Mamma Mia!

Louise Gold took over the featured role of Tanya, at The Prince Edward Theatre, from 20th March 2000 to 16 March 2002 (Cast 2 and 3). Louise Gold joined when the show underwent its first major cast changes. Among the changes, Louise Plowright (who had originated the role of Tanya, took over the lead role of Donna, and West End Newcomer, Julie Atherton took over the second major lead, that of Sophie. Cast 2’s three Dynamo’s (Plowright, Gold and Nicol) remained first choice for their respective roles (Donna Tanya and Rosie) for the show’s 3rd cast (from 19th March 2001 to 16th March 2002).



20th March 2000 to 18th March 2001  (Cast 2)

Sophie Sheridan - Julie Atherton

Ali - Melissa Gibson

Lisa - Gail Mackinnon

Donna Sheridan - Louise Plowright

Tanya - Louise Gold

Rosie - Lesley Nicol

Sky - Gareth Bryn

Pepper - Andrew Prosser

Eddie - Simon Coulthard

Harry Bright - Craig Pinder

Bill Austin - Nicolas Colicos

Sam Carmichael - Michael Simkins

Father Alexandrios - James Barron


Paul Basleigh, Simon Bishop, Peter Challis, Amanda Claire, Andy Couchman, Louise Davidson (actually joined in April 2000), Melissa Familly, Lori Haley Fox, Andrea Francis, Jye Frasca, Melissa Jacques, Stephen McGlynn, Leah-Sue Morland, Laura O'Day, Richard Pettyfer, Rebecca Seale, Nikki Shaw, Anne Smith, Tim Stanley, Gavin Wilkinson.



Sophie Sheridan - (1st) Rebecca Seale, (2nd) Melissa Gibson, (3rd) Laura O'Day

Ali - (1st) Melissa Familly, (2nd) Leah-Sue Morland, (3rd) Nikki Shaw

Lisa - (1st) Andrea Francis, (2nd) Nikki Shaw, (3rd) Leah-Sue Morland

Donna Sheridan - (1st) Lori Haley Fox, (2nd) Louise Davidson, (3rd) Melissa Jacques

Tanya - (1st) Louise Davidson, (2nd) Anne Smith, (3rd) Melissa Jacques

Rosie - (1st) Anne Smith, (2nd) Melissa Jacques

Sky - (1st) Andrew Prosser, (2nd) Paul Basleigh

Pepper - (1st) Stephen McGlynn, (2nd) Jye Frasca, (3rd) Tim Stanley

Eddie - (1st) Jye Frasca, (2nd) Gavin Wilkinson, (3rd) Stephen McGlynn

Harry Bright - (1st) James Barron, (2nd) Peter Challis, (3rd) Andy Couchman

Bill Austin - (1st) Richard Pettyfer, (2nd) Peter Challis, (3rd) Andy Couchman

Sam Carmichael - (1st) Andy Couchman, (2nd) James Barron, (3rd) Peter Challis

Father Alexandrios - (1st) Andy Couchman, (2nd) Richard Pettyfer, (3rd) Peter Challis


From 19th March 2001 to 15 March 2002 (Cast 3)

Sophie Sheridan – Amanda Salmon

Ali – Amanda Harrison

Lisa – Hayley Tamaddon

Donna Sheridan - Louise Plowright

Tanya - Louise Gold

Rosie - Lesley Nicol

Sky – Raza Jaffrey

Pepper – Adam C. Booth

Eddie – Paul Basleigh

Harry Bright – Peter Forbes

Bill Austin – Rohan Tickell

Sam Carmichael – Simon Slater

Father AlexandriosAndy Couchman


Gavin Alex, Peter Challis, Amanda Claire, Lesley Coleman, Lisa Joanne Cook, Melissa Familly, Andrea Francis, Charlotte Gorton, Scott Hall, David J. Higgins, Leah-Sue Morland, Wyn Moss, Michelle Potter, Nikki Shaw, Anne Smith, Tim Stanley, Christopher Till, David Wilder, Lee William-Davis


At certain performances the role of Donna Sheridan will be played by - Lori Haley Fox



