Kids At Heart

Louise Gold was one of the Guest-Artistes in Kids At Heart at The London Palladium on Sunday 20th January 1991, a fundraising even for Medical Aid for Free Romania.


Note: Please note the cast listing and running order is not necessarily accurate, the webmaster wasn’t present and  so is having to use the original printed programme of events as a guide. Under Cast, those artistes whose names appear in bold almost certainly appeared, those whose names appear in italics certainly had one of their pieces dropped, and may not have appeared at all. Those whose names are in neither bold or italic were billed to appear, but I do not have any information as to if they appeared and if so what they did.


Subject to Availability:  Maria Aitken, Russ Abbot, Alan Bates, Lynda Baron, Madelaine Bell, Gillian Bevan, Christopher Biggins, Debbie Bishop, Joesphine Blake, Melvyn Bragg, Gaye Brown, Dora Bryan, Marti Caine, Petula Clark, Joan Collins, Ronnie Corbett, Iieana Cotrubas, Lorna Dallas, Les Dennis, Edward Duke, Fenella Fielding, Derek Fowlds, Emma Freud, Maria Friedman, Tricia George, Aiden Gillet, Louise Gold, Nicholas Grace, Simon Green, Paul Greenwood, The Stephen Hill Singers, Patricia Hodge, Michael Howe, Sally Ann Howes, Glenda Jackson, Lesley Joseph, Gorden Kaye, Grace Kennedy, Sarah Kestleman, Stephanie Lawrence, Maureen Lipman, Philip Mandelli, Nichola McAuliffe, Geraldine McEwan, Roger McGough, Ian McKellen, Robert Meadmore, Alfred Molina, Claire Moore, Ken Page, Trevor Peacock, Clarke Peters, Shezwae Powell, Suzi Quatro, Claire Rayner, Jemma Redgrave, Angharad Rees, Angela Richards, Pam St Clement, Terry Scott, Ned Sherrin, Carmen Silvera, Sinitta, Martin Smith, Jack Tinker, Jill Washington, Ruby Wax, Elisabeth Welch, Carol Woods, Mark Wynter, Barbara Young.



Additional Artistes: Joss Ackland, Earlene Bentley, Isla Blair, Karla Burns, Magdalena Buznea, Cavin Cornwall, Sara Crowe, Ebony Francis, Phillip Gammonm, Julian Glover, Dollie Henry, Robert Hill, Evelyn Laye, Gareth Marks, Verona Marsh, Jessica Martin, Vicki Michelle, Bonnie Moore, Susannah Page, Delvin Straker, Dudley Sutton


Extra Artistes: Christopher O’Mara, Lucy Dixon, Michelle Hooper, David Kernan,


Also Appearing:

The Boys From The Bill - Larry Dann, Peter Ellis, Huw Higginson, Kevin Lloyd, Andrew Macintosh, Ben Roberts, Jeff Stewart & Colin Tarrant

The Stephen Hill Singers – Mary Carewe, Derek Chessor, Lee Gibson, Jim Graeme, Simon Haldane, Janet Mooney, Linda de Pauw, Anne Skates, Jo Thompson, Clive Walton, Michael Winson & Philip Wrigley

The Chris Power Dancers – Jacqui Boatswain, Cavin Cornwell, David Danns, Brenda Glassman, Stephen Grant, Sue Hadleigh, Dollie Henry, Stephen Joseph, Jan Lloyd, Leigh Miles, Nigel Shaw, Robert Wheeler & John Willet

The ‘Cats’ Company – Jacqui Boatswain, Joanna Dunn, Nichola Keen, Barbara King, Wendy Kitching, Marina Stevenson, Louise Tomkins, Lisa Waddington

The Ralph Reader Gang – Andrew Ableson, Andrew Bullock, Mark Clayton, Neil Couperthwaite, Philip Davies, Christopher Gee, Adrian Hardwicke, Alex Hartland, Nigel Harman, Simon Prendergast, Anthony Read, Edwin Robson

