet Workshop New York

General Manager – Edward G Christie

Creative Supervisor – Tim Miller

Character Design Consultant – Michael K. Frith

Designers And Builders –  Heather Asch, Abigail Belknap, Ronald Binion, Mary Brehmer, Matt Brooks, Ron Cole, Susan Doyle, Eric Engelhardt, Henri Ewaskio, Paul Hartis, Ann Marie Holdgruen, Jane Howell, Rollin Krewson, Janet Kuhl, Laurent Linn, Peter MacKennan, Elena Pellicciaro, Katherine Profeta, Philip Rathke, Mark Ruffin, Barret Schumacher, and, Jean-Guy White

Costume Supervisor – Constance Peterson

Costumes –  Christine Andrew-Moyes, Lisa Boquist, Barbara S. Davis, Carmel Dundon, Victoria Ellis, Patricia Farr, D. J. Gramann II, Sara Iams, Robert W. Jones, Thomas L. Prager, Stephen Rotondaro, Gordon Sparrman, Carol Spier, and, Muriel Stockdale

Milliner – J. Douglas James

Electro-Mechanical Effects Supervisor – Larry Jameson

Electo-Mechanical Effects Senior Designer – Tom Newby

Electro-Mechanical Effects Designers – J. Leonard Carroll, Jon Gellman, and, Tim Hawkins

Handpropers Designers – Fred Buchholz

Handprops Builders – Rich Hochheimer, Cindy Fain, and, Peter Goebel

Fabric Sying And Painting – Jason Weber

Foam Lab Technician – James Chai

Workshop Accountant – Larry Galanter

Shipping Co-ordinators – Valerie Simon, and, Don Creech

Shoppers – David Roberts, and, Julia Wigg

Second Unit Crew

Director Of Photography – Tony Spratling BSC

Additional Second Unit Director – Selwyn Roberts

First Assistant Director – Charlie Watson

2nd Assistant Director – James Gibb

3rd Assistant Director – Mark Challenor

Continuity – Elisabeth West, Sharon Mansfield, and, Francine Brown

Director’s Assistant – Michelle Fabian Jones

Camera Operators – Martin Kenzie, and, Colin Corby

Focus Pullers – Clive Mackey, and, Nienke Hendrick (probably Nienke Henriks)

Clapper Loader – John Cridlin

Camera Grip – Jimmy Waters

Make-Up Artiste – Belinda Hodson

Hairdresser – Carol Bennet

Floor Runners – Sophie Sorensen, and, Toni Staples

Special FX’s – Lee Winter, and, Peter Notley

Gaffer Electricians – Dave Moroni, and, John “Biggles” Higgins

Electricians – Michael Flynn, Paul Wood, and, George White

Sound Mixers – Clive Derbyshire, and, Les Honess

Boom Operators – Christian Joyce A.M.P.S., and, Alex Marsden

Video Operators – Jeremy Brookner, and, David Toft

Video Trainee – Louis Glickman

Prop Men – Steve Payne, and, Ken Bacon

Standbys – Gordon Teverson, Denis Culhane, Jason Curtis, Len Serpant, and, Keith Smith

