Links About Louise's Colleagues

This page is meant to be for links to website about people who've worked with Louise Gold. Be it on the theatre stage, on TV, in films etc Be they actors, puppeteers etc


 Sir Thomas Allen, section on his agent’s website:

 Zee Asha, Official Site:

 Rosemary Ashe, Official Site:

 Julie Atherton, Official Site:

 Rowan Atkinson,’s unofficial fansite:

 David Barclay,

 Chris Barrie, 2 sites of note:

Official Site:

Fan-Produced website:

 John Barrowman, 2 sites of note:

Official Site:

An unofficial web site:

 Paul Bateman, Official Site:

 Nicholas Bell, unoffical fan-created site:

 Nigel Bennett, Official site:

 Timothy Bentinck, self-maintained website:

  Paul Bentley, Intriguing website:  

 Steven Berkoff, 2 sites of note

Official Site:

A Fan-Site of useful links:

             Hal Bertram, self-maintained site:

             Christopher Biggins, Beebo Fan Club:

 Adam C Booth, Yahoo Fan Club:

 Arthur Bostrom, Official Site:

  David Bowie, 2 sites of note:

            Official Site, mainly advertises his Internet service, Bowienet:

            Teenage Wildlife, an excellent Fan-site with lots of useful information:

 Sally Bradshaw, Official Site:

 Cliff Brayshaw, the actor & photographer’s site for his photographic business:

 Fran Brill, Official Site:

 Jim Broadbent,

 James Bryce, Official Site:

 Julianne Buescher, Official Site:

  Simon Buckley, Official Site:

 Sir Michael Caine,

Only Official Site:

a fansite:

 Matthew Cammelle, Unofficial site:

 Stephen Carlile, page on his agent’s site:

 Jason Carr, Official Site:

 Tamsin Carroll, unoffical fansite:

 Kevin Clash: Site advertising his book:

 Carol Cleveland, Official Site:

 Clare Louise Connolly, entry on her agent’s website:

 Brian Conley, Official Site:

 Jason Connery :

 Richard Coombs, Professional Site:

 Gavin Creel, 2 sites of note:

            Official Site (included a blog):

            Official Fan Site (definitely respectful):

 Kieran Creggan, self-maintained website:

 Kim Criswell, Unofficial Fan-Site: Kim Criswell: Diva Belter & Friends :

  Tim Curry, one respectful fansite: 

 Stephanie D’Abruzzo, Official Site:

 Lorna Dallas, Official Site:

 Jacqui Dankworth, Official Site:

 Louise Davidson, entry on the Create Network’s site (an arts organisation she is involved with):

 Judi Dench, 2 sites of note:

            Fan Page from one of the UKAAS crowd:

            The Unofficial Chronology of Dame Judi Dench’s Career:

 George Dillon, self-maintained site:

 The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Official Site:

 Omid Djalili, Official Site:

 Michael Dolenz / Mickey Dolenz,

Official Site:

Never Enough, Another Official Site

             Steve Donald, homepage:

             Ray Donn, Self-maintained website:

 Jason Donovan, fan site,

 Anthony Drewe, Stiles & Drewe’s Official website:

 Geoff Eales, Official Site:

 Kerry Ellis, 2 sites of note:

A respectful Fansite:

Official Site:

 Geoff Felix, self-maintained website:

 Michael Fenton Stevens, Official Website:

 Peter Fluck, Official Website:

 Hal Fowler, Official Website:

 Emilia Fox, Unofficial fan site:

 Jay Frasca, Fansite:

 Ethan Freeman, Fan-Produced website:

 Maria Friedman - Fan-Produced website About Maria:

 Michael K Frith, Website for ‘No Strings’ the international education puppetry charity of which he is a co-founder:

 Brian and Wendy Froud, Official website The World Of  Froud:

 Charles Garland, Official website:

 Stephen Gately, 2 sites of note:

            Official site:

            A respectful fan site, Julia’s Stephen Gately Site:

