Let ‘Em Eat Cake

Louise Gold featured, as Miss Trixie Flynn, at The Golders Green Hipperdrome, Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 21 March 1994



 Readers, Henchmen, Wives, Sales Girls, Blue Shirts, The League Of Nations, and, The Supreme Court - The Stephen Hill Singers

Miss Trixie Flynn - Louise Gold

General Adam Snookfield (Snooky) - Christopher Benjamin

A Flunky, and, An Army Lieutenant - Matt Zimmerman

Louis Lippman - Frank Lazarus

Francis X. Gilhooley - Vincent Marzello

Matthew Arnold Fulton - Jonathan Kydd

Mrs Mary Wintergreen nee Turner - Kim Criswell

John P. Wintergreen - Denis Quilley

Chief Justice Of Supreme Court - Bruce Ogston

Alexander Throttlebottem - Joss Ackland

Kreuger - Henry Goodman

John P Tweedledee - Nick Holder

Narrator - Robert Cushman

with: David Holt, The BBC Theatre Chorus


Production Team

 Music - George Gershwin

Lyrics - Ira Gershwin

Book - George S Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind

Original Production - 21 October 1933, Imperial Theatre, with Grace Worth as Miss Trixie Flynn

Orchestra - The BBC Concert Orchestra

Musical Director -  Barry Wordsworth

Orchestra Leader - Martin Loveday

Chorus Master - Roderick Dunk

Chorus Manager - Stephen Ashley-King

Technical Presentation - James Hamilton

Producer - Chris Neil and Tim Thorn


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Let ‘Em Eat Cake was quite literally the successor to a Gershwin musical, also by George S Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind, originally produced two years earlier, Of Thee I Sing. It follows the story of what happened to the central characters in Of Thee I Sing four years on from the end of that show.

Louise Gold and Henry Goodman went on to appear in a Lost Musicals production of Let ‘Em Eat Cake’s predecessor, Of Thee I Sing, only this time Henry Goodman played John P. Wintergreen. In addition they had previously appeared together in the politically oriented Sondheim musical Assassins, they went on to appear in the Sondheim musical Follies.

Louise Gold and Christopher Benjamin went on to appear together in 110 In The Shade .

Louise Gold and Frank Lazarus appeared together in New Girl In Town, they went on to take part in A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh.

Louise Gold and Matt Zimmerman have appeared together in Anything Goes (stage show) and on: Anything Goes (recording) - Website Recommended Album, and, Cole Porter - Night And Day.

Louise Gold and Bruce Ogston are on the albums Cabaret.and with Matt Zimmerman Anything Goes (recording) - Website Recommended Album.

Matt Zimmerman previously appeared in The Royal Variety Performance (1982)

Matt Zimmerman and Bruce Ogston’s recording credits include On The Town.

Kim Criswell and Matt Zimmerman’s recording credits include The History Of The Musical and The Greatest Musicals of the 20th Century

Kim Criswell’s recording credits include Encore! The Very Best From The Musicals, Simply Musicals, The Great Musicals – Laughter And Tears, Magic Of The Musicals, The Best Of The Musicals, 100 Hits Musicals, and, The Great Musicals - From Broadway to Hollywood.

Louise Gold and Kim Criswell went on to appear together in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and on the album On The Town.

Joss Ackland may have appeared in Kids At Heart.

Denis Quilley went on to appear at the Regent’s Park 70th Anniversary Gala, where his task was to introduce a trio of singers, including Louise Gold who were there “to sing for their supper”.

The BBC Concert Orchestra had previously played for Sondheim At The Barbican.

The BBC Concert Orchestra went on to play for a production of Du Barry Was A Lady (2001 Production) starring Louise Gold, which was also broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

The Imperial Theatre in New York was also the venue for the original production of the Gershwin musical Oh Kay (which Louise Gold starred in a concert staging of at Barbican Cinema 1) and the Kurt Weill musical One Touch Of Venus, which Louise Gold starred in concert stagings at Barbican Cinema 1 (see One Touch Of Venus (1992 Production)) and The Linbury Studio Theatre (see One Touch Of Venus (2000 Production))

A little later in the year (1994) Chris Neil went on to produce the BBC Radio quiz Let’s Do The Show Right Here (on which Louise Gold was a Team Captain).

Louise Gold and David Holt have gone on to appear together on the CD The Wartime Picnics.

Having appeared with Denis Quilley in this broadcast, Louise Gold went on to appear in a gala given in Denis Quilley’s memory, Happily Ever After.

Henry Goodman has gone on to appear in A Love Letter To Dan.

Kim Criswell, and Denis Quilley’s recording credits include The Great Musicals - Wonderful Tales.

Kim Criswell, and, Barry Wordsworth’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Glamour And Majesty.

Bruce Ogston may have taken part in Thing A Thon.


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