Visual Effects Supervisor – Jim Veilleux

Visual Effects Co-ordinator – Anthony Bluff

Visual Effects Editor – Tony Campbell

Visual Effects Storyboards – James Foster

1st Assistant Editor (UK) – Paul Topping

Apprentice Editor (UK) – Jonathan Mann

1st Assistant Editor (USA) – Vaune Kirby

2nd Assistanr Editor (USA) – Eric Wiler

Editorial Trainee (USA) – Renette Senem

Negative Cutter – Theresa Repola Mohammed

Color Timer – Bob Putynkowski

Supervising Sound Editors – Nigel Galt, and, Jonathan Miller

Associate Sound Editor – Martin Cantwell

ADR Editor (UK) – Stefan Henrix

ADR Editor (USA) – Andrew Patterson

Foley Editor – Colin Miller

Assistant Sound Editor – Vanessa Lapato

ADR Mixer (UK) – Mike Dowson

ADR Mixer (USA) – Dean Drabin

Foley Mixer – Ed Colyer

Foley Artists – Pauline Griffiths, and, Jenny Lee-Wright

Re-Recording Mixers (USA) – Scott Millan, and, Adam Jenkins

Re-recordists – Robin Johnston, and, Art Schiro

Dolby Technician – Steven Venezia

Songs Arranged by – Hans Zimmer, and, Simon Greenaway

Music Score – Hans Zimmer

Additional Music – Harry Gregson-Williams

Music Supervisor – Maggie Rodford

Assistant Music Supervisor – Becky Bentham

Assistants To Hans Zimmer – Marc Streitenfeld, and, Emma Burnham

Music Editor – Adam Smalley

Orchestrations – Bruce Fowler, and, Ladd MacIntosh

Orchestral Conductor – Harry Gregson-Williams

Orchestra Assembled by – Tonia Davall

Music Recorded and Mixed by – Paul Hulme

Music Recorded at – AIR Studios, Lyndhurst Hall, England

Vocals Recorded at – Air-Edel Studios Ltd England

Music Moxed at – Media Ventures, Los Angeles

Mix co-ordinator- Mark Levy

Special Effects

Floor Supervisor – Neil Corbould

Senior Special Effects Technicians – Robert Bromley, Ronald Home, and, Neil Swan

Special Effects Technician  - Marcus Richardson

Special Effects Trainees – Elliot Bechtol, and, Tom Garwood

Gaffer – Peter Goddard

Rigging Gaffer (Best By according to IMDB) – Eddie Knight

Best Boy – Dave Ridout

Electricians – Adam Bloor, Fred Brown, Adam Lee, Alan McPherson, Stewart Monteith, Ron Phillips, and, James Terry

Electrical Rigger – Robert Gurney

Standby Riggers – Steven Sansom, and, Jim Crockett

Standby Painter – Brian Groves

Standby Stagehand – Jim Warren

Standby Carpenters – Edwin Young, and, Mark Overall

Unit Nurses – Patrica Barr RGN, and, Ramin Vojdani

Unit Drivers – Peter Graovac, Jim Magill, and Jeff Oldman

Miniatures Unit

Directors – Thomas G. Smith, and, David Sharp (sometimes known as David B. Sharp)

Lighting Cameraman – Stefan Lange

UPM – Anthony Bluff

First Assistant Director – Marcus Shields

Camera Operator – Mark Gardiner

Focus Puller / Loader – Merritt Gold

Grip – Gary Waters

Gaffer – Gary Cross

Electrician – Jason Martin

Video- Dave Holland

Miniatures Construction – Jim Henson’s Creature ShopTM

Visual Supervisor – John Stephenson

Miniatures Supervisor – David Sharp

Miniatures Builders –  Vincent Abbott, Terry Bridle, Colin Childs, Joel Collins, Craig Duncan, Sander Ellers, Derek Hedeker, Richard Perkis, Elizabeth Ragland, James Rokos, Paul Stephenson, and, Wolf Wasserman

Figurines Supervisor – Verner Gresty

CGI Characters – Hal Bertram, and, Karen Halliwell

Plate Unit

Director – Thomas G Smith

DOP/Camera Operator – Michael Kubicki

Focus Pullers – Gary Spratling, and, Nick Houston

Marine Co-ordinator (“Boat Wrangler” in IMDB) – Tony Tucker

Caribbean Locations & Boat Hire – Anchor Marine

Unit Publicists – Jennifer Collen-Smith, and, Sarah Keene of Corbett & Keene

Stills Photographer – Stephen Morley

Construction Crew

HOD Carpenter – Roy Evans

Supervising Carpenter – Michael Hayward

Charegehand Carpenters – Darren Hayward, and, Steven Corke

Carpenters – Geoff Ball, Paul Beeson, Alfred Bennett, Paul Carpenter, Colin Clarke, Christopher Corke, Richard Denyer, Peter De Sousa, Lee Edwards, Juan Fernandez, David Gibson, Ralph Harrison, Paul Hayes, Reginald Keywood, Paul Lawlor, John Lawrence, Nick Lloyd, Joe McGurk, Brian Montgomery, Mike Newman, Allen Pack, Dennis Pack, Jason Phelps, Jeff Reid, Ian Richie, Gordon Teverson, Paul Wellbelove, David Williamson, Les Wylie, and, Rick Young