 Bernie Gaughan (aka Bernadette Strachen), 2 sites of note:

            Joint official site with Matthew Strachen:

            Novelists official site:

 Robert Gill, official Site:

 Max Gold, two entries of note:

Entry on his agent’s site:$single_client=22

Entry on the Resurgence Theatre Company (a theatre company he is involved with)’s site:

 Burn Gorman, Fan Site:

 Howard Gossington, entry on his agent’s website:

 Sheri Graubert, Official Site:

 Tiffany Graves, authorised webpage:

 Haydn Gwynne, fansite:

 Jane Gurnett, 2 sites of note:

Jane Gurnett Official, Official Site:

Fan Site:

 Fabienne Guyon, two sites of note:

            Fan-Produced website: The Fabienne Guyon Fan Site:

A New Fan-Produced website (versions in both French and English) Fabienne Guyon Une Personnalite:

             Kaisa Hammarlund, Official Site:

  Harkan Hardenberger, Official Site:

 James Head, self-maintained website:

 David Henry, agent’s site:

 Jim Henson, The Jim Henson Legacy’s website (the non-profit official organisation dedicated to preserving Jim Henson’s life and work):

 Brian Herring, Official Site:

 Ciaran Hinds, Official Site:

 Graham Hoadly, Official site:

 Alexis Owen Hobbs, Official Site:

 Richard Hunt, Fan-produced tribute website:

 George Irving:

            George - An independent fansite, :

The George Irving Media Archive: 

            George Irving Fansite:

 Maximillian Jacobson-Gonzalez, Official TV and video production company’s site:

 Paul Jomain, Official website (includes a photo of the puppet Binkie):

 Gordon Kaye, page on the AYBS Website:

 Judy Kaye, Official Website:

 Sam Kelly, Entry on his agent’s site:

 John Kennedy, The Puppet Kit (his company’s website):

 Paul Kerryson, Official Site:

 Glyn Kerslake, Official Website:

 Kevin Kline, one of his many Fan-sites (includes photos from Pirates):

 Simon Kunz, unofficial fansite/page:

 Cleo Laine, Official Homepage:

 Bonnie Langford, Official site:

 Angela Lansbury, 2 fan produced websites of note:

The Angela Lansbury Home Page: ,

Angela Lansbury The Unofficial Home Page (built by a very dedicated very fan, includes a lot of links to other sites about Ms Lansbury):

 Mike Leigh, two sites of note:

Thinman Films, his company’s website:

The Films Of Mike Leigh:

 Maureen Lipman, fanpage from one of the UKAAS crowd:

 Derren Littern, Official Site:

 Rich Little, Official Site:

 Louise Lombard, Official Site:  (note site needs Flash 7)

 Eliza Lumley, Official Site:

 Gillian Lynne, official site:  

 Rick Lyon, self-maintained site:

 Gail Mackinnon, official site:

 Andrew Mackintosh, fan page:

 Errol Manoff, his company’s website:

 Sonia Manzano, Official Site:

 Jessica Martin, two sites of note:

            Official Site:  (This link works)

Official Domain (apparently): (the link does not always seem to work, or have much info when it does work).

 Jim Martin, Official Site:

 Millicent Martin, Official Site:

 Nathan Martin, professional site:  

 Tim McArthur, official site:

 Sylvester McCoy:

 Cheryl Gates McFadden, there are numerous pages about Ms McFadden, here are two of note:

            Page on an ST TNG Fansite, includes links:

            Page on Andrew Tong’s ST TNG site:

 Joe McGann, The McGann Brothers Website (a website about the careers of the actors Joe, Paul, Mark & Stephen McGann):

 Bob McGrath, Official Site:

 Mark McKerracher, two sites of note:

            Official Site:

Fanpage from one of the UKAAS crowd:

 Kevin McKidd, Fan-site:

 Sarah Meade, Agent’s website:

 Robert Meadmore, Official Site:

 Zoot Money, Official Site: BigRoll:

 Marion Montgommery, page on Cabaret Showcase:

