. These sites may or may not actually mention Louise Gold. But they are a guide to sites and contacts where you will find Showbusiness memorabilia, Theatre programmes, records CDís and videos, etc.Some of the sites listed here may be commercial, I am only including them because I have found them useful at one time or another.


Alexanderís Theatre Emphorium: Specialiese in theatre and musical memorabilia, has a mailing list you can sign up for.

  Peter Briffa Theatre Programmes: The UKís Premier site for all your West End and Fringe playbills. The siteís websmaster says it is The Webís first theatre programmes site. †††††††††††

 Philip Brownsey Theatre Programmes: ďOver 10,000 theatre Programmes in stock. Free search for items featuring yourfavourite Actor"Email_Philip_Brownsey

C20th Entertainment memorabilia:"specialists in UK and European theatre memorabilia: programmes, flyers and posters"

 Devine Art Record Company: - A small classically-oriented record company that specialises in good quality new music and fascinating rarities.

Dress Circle: - One of the best shops for showbiz memorabilia, and certainly one of the best for hard to find CDís, records and cassettes. Although a great website, the best thing of all about Dress Circle is itís wonderful shop. Website also has an online message board community.

  JAY Records: .

Rob Wilton Theatricalia:†† - Theatre, Music, film and opera programmes for sale.


When looking for collectables, I would also recommend trying firms such as Amazon and Ebay, especially the latter.


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