Trainee Carpenter – Stephen Payne

Machinists – Ronald Nicholls, and, Richard Rowlands

Supervising Painter – John Campbell

Chargehand Painter – Adam Campbell

Painters – Stuart Blinco, Denis Culhane, Ronald Fallen, Warren Grenham, Len Jackson, Gary Lowe, Roy E. G. Martin, Douglas Regan, and, Sidney Regan

Painters Labourers – Harry Alley, and, John Starkey

Chargehand Rigger – Bill Sansom

Riggers – Jim Crockett, Jason Curtis, Steven Davies. Anthony Branwell Donn, Gary Dormer, Paul Harford, John Harris, Sidney Hinson, Jeffrey Khan, Donald Mclellan, Paul Mills, Brian Pickett, Melvyn Sansom, and, Wolfgang Walther

Nautical Riggers – Dennis Harrison, and, Scott Hillier

Chargehand Stagehand – Ronald Bede

Stagehands – Geoffrey Clark, Bill Dady, Gary Evans, Anthony John Hogan, Kevin Huse, Mark Impey, John Keenan, Philip Morris, John O’Donnell, Eamon Redmond, Len Serpant, and, Keith Smith

Supervising Plasterer – Ken Powell

Chargehand Plasterers – Frank Ronald, and, Stephen Tranfield

Plasterers –  Phillip Babbage, William Bush, John Campbell, William Clayton, Melvin Coleman, Ernest Hall, John Hicks, Stephen John Morris, Derek O’Reilly, Steven Ponting, Alan W. Powell, Michael Ricci, Jeremy Rose, Gregg Rowlatt, Gary Spaggon, Frank Smith, Andrew Tombs, Kevin Turner, Anthony Vice, Steven Watts, and, John C. Woods

Plasterers Labourers – John Brown, Darren Conway, and, George Giles

Sculptors – John Blakeley, and, Stuart Smith

Special Thanks To – Ellis Flyte, Bill Haber, Jon Levin, Lucy Baker, and, Alex Rockwell

Digital Film at The Moving Picture Company

Facilities Producer  - Mathew Holben

Line Producer – Arthur Windus

Assistant Producer – Matthew Plummer

Systems Manager – Ian Chisholm

Production Co-ordinator – Julia Kidd

Film Recorders – Frazer Churchill, and, Matthew Lynch

Digital Compositors – Richard “Dr Dickie” Bain, Charlie Noble, Paul Riddle, and, Mark Stannard

Cinesite Europe

Digital Effects Producer – Alan Church

Scheduling Producer – Ken Dailey

Production Assistant – Susan Swasey

Creative Director – Gareth Edwards

Digital Effects Supervisor – Bill Scalon

Digital Compositors – John Hardwick, Phil Johnson, Jules Rona Reality, Sue Rowe, Jeff Skinner, Tom Wood, and, Amy Yaron

Cinesite Los Angeles

Paint Supervisor – Kevin Lingenfelser

Digital Producer – Aaron Dem

Digital Artists – Ken Dackerman, Rich Suchevits, and, David Lingenfelser

The Computer Film Company (aka CFC)

Senior Designer – Patrick Eason

Designer – Dan Glass

Producers – Alison O’Brien, and, Dennis Michelson

Editor – Roz Lowrie

The Magic Camera Company

Visual Effects Producer – Anthony Hunt

Digital Effects Supervisor – Alan Marques

Digital Effects Co-ordinator – Angus Cameron

Optical Cameraman – Andrew Jeffrey

Matt Cameraman – John Grant

Matt Artist – Doug Ferris

Digital Artists – Daniel Pettipher, and, Roger Gibson

The Post Group / Visual FX Los Angeles

Executive Producer – Mark Franco

Senior Digital Compositor – Peter Sternlicht

Production Manager – Karen Skouras

Digital Data Co-ordinator – Linda Cordella

Digital Camera – Chris Kutcka


Note that Neil Swan is sometimes credited as Neil Swann, Jim Warren as James Warren, Edwin Young as Eddie Young.

It is not quite clear whether Steve Payne the Prop Man, and Stephen Payne the Trainee Carpenter are the same person. Likewise whether John Campbell the painter, and John Campbell the Plasterer are the same person.


