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The links on this page are about Louise Gold herself.


  Gavin Barker Associates:  A link to Louise Gold’s agent, her professional representative. Louise Gold’s entry on Gavin Barker Associates’s site can be found on:

 Lip Service: A link to a voice-over agency, Louise Gold is one of the voice-artistes on their books.

 Observer Newspaper article about British Puppeteers, Louise is one of the puppeteers featured in it:

 Louise Gold’s entry on the official show site for Oliver!

 Wikipedia: - Louise Gold’s entry: "the most complete one-stop, chronological description of her career on the internet." (Thanks to a G&S enthusiast, who has done a lot of work on it). This can also be found in printed form as part of a “book” titled ‘English Puppeteers” see:  (the book is basically based the Wikipedia entries for a number English puppeteers)

 Muppet Wiki: -  Louise Gold’s entry, which focuses firmly on her work as a Muppeteer.

 Puppet Wiki:  - Louise Gold’s entry

 Spitting Image Wiki: - Louise Gold’s entry (note this wiki is not a reliable source of information)

 Louise Gold’s entry in the British Film Institute Database:

 Louise Gold’s entry in the BBC Programme: (also )

 Louise Gold’s entry on

 Louise Gold’s entry in the London Theatre Database:

 Theatricalia: -  Louise Gold’s entry:

 TheatreNow.Com interview: Gold On Stage: Louise Gold In Follies:  This is an interview carried out by Theatre.Com’s Paul Webb, one hot summer’s day, while Louise was appearing in Follies at The Royal Festival Hall. Although the interview is ostensibly about her role in Follies she also talks about her other Sondheim performances, along with: Memphis Tennessee, Political Theatre, and Spitting Image.

 Muppet Central/Tibby's Bowl Interview   This is an offsite link, to the Muppet Central website, where you will find an interview, that was conducted by Fax and Letter with Louise Gold, during the autumn of 1998 (The interview was actually published on the web at the end of February 1999). In this interview she tells the reader about both strands of her extraordinary career.  

 Channel Four News, item Parallel Lives: A link about Louise's appearance in a Channel Four news item about Working Mothers, and what The Government can do to help them

 Louise Gold’s resume on the Mary Poppins Official Site:

 Louise Gold’s resume on the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Official site:

 Cast Resume's on Official Mamma Mia Show site:

  The Nigel Bennett Website, page about The Great Discovery Show: : Page includes 2 photographs, one of Nigel Bennett and Louise Gold, the other of those two and Jane Singer

 Musical Stages Online Stop Press: - an incredible catalogue of exclusive announcements about various West End Shows. Of particular note is one dating back to 2nd January 2000 announcing that Louise Gold would be among Mamma Mia's new cast, apparently she was "determined not to miss out" (scroll down to near the bottom of the page to read what they have to say about the Super Trouper).

 JAY Records Artists page: - Louise Gold’s entry on the JAY Records website.

 The Actors Compendium:   - Louise Gold’s entry in The Actor’s Compendium, a website that attempts to honour as many personalities in the movie business as it can.

 The Internet Movie Database: - Louise Gold’s entry in the IMDB

  TV Tome:  - Louise Gold’s entry on TV Tome (includes a photograph of her in Allo Allo)

 The Dictionary Of Everything:   - and in particular Louise Gold’s entry:   

  TRPW/Theatre: -  - and in particular Louise Gold’s entry  :

 Cast database:  - and in particular Louise Gold’s entry:

 “Read With Your  Mummy Voice”:  - article in The Guardian (from Friday 17 October 2008), a case-study example to illustrate Millennium Cohort Study (on the subject of reading to children etc)

 Broadway Word:  - Louise Gold’s entry.

 Louise Gold’s resume on the show Next Door’s Baby’s official site:

 Database Of Popular Music: - Louise Gold’s entry.

 Behind The Voice Actors:  - Louise Gold’s entry (on a community database of voice-over actors), most of her entry seems to be about her work on Sesame Street.

 Tumblr: - Louise Gold’s entry on a Tumblr website dedicated to the Muppeteers, which has a lot of behind the scenes photographs of the Muppeteers, including of course Louise.

 London Theatre Database:  - Louise Gold’s entry.

 Scottish Theatre Archive: - Louise Gold’s entry.

 Share.Tv: - Louise Gold’s entry (note this is not entirely accurate, since the information about her work on Roland Rat for a start is incorrect).

 Second Hand Songs: - Louise Gold’s entry (this seems to be mainly about her singing on The Muppet Show)


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