Theatre Links

These are links to useful Theatre related sites. They may or may note mention Louise Gold. But since Louise is a notable British Actress, it seems relevant to include them.

 Official Show Site for the musical Oliver!:

 TotallyTheatre:  - Theatre News, Reviews, and, previews, plus exclusive official behind the scenes video footage.

  Save The Theatre Museum – there’s a petition to save The Theatre Museum in London, see:

 TheatreRadio: - The UK’s first Internet Radio station for Musical Theatre. (Please note that the site requires Flash to view it; and to listen to the Radio they recommend Broadband, although some of their interviews have been made available in a downloadable form).

 The Lost Musicals Charitable TrustTM:  - Ian Marshall Fisher’s Lost Musicals charitable Trust, presents Concert stagings of forgotten American musicals (Louise Gold has been among the stalwart gang of performers who have regularly contributed their talent to rediscovering these shows).

 UKAAS (United Kingdom Actors Appreciation Society):   - A website for the appreciation of those ‘terrific actors’ who have inspired their fans to set up a reasonably respectful website dedicated to them (Louise Gold of course, thanks to this site, is on UKAAS’s list of ‘terrific actors’)

 The Stephen Sondheim Reference Guide: - By far one of the most comprehensive websites about Stephen Sondheim’s work, excellently compiled by Michael H Hutchins. The site includes details of all major productions of Sondheim shows and many special performances.

 The Cole Porter Reference Guide:  - Compiled by Michael H Hutchins, similar to his Sondheim site, though not quite as comprehensive.

 The G&S Discography:  - A site detailing of the major various recordings and videos and Gilbert & Sullivan Operettas.

  The Stephen Sondheim Society: - Website for one of the best UK Theatre-oriented societies. Society is, as its name suggests, devoted to the songwriter Stephen Sondheim, however a lot of the society members are also keen on musicals in general. 

 Stage Musicals Appreciation Society: - Website for that society’s newsletter Spotlight On Musicals

 Musical Stages Online: - An excellent site about British Musical Theatre. Sometimes has information about Louise's stage appearances in its News and Reviews sections. In general a good site for British Musical Theatre.

 London Musicals Online:  - What promises to be a great new site about Musicals in London’s West End.

 The Royal Variety Performance:

 The Musical Chronicles By Jorg:

 Cast Albums .org database, of cast albums:

 Edward Seckerson’s Website:  - Includes a variety of Theatre information from the veteran broadcaster and critic.

 Stage Beauty – The History of Edwardian Actresses:  - A very informative resource about Edwardian Theatre, particularly focusing on the lives of actresses of that era.

 Official Show site for Mamma Mia: - Includes: facts about the various productions of the show, Ticket information (mostly for London Production, may have details for other productions), and Cast resumes for the current London Cast.

 Official Show site for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

 Official Show Site for Mary Poppins:


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