Uncredited Crew


Supervising Art Director (according to IMDB) – Alan Cassie

Props (according to IMDB) - Rashina Elavia

Sound Recordist – Tom Meadows

Second Engineer – Gregg Silk

Assistant Sound Editor (uncredited) – James Boyle

Studio Manager CFC - Peter Hanson

Digital Effects Co-ordinator (Cinisite) – Martin Hobbs

Rotoscope Artiste – Karen Klein

Chief Technology Officer – Kim Libreri

Scanning And recording Producer CFC – Kevin Phelan

Head Of production at Cinisite – Courtney Vanderslice

Visual Effects Co-ordinator (uncredited) – Tim Wellspring

Stunts - Riky Ash

Stunt Double – Peter Pedrero

Rigger – Ian Murray

Orchestrator –Conrad Pope



Melissa Yowhan has kindly written a review of Muppet Treasure Island for this website, please click here to read it.


Many of the people involved in this film had previously worked on The Muppet Christmas Carol, which was also filmed at Shepperton Studios, and directed by Brian Henson. The puppeteers who worked on both are: Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, John Eccleston, Simon Buckley, Robbie Barnett, James Barton, Michael Bayliss, David Bulbeck, Marcus Clarke, Susan Dacre, Geoff Felix, William Todd Jones, Christopher Leith, Anthony Lymboura, Angie Passmore, Peter Passmore, Mike Quinn, Peter Robbins, Gilly Robic, John Thirtle, Ian Thom, Ian Tregonning, Victoria Willing, Phil Woodfine, Ronnie Le Drew, Rebecca Nagan, and, Dave Showler; The puppet builders, including some from Jim Henson’s Creature ShopTM, who worked on both are, Polly Smith, Mark Zeszotek, Janet Knechtel, Fred Buchholz, Maria Boggi, Chris Barton, Malcolm Evans, Larry Jameson, Peter MacKennan, Tom Newby, Mark Ross, Edward G Christie, Tim Miller, Michael K Frith, Heather Asch, Abigail Belknap, Mary Brehmer, Henri Ewaskio, Paul Hartis, Jane Howell, Rollin Krewson, Laurent Linn, Jean-Guy White, Constance Peterson, Lisa Boquist, Barbara S. Davis, Carmel Dundon, Victoria Ellis, Patricia Farr, Stephen Rotondaro, Carol Spier, Muriel Stockdale, J. Douglas James, Joe Gellman, Rich Hochheimer, Jason Weber, James Chai, and, John Stephenson, Other personnel who worked on both include: choreographer Pat Garrett, and, The Computer Film Company as well as: Martin G Baker, Jerry Juhl, Michael Jablow, John Fenner, Thomas G Smith, Val Strazovec, Peter Coogan, Suzanne Crowley, Mike Fenton, Michael Brewster, Gilly Poole, Brian Bailey, Vic Simpson, Gary Spratling, Leigh Gold, Sean Moore, Bob Bridges, Jill Colley, Don Creech, Taylor David, Ann Thrift, Daria Gibson, Charlotte Finlay, Brian Payne, Ken Perkins, Joseph Dipple, Bradley Torbett, Dennis Bosher, Marina Morris, Sharon Mansfield, Michael Flynn, Jeremy Brookner, Louis Glickman, Paul Topping, Eric Wiler, Vaune Kirby, Theresa Repola-Mohammed, Neil Swan, Alan McPhereson, Steve Sansom, Robert Gurney, Jim Warren, Edwin Young, David Sharp, Gary Cross, Reginald Keywood, Dennis Pack, Ronald Nicholls, John Campbell, Adam Campbell, Roy E. G. Martin, Douglas Regan, Sidney Regan, Harry Alley, Bill Sansom, Sidney Hinson, Melvyn Sansom, Ronald Bede, Gary Evans, Ken Powell, Frank Ronald, Phillip Babbage, William Clayton, Melvyn Coleman, Anthony Vice, George Giles, Ellis Flyte, Alex Rockwell, Alan Cassie, Rashina Elavia, Peter Hanson, Kim Libreri, Roz Lowrie, and, Andy Jeffrey;  If Nienke Hendrick is really Nienke Hendriks then they also worked on both films

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Louise Gold, Mike Quinn, and, Brian Henson can be heard on The Muppet Christmas Carol (Soundtrack album).