Sophie Sheridan - (1st) Amanda Harrison, (2nd) Lisa Joanne Cook, (3rd) Amanda Claire

Ali - (1st) Andrea Francis, (2nd) Leah-Sue Morland, (3rd) Nikki Shaw

Lisa - (1st) Melissa Familly, (2nd) Nikki Shaw, (3rd) Leah-Sue Morland

Donna Sheridan - (1st) Lori Haley Fox, (2nd) Charlotte Gorton, (3rd) Lesley Coleman

Tanya - (1st) Lesley Coleman, (2nd) Charlotte Gorton, (3rd) Anne Smith

Rosie - (1st) Anne Smith, (2nd) Lesley Coleman, (3rd) Andrea Francis

Sky - (1st) Paul Basleigh, (2nd) Wyn Moss, (3rd) Christopher Till

Pepper - (1st) Scott Hall, (2nd) Gavin Alex, (3rd) Tim Stanley

Eddie - (1st) Wyn Moss, (2nd) Tim Stanley, (3rd) Christopher Till

Harry Bright - (1st) Peter Challis, (2nd) Andy Couchman, (3rd) David Wilder

Bill Austin - (1st) David J. Higgins, (2nd) Peter Challis, (3rd) David Wilder

Sam Carmichael - (1st) Andy Couchman, (2nd) David J. Higgins, (3rd) Peter Challis

Father Alexandrios - (1st) David J. Higgins, (2nd) Peter Challis, (3rd) David Wilder


Production Team

Presented by - Judy Craymer, Richard East and Bjorn Ulvaeus for Littlestar In Association with Universal

Music and Lyrics - Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA, with some songs by Stig Anderson

Book - Catherine Johnson

Original Production – 6 April 1999, The Prince Edward Theatre, London, with Louise Plowright as Tanya

Production Designer - Mark Thompson

Lighting Designer - Howard Harrison

Sound Designers - Andrew Bruce and Bobby Aitken

Musical Supervisor Additional Orchestrations and Arrangements - Martin Koch

Choreography - Anthony Van Laast

Director - Phyllida Lloyd

Musical Director - Martin Lowe

Resident Director - Peter Addis

Assistant To Resident Director & Dance Captain - Leah-Sue Moreland

Casting Director - David Grindrod

Company Manager - Philip Effemey

Stage Manager - Claire Whitfield

Deputy Stage Manager - Glen Harper


For a complete account/review of this show (Cast 2), please click here.

Mamma Mia has lead at least 4 television appearances for Louise Gold, Namely:

Channel Four News, item Parallel Lives on 17 May 2000, as herself - A West End Actress & Working Mother, See Offsite link:

Jim Davidson Presents on 30 June 2000, where all the Mamma Mia London Production Cast 2 appeared, in their finale costumes. Louise Plowright, Louise Gold and Lesley Nicol lead the company in a performance of Dancing Queen.

A Week In The West End on 11 to 15 (especially 12) February 2002. - Louise Plowright, Louise Gold and Lesley Nicol were all interviewed on the 12th and shown performing the bedroom scene version of Dancing Queen. In addition at various times during the week they all appeared on the ‘Westenders’ segment, for which they were pictured in their dressing-rooms wearing their Mamma Mia 70’s costumes. In addition the whole cast were shown in various short clips on the programme each day. And Philip Effemey was the subject of A Day In The Life Of on the 15th, so most of the company (Mamma Mia London Production Cast 3), and some of the crew, can be spotted at one time or another in that (in particular: Peter Forbes, Raza Jaffrey, Rohan Rickell, Amanda Salmon, Simon Slater, Christopher Till, and, Claire Whitfield); While MD Martin Lowe also features but talking about another musical he was working on.

ABBA - The Reunion around 21 September 2004 - In addition to ABBA’s own performances, this documentary featured clips of various Mamma Mia casts performing the ABBA songs. Louise Gold appeared along with Lesley Nicol and the rest of what was probably Mamma Mia London Production Cast 3 led by Louise Plowright in a clip of Rich Man’s World.

