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As Louise Gold has a noteworthy place among British Puppeteers, she was the first British Puppeteer to work for Jim Henson, and she was one of The Muppet Show Eight, it seems entirely appropriate to have a page of Muppet Links. These may or may not mention Louise herself.

 Observer Newspaper article about British Puppeteers, Louise is one of the puppeteers featured in it:  - The Authorised Muppet Fan Site, run by Michael J Dixon (probably the most dedicated British Muppet-buff there is) and Marlene M Quinn.

  The Jim Henson Company Official site:


  The Jim Henson Legacy’s website: -  the non-profit official organisation dedicated to preserving Jim Henson’s life and work The Muppet Show DVDs, Official Distribution site: One of the most dedicated websites about The Muppets, run by Danny Horn, “the Great Trash-Heap of all things Muppet”:

 Muppet Wiki, a Wiki database on all things to do with The Muppets (actually all Henson productions):

 The Unofficial Web Guide To Muppet People And Productions: - A fan’s attempt to list all Muppet performers, productions and characters. It was last updated in November 1997, and there are certainly characters missing from the lists for each production. But it is still a very useful resource for finding out who performed what, at least with regards to most major and some minor characters.

 Muppet Central: - A useful site for interviews and Trivia about The Muppets

  The Muppet Show Database:

 Annie Sue information page: - a fan-page compiled by Warrick Brownlow and Jogchem Jalink about The Muppet’s Annie Sue Pig (Louise Gold’s most notable Muppet character)

 Ted Scott’s Stories From Sound Control: - his memories of working as a soundman on The Muppet Show.

 Arkadia World Wide Properties:  - an estate agents, whose internet site has diversified into including a directory of all kinds of things: , note particularly it’s Muppet section:

 Tiny Dancer’s Homage To Sesame Street: - all sorts of useful trivia, and details of skits can be found here.

 Do You’s page for The Muppet Show: – part of a fascinating nostalgia site.

 Film Treat’s  interview with Karen Prell about The Muppet Show (she does specifically mention Louise):

 Quinn Rollins’ Customs (this sculptor’s models of Muppet characters happen to include one of Annie Sue):

 Rec.Arts.Henson+Muppets’ FAQ (specifically mentions Louise, because of her being left-handed):

 ATV Forums : and the Muppets mentioned in one thread particular (since it happens to mention Louise).

 MuppetDanny's The Best Jim Henson's Muppets Website Ever: (A curious Muppet fansite, kind of reminicent in style to many of the early Muppet fanssites, though with rather wizzier graphics, and a variety of downloads).

  Tumblr: -a Tumblr website dedicated to the Muppeteers. The site includes numerous behind the scenes photographs of The Muppeteers at work, see in particular (for their entry on Louise), and also  (for various entries on Louise where they mistyped her name)

 The Magical Hands Of TV’s Muppet Zoo:  - a US article about The Muppets from 1978 (which has a very brief mention of Louise, in London, as one of their more notable female performers)

 The Muppet Mindset’s interview with Jerry Nelson:  (Jerry specifically mentions several of his colleagues, including an endearing mention of “Lou”)


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