Louise Gold had previously appeared in her actresses guise in another Pirate film shot at Shepperton Studios, namely The Pirates Of Penzance (Film), for which Brian Bailey was also the Production Accountant, and Alan Cassie an Art Director.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz and Louise Gold were among the eight main puppeteers on The Muppet Show; For which Ed Christie, Barbara Davis, Michael K Frith, Jane Gootnick, Larry Jameson, Rollin Krewson, Janet Kuhl, Tim Miller, Tim Rose, and, Polly Smith built puppets; for which Jerry Juhl wrote material; and Martin Baker was also worked.

Dave Goelz, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, and, Louise Gold appeared on The Royal Variety Performance 1977. They can be heard on the album The Muppet Show Music Hall, and, Jim Henson Presents Silly Songs.

Dave Goelz, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include The Muppet Show 2, on which Jerry Juhl also worked. Excerpts from that album were on the single For What It’s Worth.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include The Muppet Show Music Album, on which Jerry Juhl also worked.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Louise Gold, Robbie Barnett, Mike Quinn, and, Brian Henson The Great Muppet Caper; In fact Jerry Nelson also appeared in that film as both a puppeteer and an actor. That film’s puppet builders included: Jane Gootnick, Larry Jameson, Tom Newby, Edward G Christie, Tim Miller, Michael K Frith, Janet Kuhl, Constance Peterson, Barbara S Davis, and, Carol Spier; Other personnel included Martin G Baker, Jerry Juhl, and, Jill Colley.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, and, Louise Gold can be heard on The Great Muppet Caper (Soundtrack album) on which Michael K Frith also worked.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Louise Gold, Steve Whitmire, and, Mike Quinn, along with Rollin Krewson had previously puppeteered on The Muppets Go To The Movies; for which Jerry Juhl wrote; And puppet builders included: Ed Christie, Barbara Davis, Jane Gootnick, Janet Kuhl, Connie Peterson, and, Carol Spier.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include John Denver And The Muppets A Christmas Together. On which Martin G Baker, and, Michael K Frith also worked. Some tracks from that album found their way onto John Denver & The Muppets Merry Christmas 45RPM, Christmas For Kids, and, John Denver Christmas.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Frank Oz, Louise Gold, Robbie Barnett, Mike Quinn, John Thirtle, and, Ian Thom had previously puppeteered on The Dark Crystal, on which puppeteer Jerry Nelson worked as a voice-artiste That film founded Jim Henson’s Creature ShopTM, and it’s legendary puppet builders included: Polly Smith, Tim Miller, Rollin Krewson, Barbara S. Davis, and, John Stephenson, and whose other personnel included Martin G Baker, Jill Colley, and, Jennifer Collen-Smith. If Andrew Jeffrey and Andy Jeffery are the same person then he also worked on both films.

Louise Gold and Mike Quinn had been amongst the puppeteers from The Dark Crystal who appeared in an item about that film on Blue Peter.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Kevin Clash, Frank Oz, Nigel Plaskitt, Simon Buckley, Michael Bayliss, David Bulbeck, Susan Dacre, Geoff Felix, Christopher Leith, Angie Passmore, Mike Quinn, Gilly Robic, Ian Tregonning, Rob Tygner, Brian Henson, Ronnie Le Drew, Dave Showler, and, Mak Wilson had previously puppeteered on Labyrinth, with puppets built by Jim Henson’s Creature ShopTM, and, whose puppet builders included Rollin Krewson; Other personnel included: actor Danny Blackner, actress/puppeteer Louise Gold in her actress capacity; as well as: Martin G Baker, and, Ellis Flyte.

Some of the people involved with Labyrinth including Brian Henson appeared on the documentary Inside The Labyrinth.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, and Louise Gold’s recording credits include: Favourite Songs From Jim Henson’s Muppets, Put Some Zing In Your Spring, Muppet Hits 1, Muppet Hits 2, and, Music Mayhem And More.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Kevin Clash, Frank Oz, and, Louise Gold had puppeteered together on Sesame Street; their  recording credits include Muppet Music Sampler, and, Muppet Music Mix.