ABBA – The Mamma Mia! Story first broadcast on 3 July 2008 – In addition to both clips of ABBA’s own performances and those from the film version of the musical Mamma Mia, this documentary featured clips of various Mamma Mia casts performing the ABBA songs. Louise Gold appeared with fellow Mamma Mia London Production Cast 3 Dynamos Louise Plowright and Lesley Nicol in a clip from February 2002 of Dancing Queen.


On the radio, Louise Gold spoke about her work in Mamma Mia on Tim McArthur Interview.


Mamma Mia has also been mentioned on various occasions in drama, most notably, in:

The Archers on Friday 12th May 2001 – Two newly characters, Roy & Haley Tucker arrive back from their honeymoon in London and mention that amongst other things they saw the show Mamma Mia.


It might be noted that ensemble player and understudy Louise Davidson did not join the cast until April 2000, a few weeks after the rest of the 2nd cast, because she was appearing in a tour of a Rogers and Hammerstein revue, Something Wonderful.

In December 2000, two of the cast-members, namely Louise Gold and Lori Haley Fox, used their holiday time from Mamma Mia to take on starring roles in Ian Marshall-Fisher's Lost Musicals production of One Touch of Venus. (So for the duration of that show, Louise Davidson played Tanya).

In November 2001 Louise Gold again used her holiday time from Mamma Mia to take on a starring role in one of Ian Marshall-Fisher’s Lost Musicals productions (and again one in which she had appeared in a version of eight years previously at The Barbican), namely Du Barry Was A Lady. (leaving the role of Tanya to Lesley Coleman. Which is presumably why Lesley Coleman was appearing in that role when the cast of Mamma Mia were on Children In Need night on 16 November 2001)

It should perhaps be mentioned that Lori Haley Fox who was first understudy for Donna The Dynamo in Cast 2, and the understudy & alternate for that role in Cast 3, was also in Cast 1 where she was first understudy for Tanya (then played by Louise Plowright) and second understudy for the roles of Donna and Rosie. She has in fact at one time or another played each of the three Dynamo roles. And in particular, because Louise Plowright was busy with the cast 2 rehearsals, she played Tanya for several weeks prior to Louise Gold taking over the role on 20th March 2000.

The performance on 5th October 2001, in common with other productions of the show around the world, was done as a charity performance, in aid of The American Red Cross.

On Friday 16 November 2001 the cast, wonderfully lead by Louise Plowright appeared on Children In Need Night (during the between midnight and 1am slot) singing a medley from the show (Amanda Salmon sang I Have A Dream, The chorus performed the title song Mamma Mia, Louise Plowright lead the chorus with Rich Man’s World, and finally Louise Plowright led her fellow Dynamo’s Lesley Coleman and Lesley Nicol in Dancin’ Queen). Louise Gold was not among the cast in this appearance, presumably because she was ‘on holiday’ (see  Du Barry Was A Lady (2001 Production) ), so Lesley Coleman took her place. 

In 2002 BBC Radio 2 broadcast a three part series about ABBA, the final part, broadcast on 22 January 2002, was about Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus’s theatre work, finishing up with their ABBA songs in the show Mamma Mia. The broadcast played several tracks from the original cast album, namely: I Have A Dream, Mamma Mia, Chiquitita, and, Slipping Through My Fingers. The show was represented on the broadcast by comments from Judy Craymer, Catherine Johnson, and most notably Louise Plowright; who described Bjorn Ulvaeus very kindly telling her how to pronounce Chiquitita (the word is “Chi-kee-tee-ta” not “Chi-kar-tee-tar”)

In October 2006, a new book was produced about the making of the musical Mamma Mia. Titled “Mamma Mia! How Can I Resist You”, the ISBN number is (ISBN – 10 0297844210 and ISBN – 13 = 978-0297844211. Lots of the people involved with the show (mostly from its first year) are interviewed in it, including: Anthony Van Laast, Judy Cramer, David Grinrod, Catherine Johnson, Phyllida Lloyd, Siobahn McCarthy, Louise Plowright, Michael Simkins, and, Bjorn Ulvaeus amongst others. For more information see: and

It seems quite likely that at least one (possibly two - if she wasn’t on holiday at the time) of Louise Gold’s performances in Mamma Mia took place 28 (and possibly even 27) years to the day of her professional stage debut in Dick Whittington.