 Sir Roger Moore, 3 sites of note:

Official Site:

Sir Roger Moore – A Fansite:


 Kathryn Mullen, Website for ‘No Strings’ the international education puppetry charity of which she is a co-founder:

  Steve Nallon, Professional site:

 Jerry Nelson, two sites of note:

            Honouring Jerry Nelson, a fan site:

            Home For The Chronically Groovy, a fan site (it seems to be under construction):

 Caroline O’Connor, Official Website:

 Kenn Oldfield, Official Site:

  Bruce Payne, two sites of note:

            Official Site:

            Fan Site, by A Girl Who Loves Bruce Payne:

 Toby Philpott, homepage:

 Steven Pimlott, Official Tribute site:

 Nigel Plaskitt, Official site:

 Louise Plowright, three sites of note:

            Her agent’s site (which doesn’t have individual entries for its clients):

            Louise Plowright Fan Website (a fan-produced website):

            Yahoo! Clubs Louise Plowright (Yahoo Fan Club – note this seems to be full of spam):  

 Michael Pool, Professional Site entry on the West Yorkshire Playhouse’s site:

 Michael Praed, Official Website,

 Sally Preisig, Official website for her puppet (props & costume) making company:

 Karen Prell, self-maintained website:  

 Jodie Prenger, Official Site:

 Jonathan Pryce, two sites of note:

            The Pryce Pages, dedicated fansite :

            Fan Page from one of the UKAAS crowd:

 Philip Quast, a excellent Fan-Produced website (please note, trying to access this site on some ancient computers – ie things running Windows 98, may cause them to crash) :

 Mike Quinn, the Ultimate Official Mike Quinn Website, self-maintained website:

 David Randall, Official Site:

 Mike Roberts, Professional Site:

 Anton Rogers, fan site:

 Linda Ronstadt, Unofficial Fan page:

 David Rudman, Company’s site:

 Ian Sanders, self-maintained website:

 Ted Scott, Audiowise, His own site about his work as a sound engineer:

 Andy Serkis, Official Website :

 Kaefan Shaw (aka Kevin Bradshaw), Professional Site entry on the Speaking Of Stories’ site:

 Vincent Shiels, entry on his agent’s website:

 Dave Showler, homepage: 

 Michael Simkins:

 Rex Smith, Official Online Magazine:

 Guy Siner, Official Site:

 Gay Soper, Official Site:

 Caroll Spinney, Official Fan Page:

 Andrew James Spooner, Official Site:

 Tim Stanley, two sites of note

            Tim Stanley Online:

            Yahoo! Clubs: Tim Stanley (Yahoo Fan Club):

 Alvin Stardust, Official Website:

 George Stiles, Stiles & Drewe’s Official website:

 Malcolm Stone, Official Portfolio Site:

 Matthew Strachen, Official Site (with Bernie Gaughan):

 Scarlett Strallen, two sites of note:

Official Site: 

A fan site: see also

 Summer Strallen, Beebo Music Entry:

 Claire Sweeney, two sites of note:

Official Website:

Unofficial fansite:

 Catherine Tate, Official Site:

 Hayden Tee, Official Site: (requires the most up to date version of Flash – and even then it seems a difficulty site to access with a slow connection)

 Chris Thatcher, Official Site:

 Ian Thom, Official Site:

 Oliver Tobias, Official Website:

 Sally-Ann Triplett, Official Website: 

 Hannah Waddingham, Official Website:

 Steve Whitmire, The Stevie Scream Squad’s fansite for their favourite muppeteer:

 Dave Willetts, Homepage,

 Simon Williamson, official site:

 Mak Wilson, Official Site:

 Nick Winston, Official Site:

 Sophie Winter, site for the memorial trust in her memory (the trust purpose of the trust is to commission new plays and have them produced):

 Darryl Worbey, his company, Darryl Worbet Studios,’s website:

  Andrew Wright, Self-maintained website:

 Gina Yashere: Official Site:

 Martin Yates, his company, West End International’s site:


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