Jerry Nelson, Kevin Clash, Frank Oz, and Louise Gold can be heard on Born To Add, and, Elmo’s Lowdown Hoedown.

Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, and, Louise Gold had previously appeared in The All Time Get Around Sometimes Play Together Every Other Friday Night Vaudeville Show.

Jerry Nelson and Louise Gold can be heard on Jerome Kern The First 100 Years.

Simon Buckley, Kevin Clash, Geoff Felix, Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, Mike Quinn, David Showler, and, Steve Whitmire had previously puppeteered on Tale Of The Bunny Picnic; for which Fred Buchholz, Edward G. Christie, Jane A. Gootnick, Larry Jamson, Rollin Krewson, Tom Newby, Connie Peterson, and, Polly Smith also built puppets; and on which Martin G. Baker also worked.

Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, Simon Buckley, Susan Dacre, Brian Herring, Mark Jefferis, John Thirtle, Ian Thom, Rob Tygner, and, Mak Wilson had previously puppeteered on Spitting Image.

Nigel Plaskitt has gone on to direct Louise Gold in her cabaret act LOUISE GOLD...By Appointment.

Actor Frederick Warder has also done a bit of puppeteering work, in the 1980s he performed a few Full Body puppets on the Henson production Dreamchild. Some years earlier, before any of them had ventured into puppetry, he appeared with the future puppeteers Louise Gold and Mark Jefferis in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Touring Production).

Actor James Vaughan, who was helping out on this film (with a bit of background puppetry), has contributed a lot to The Lost Musicals Charitable TrustTM, this includes appearing along with Louise Gold in: One Touch Of Venus (1992 Production), Du Barry Was A Lady (1993 Production), Of Thee I Sing, Panama Hattie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and, Du Barry Was A Lady (2001 Production).

Louise Gold, James Vaughan, and, David Nicholls all appeared in the film Crush.

Tim Curry had previously played a pirate on the stage in The Pirates Of Penzance (stage production), he starred as The Pirate King; while puppeteer Louise Gold appeared, in her actress guise, as one of the Major General’s daughters; and as such they appeared in The Pirates Of Penzance (Gala Performance), The Pirates Of Penzance (Gala Preview), The Pirates Of Penzance (Benefit Preview), and, The Royal Variety Performance (1982).

Billy Connelly, and, Jennifer Saunders’s stage and television credits include Comic Relif 1986, their recording credits include Utterly Utterly Live Comic Relief.

Louise Gold, and, Mike Quinn had previously puppeteered on the UK Co-Production of Fraggle Rock, for which Jerry Nelson, and, Dave Goelz (besides puppeteering on the main show) did voice-work.

Martin Baker went on to work on the German Co-Production of  Fraggle Rock, on which Louise Gold puppeteered.

Michael Brewster went on to work on the Henson production Animal Farm, whose puppets were also built by Jim Henson’s CreatureshopTM, and whose puppet-builders included John Stephenson. Cinesite were also involved.

Christine Blundell went on to work on Topsy Turvy.

Nigel Plaskitt, Rob Tygner, Susan Dacre, Louise Gold, Rebecca Nagan, and, Victoria Willing went on to puppeteer on Alice In Wonderland, whose production crew also included: Stefan Lange, Len Sarpant, Terry Bridle, Dan Glass, Patricia Barr, Bob Bridges, Merritt, Gold, Pat Garrett, and, Dave Ridout.

It is not clear what Lucy Baker credited in the “With Special Thanks To” is, or whether she could be the same person as the Sound Operator of the same name on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and, Mary Poppins.

Susan Dacre, Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, and, John Thirtle had previously puppeteered (as had Simon Buckley, and, Heather Tobias) on The Spooks Of Bottle Bay, on which Maria Boggi, Elisabeth West, and, Phil Woodfine also worked.

Francine Brown had previously done the continuity on Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire, on which puppeteer Louise Gold acted. Sarah Keene may also have worked on that film (since it’s Unit Publicist was credited as Sara Keene).

Louise Gold, and, Nigel Plaskitt went on to work on the pilot of Space Sprogs.