Louise Gold had starred at The Prince Edward Theatre ten years previously in Anything Goes. She has gone on to return to The Prince Edward Theatre in Mary Poppins.

Mark Thompson had previously been the set designer for Comedy Tonight (well actually he was designing a set for Pericles, but kindly allowed it to be used for a gala).

Musical supervisor Martin Koch had previously been MD on what was probably Louise Gold’s West End debut The Pirates of Penzance, including The Pirates Of Penzance (Gala Performance), The Pirates Of Penzance (Gala Preview), The Pirates Of Penzance (Benefit Preview), and The Royal Variety Performance (1982).

Musical Director Martin Lowe had previously been MD on Hot ‘n’ Spicy 2 (which Louise Gold also appeared in), and wrote the music for Into Exile (where Louise Gold sang one of his songs)

Louise Gold and Nicolas Colicos have sung on the JAY/TER recordings of On The Town , Cabaret, and Anything Goes (recording) - Website Recommended Album.

Louise Gold and Michael Simkins were both soloists in the Mike Leigh film Topsy Turvy. They can be heard on Topsy Turvy (Soundtrack album)

Louise Gold and her 1st understudy Louise Davidson had previously appeared in the Lost Musicals production of Something For The Boys. They have gone on to appear as members of The Company Of Mary Poppins in a late night FUNdraising special.

Louise Gold left Mamma Mia  when Cast 4 replaced by Cast 3, and her first replacement as Tanya was Susannah Fellows (whose previous credits include Chicago & Company, and, Broadway To Brighton).

Nicolas Colicos also appeared in Chicago & Company.

Louise Gold and Simon Coulthard went on to appear in Follies

Peter Forbes went on to appear in Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala , in which Louise Gold sang Sing Your Supper with Mamma Mia Cast 1’s Jenny Galloway.

Howard Harrison has gone on to do the lighting designs for the inaugural production of The Water Babies which starred Louise Gold.

Andrew Bruce has gone on to do the sound design for the London production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which Louise Gold joined for the last year and a half of its run.

Simon Slater had previously appeared in Casualty.

Martin Koch may have previously taken part in Thing A Thon.

Back in the mid 1990s Louise Plowright had the starring role of April in the UK National Tour of The Hot Shoe Shuffle, the role had been originated (in Australia, and London) by Rhonda Burchmore. Some years later, with Mamma Mia the tables were turned, when, in Mamma Mia’s Australian premiere, Rhonda Burchmore played Tanya, the role Louise Plowright had originated (in London).

Julie Atherton has gone on to try her hand at puppeteering in Avenue Q.

Louise Gold and Louise Plowright have both gone on to play (in different productions) the roles of Phyllis in Follies and Baroness Bomeburst in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Louise Gold along with Lee William-Davis, and, Louise Davidson went on to return to The Prince Edward Theatre in Mary Poppins, (with Louise Davidson again understudying Louise Gold), for which Andrew Bruce was the sound designer, and, Howard Harrison the lighting designer.

Some eight years later Melissa Jacques (who had been third cover for Donna and Tanya and second cover for Rosie in Cast 2) ended up back in the cast as the alternate Donna Sheridan.

Louise Gold, and, Lee William-Davis have gone on to appear together in Darling of The Day.

Craig Pinder  and  Louise Gold have gone on to appear in Fiddler On The Roof.


Note, the show had been reviewed for the Musical Stages website immediately after the March 2000 cast change by Matti Adjalia, but was later rereviewed by Mark Barlow.

Critics Comments

 “Louise Gold as Tanya and Lesley Nicol as Rosie also had very hard acts to follow but both were excellent, and brought their own individuality to the roles distinguishing themselves from their predecessors” Mark Barlow, MUSICAL STAGES, 2000-2001

 “Louise Plowright, promoted from her earlier role as best friend, has exactly the right mix of spunky determination and emotional vulnerability, as the mother, Donna, not to mention an exceptionally strong singing voice. Julie Atherton is achingly youthful and genuinely touching as her troubled daughter, and there is strong support from Louise Gold and Lesley Nicol as Donna’s mates, growing middle-aged disgracefully” Charles Spencer, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, 22 March 2000.

