Mexican Hayride

Louise Gold starred, as Montana, at The Lillian Baylis Studio Theatre, Sadlers Wells, Between 17 July 2011 and


STOP PRESS: Louise Gold has two nominations in the Broadway World West End Awards:

In particular she has been nominated for Understudy of The Year Female:  (for her performance as Momma Rose – she understudied Imelda Staunton) 



 Lombo CompasJonathan Hansler

Mrs Augustus Adamson – Sophie Angelson

Mr Augustus Adamson – Stewart Permutt

Augustus Jnr – Richard Linnell

Joe Bascom (alias Humphrey Fish) – Michael Roberts

MontanaLouise Gold

1st Girl – Helen Kelly

2nd Girl – Jennifer Burman

Senor Martinez – David Anthony

Miguel – Alex Scott Fairley

Mrs Molly Wincor – Jennifer Burman

David Winthrop – Graham Bickley

Jose – Nic Gibney

Lydia Toddle – Stewart Permutt

Tille Leeds – Myra Sands

Lolita CantineWendy Ferguson

Dagmar MarshakAlice Redmond

Chief of Police – Stewart Permutt

Lottery Boy – Nic Gibney

Mrs Molly Wincor – Jennifer Burman

Lottery Girl – Helen Kelly

Lillian – Lana Green


Production Team

Original Production – Opened Shubert Theatre Boston 29 December 1943, Opened Winter Garden Theatre, Broadway 28 January 1944, with June Havoc as Montana

Intern – Denise Koch

Publicist – Arthur Leon PR

Musical Staging – Ewan Jones

Musical Director – Michael Haslam

Director Ian Marshall-Fisher

Producer – Lost MusicalsTM The Lost Musicals Charitable Trust (1069268)


For a review/account of the show, please click here.

This concert staging of Mexican Hayride was performed at The Lillian Baylis Studio Theatre which is named after the early twentieth century theatre manager Lillian Baylis, the niece of social reformer Emma Cons, who founded Morely College amongst other things. Morely College’s post WWII rebuilding includes a college hall named ‘Emma Cons Hall’ after that college’s founder. Morely College’s post WWII rebuilding was carried out by the architectural firm of Charles Cowles Voysey, one of whose architectural partners (an arts & crafts architect who may well have been involved with the Morely College rebuilding) happens to have had a niece appearing in this concert staging of Mexican Hayride.

June Havoc (the original Montana)’s early career as a child star in vaudeville was portrayed in the musical Gypsy.

Michael Haslam may have previously taken part in Will Aid, which took place on the main stage at Sadler’s Wells.

Louise Gold, Stewart Permutt, and, Myra Sands had previously appeared together in Something For The Boys, and, Panama Hattie.

Louise Gold, and, Stewart Permutt had previously appeared together in Oh Kay, and, DuBarry Was A Lady (2001 Production).

Helen Kelly is not the actress of the same name who appeared  in Ziegfeld (stage show) (that was an older lady).

Michael Roberts had previously been a guest on Let’s Do The Show Right Here, on which Louise Gold was a team captain.

Louise Gold, Michael Roberts, and, Myra Sands had previously appeared in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and, Darling Of The Day.

Michael Roberts had previously taken part in A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh.

Graham Bickley, and, Louise Gold had previously appeared together in The Pirates Of Penzance (Stage Production), and the associated galas The Pirates Of Penzance (Gala Performance), The Pirates Of Penzance (Gala Preview), The Pirates Of Penzance (Benefit Preview), and as part of that cast in The Royal Variety Performance (1982).

Graham Bickley’s recording credits include: The Best Of Broadway Musicals, Encore – The Very Best From The Musicals, Great Duets From The Musicals, Cole Porter - Night And Day, Simply Musicals, The Great Musicals – Wonderful Tales, The Great Musicals – Glamour & Majesty, The Great Musicals – Dashing Heroes, Blushing Maidens, Magic Of The Musicals, The Great Musicals – From Broadway To Hollywood.

Myra Sands has previously appeared in a concert of highlights from the Ratepayers’ Iolanthe & Metropolitan Mikado.

Louise Gold, and, Myra Sands had previously appeared together in such Lost Musicals as: By Jupiter, One Touch Of Venus (1992 Production), DuBarry Was A Lady (1993 Production), New Girl In Town, Red Hot & Blue, and, One Touch Of Venus (2000 Production).

Louise Gold, and, Myra Sands have also previously appeared in Follies (at The Royal Festival Hall), whose original Broadway production was also at The Winter Garden Theatre.

Louise Gold, Wendy Ferguson, and, Myra Sands had previously appeared in Oliver! and on the associated Oliver! (Recording).

Myra Sands may have taken part in Camberwell Pocket Opera’s First Fundraising Gala.

Michael Haslam may have previously taken part in Chicago & Company. He did play for the Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala, which Louise Gold was one of the singers in.

Louise Gold has appeared in quite a number of Cole Porter musicals, besides Kiss Me Kate, she has also appeared in the Ethel Merman quintet of shows: Anything Goes, Red Hot & Blue, Du Barry Was A Lady (see: Du Barry Was A Lady (1993 Production) and Du Barry Was A Lady (2001 Production)), Panama Hattie, and, Something For The Boys, she has also appeared in Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It, and, Kiss Me Kate. However, she has made all too few recordings, the only albums of her singing Cole Porter are Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It (Recording), and the JAY/TER studio cast album of Anything Goes (recording) - Website Recommended Album.



Critics Comments

 “Lost Musicals’ veteran Louise Gold as Montana is also capable of putting a gloss on not-so-great material and she does have a couple of half decent songs in ‘There must be someone for me’ and ‘Abracadabra'.” Michael Darvell, CLASSICAL SOURCE, July 2011

  “The wonderful Louise Gold led the ladies and there was a fabulous comedy soprano, Wendy Ferguson, who raised the roof.” Jessica Martin, ACT/REST BLOG, 27 July 2011

 “Long before Cats set the record for the longest-running musical in history at Broadway’s Winter Garden Theatre, which is now home to another Brit originated hit in Mamma Mia!, this same theatre hosted the New York premiere of Mexican Hayride in 1944, and even as Oklahoma! had broken the rules of musical theatre writing the year before, this madcap comedy romp turned the clock back to a sillier age. That spirit is ideally honoured in a pair of delightful comic performances from Michael Roberts and Louise Gold.”, Mark Shenton, THE STAGE, <Date>

 “Louise Gold gave the character of Montana, the bullfighter, some warmth and personality that might not appear obvious from the text alone.” Chris Sparkle, THE REAL CHRIS SPARKLE, 4 August 2011

 Michael Roberts and Louise Gold in the Bobby Clark and June Havoc roles work very hard. It’s an uphill struggle. One of the better moments is when Gold sings There Must Be Someone For Me, one of those Porter list lyrics, which were his trademark.” Robert Tanitch, THE BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE, 2011.

  “What’s a shame about this show is that there were a pile of really good performances attempting to claw their way through the nonexistent plot. Louise Gold was as wonderful and warm as Montana she had been in Darling of the Day,” WebCowgirl, 19 July 2011



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