Brian Herring, Louise Gold, William Todd Jones, Nigel Plaskitt, Victoria Willing, and, Mak Wilson went on to puppeteer on Mopatop’s Shop, on which Larry Jameson, Tim Miller, Gorran Sparrman, and, Jason Weber worked as puppet builders, it was also produced by Brian Henson, and Peter Coogan was also involved.

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Bill Barretta, Louise Gold, John Eccleston, and, Katherine Smee went on to puppeteer on The Animal Show, to which Nigel Plaskitt, Mak Wilson, and, Frank Oz also made puppeteering contributions, Jane Howell also built puppets, and on which Tatian Bicat, John Stephenson, Hal Bertram, and, Karen Halliwell also worked.

Kevin Clash, Michael K. Frith, Dave Goelz, Louise Gold, Brian Henson, John Henson, Jerry Juhl, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Mike Quinn, and, Steve Whitmire had previously taken part in Jim Henson’s Memorial Service.

Bill Barretta, Louise Gold, Dave Goelz, Jerry Nelson, Mike Quinn, and, Steve Whitmire’s recording credits include A Green And Red Christmas.

Louise Gold, Mak Wilson, Mike Quinn, and, Angie Passmore had previously puppeteered on The Ghost Of Faffner Hall.

Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, Mike Quinn, and, Jurgen Tombers had previously puppeteered on The Secret Life Of Toys, for which Paul Hartis also built puppets, Alan Cassie and Val Strazovec worked on as set builders, and Peter Coogan was also involved with.

It is not known whether Rigger John Harris is the same John Harris who was an electrician on Dear Ralph.

It seems likely that Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire (Soundtrack single) had previously been recorded at Air Studios.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, Jerry Juhl, and, Martin Baker had all featured in the television documentary Of Muppets And Men.

Jerry Nelson, Kevin Clash, and, Louise Gold’s recording credits include The Count’s Countdown, however there has been some debate as to whether Louise Gold actually sang on it.

Louise Gold, Brian Henson, and, Ronnie Le Drew appeared in the television documentary The Wonderful World Of Puppets. It is not known whether Assistant Art Director/Draughtsman Andy Nicholson could be the same person as the Editor of that programme. Or whether Puppeteer Dave Chapman is the same person as that programme’s Programme Associate, but both seem possible.

It seems unlikely that David Roberts the film shopper, would be the same person as the actor in Oliver!.

It is also unlikely that Matthew Lynch the Sound Recordist would be the same person as the stage manager in Thing A Thon.

It seems likely that the puppeteer Robbie Barnett is also the actor of the same name who had previously appeared in Bag.

Pat Garrett had previously been originally scheduled to choreograph the British premier of the musical Angry Housewives (but in the end did not do so).

British puppeteers Louise Gold, Mark Jefferis, Gillie Robic, and, Nigel Plaskitt all did voices for Five Minutes More, which Nigel Plaskitt also puppeteered on, and which Peter Coogan was also a producer on.

Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, Kevin Clash, Bill Barretta, Ronnie Le Drew, Rollin Krewson, Brian Henson, and, Tim Curry contributed to the documentary I Love The Muppets.

Sue Dacre, Louise Gold, and, Ronnie Le Drew went on to appear as panellists at the Labyrinth 25th Anniversary Screening. Mak Wilson was originally supposed to take part but was unavailable.

Simon Buckley, Louise Gold, Mark Jefferies, and, Nigel Plaskitt contributed to the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image.

Steve Whitmire probably puppeteered Kermit The Frog on ITV’s 50 Greatest Shows.

Dave Chapman, Louise Gold, Brian Henson, Nigel Plaskitt, Katherine Smee, and, Andrew Spooner went on to puppeteer together on That Puppet Game Show

Louise Gold, Andrew Spooner, Mak Wilson, Rebecca Nagan, Colin Purves, and, Katherine Smee went on to puppeteer together on The Furchester Hotel, for which Edward G Christie was also a puppet designer.

Katherine Smee  and Steve Kynman went on to work together a lot on Justin’s House, which Louise Gold performed on one episode of as a Guest Puppeteer.

Ronnie Le Drew, Nigel Plaskitt, Dave Chapman, and, Louise Gold went to take part in Muppets And Puppets (Kaleidoscope Event).


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