 “The second "great": Mamma Mia. What can I say about this musical that hasn't been said before? That's it's a pure two hours of fun? That those songs work perfectly well as stage numbers? That the cast is top notch, from Louise Plowright to Louise Gold (with a special mention to Lesley Nicol)?” Mr Gerad, BALLPOINT, 2001


Links about Mamma Mia

Please note I am only including links to sites that are in English. There are some Japanese sites about Mamma Mia (but I am only including sites in my own language).

Official Show site, includes: facts about the various productions of the show, Ticket information (mostly for London Production, may have details for other productions), and Cast resumes for the current London Cast (including, of course Louise Gold):

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Theatre Radio’s interview with Louise Gold 

The Super Trouper Pages, a lovely photograph of the Cast 2/Cast 3 Dynamo’s in all their glory:  and the same article in another language:

A review, by Emma Shane, of seeing Mamma Mia a second time, this time with Cast 3, unfortunately one of the Dynamo’s was absent, but it may nevertheless provide quite an interesting comparison with the same author’s review on this site:

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Parallel Lives A Transcript of Channel 4 News item about Working Mothers, which happens to feature the West End actress Louise Gold, as herself.

Musical Stages Online Review of Mamma Mia (once the 2nds cast came in), by Mark Barlow: Also includes comments by users: Derek McGlone and Emma Shane (Emma's comments were partly in response to Matti Adjala's earlier review on this page - don't know what has happened to that?)

An amusing news story (27 March 2000) about a well known Opera Singer (Rosalind Plowright) showing sororal fascination for this show:

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Musical Stages Online listing information for Mamma Mia:

Musical Stages Online Stop Press - an incredible catalogue of exclusive announcements about various West End Shows. Of particular note is one dating back to 2nd January 2000 announcing that Louise Gold would be among Mamma Mia's new cast, apparently she was "determined not to miss out" (scroll down to near the bottom of the page to read what they have to say about the Super Trouper):

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London Theatre Online, West End Venues The Prince Edward Theatre - Contains information about how to get to The Prince Edward Theatre, and the theatre's facilities for the disabled etc. For some strange reason it has a picture of the theatre in its Showboat days. Further links take you to Whats playing there now, giving the current cast list and performance times. A further link takes you to Darren Dalgish's review of the original cast: - Mamma Mia Page - contains cast list and booking information:

Show Listings: Contains booking , seating, and location information for Mamma Mia and The Prince Edward Theatre:!&THEATRE=Prince%20Edward

Musical Heaven - Mamma Mia page. Barest information about the show, cast and songs. In fact some of their facts are incorrect (they have the London Production's second cast down as being the original:

Theatre - Mamma Mia page. Contains barest details about the show (mentions precisely 4 cast members: Donna, Sophie, Tanya & Rosie) but does include performance schedule, range of ticket prices, and links to an online ticket seller There seem to be several versions of this page floating around.:

BulletinBoard post of the Daily Telegraphs re-review (21 March 2000) of Mamma Mia once the Second cast came in:

1501 - mentions the Daily Telegraph re-review of Mamma Mia. The Bulletin Board version of this is more readable:

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Adam C Booth (actor who plays Pepper to Louise Gold’s Tanya in Cast 3)’s Yahoo Fan Club:

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Gail MacKinnon (the actress who played Lisa in Cast 2)’s theatre work (including Mamma Mia) on her website:

 Julie Atherton’s official website: includes photos of Mamma Mia.

Avenue Q’s official London site (since Julie Atherton performed in it):

A review, by Emma Shane, of seeing Julie Atherton perform in Avenue Q:

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Robert O’Keefe’s Diary of a trip to London in London Theatre Guide Online:  (He saw Mamma Mia Cast 2 – doesn’t actually mention Louise Gold. However, one point of interest, Louise Plowright and Lori Hayley Fox were both off, so second cover Louise Davidson was playing Donna).

A review, by Emma Shane, of seeing stalwart West End understudy Louise Davidson actually doing her job as such in Blood Brothers:

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Mamma Mia London Messagboards:  - A messageboard discussion forum for fans of the London production of Mamma Mia.


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