The Jeff Thacker Dancers – Eddie Burton, Richard Calkin, Gerad Casey, Tracy Cree, Martin Croft, Sarah Drummond, Nick Ferranti, Joan Handley, Craig Horwood, Paul Neam, Tommy O’Brien, Loretta O’Neal, Martin Ryan, Dawn Spence, Angela Tyas & Leander Wiseman


Production Team

Presented by – Show People 90

Directed by – David Kernan

Compiled by – John Kane

Principal Conductor – Michael Reed

Guest Director – Elijah Moshinsky

Principal Choreographers – Chris Power & Jeff Thacker

Associate Producer – Maria Friedman

Other Arrangers – Stuart Pedlar, Bunny Thompson, Harvey Brough, Kenny Clayton, Martin Smith, Paul Bateman, Steve Edis, Ted Brennan,

Other Choreographers – Doreen Hermitage, Stephanie Carter, Kenneth McMillan,

Other Conductors – Sandy Burnett,

Orchestra Leader - Richard Friedman


Running Order


Act 1

Take Me To Your Heart – Christopher O’Mara (Arranged by Stuart Pedlar)

When That I Was A Little Tiny Boy -

His Love Makes Me Beautiful – Lynda Baron, Gaye Brown, Marti Caine, Tricia George, Louise Gold, Lesley Joseph, Barbara Young, (Arranged by Bunny Thompson, Staged by Jeff Thacker)

Pregnancy – Russ Abbott & Les Dennis

Roger McGough – Roger McGough

God Bless The Child – Earlene Bentley (arranged by Harvey Brough)

Baby Song Medley – Debby Bishop, Michael Howe, Angela Richards, (Arranged by Michael Read, Staged by Jeff Thacker)

Miniature –

Moonshine Lullaby – Suzi Quatro

Burglar Bill – Alan Bates, Sara Crowe & Alfred Molina

Angharad Rees – Angharad Rees

Listen With Mother – Maureen Lipman

Never, Never Land – Sally Ann Howes & The Stephen Hill Singers

Nursery Rhymes – Marti Caine, & The Stephen Hill Singers (Arranged by Stuart Pedlar)

Childhood – Ronnie Corbett

Thank Heaven For Little Girls – Gorden Kaye & plus guests

A moment with Terry Scott – Terry Scott

The Wizard of Oz The Wiz – Gillian Bevan, Simon Green, Paul Greenwood, Trevor Peacock, Shezwae Powell, & Sinitta (Arranged by Kenny Clayton, Staged by Chris Power)

Walt Disney Medley – Lorna Dallas, Claire Moore, Martin Smith, (Arranged by Martin Smith & Paul Bateman, staged by Jeff Thacker)


Act 2

Macavity – Lucy Dixon, Michaelle Hooper and The ‘Cats’ Company

Five Go Off To Camp – Maria Aitken, Melvyn Bragg, Joan Collins, Edward Duke, Ian McKellan & Ned Sherrin

The Ralph Reader Gang Show – Christopher Biggins, Derek Fowlds, Nicholas Grace, Michael Howe, David Kernan, Phillip Mandelli, Jack Tinker, & Mark Wynter (Staged by Doreen Hermitage, Arranged by Steve Edis)

3 Spoken Pieces – Fenella Fielding

Do Re Mi – Petula Clarke and The Boys from The Bill: Larry Dann, Peter Ellis, Huw Higginson, Kevin Llyod, Andrew Macintosh, Ben Roberts, Jeff Stewart & Colin Tarrant (Arranged by Stuart Pedlar, Staged by Stephanie Carter)

60’s Medley – Madelaine Bell, Maria Friedman, Louise Gold & Claire Moore (Staged by Chris Power, Orchestrated by Ted Brennan, Conducted by Sandy Burnett)

Romeo And Juliet – Aiden Gillet & Jemma Redgrave

Pas de Deux (Choreography by Kenneth McMillan)

West Side Story – Robert Meadmore & Jill Washington (Arranged by Michael Reed)

Childhood – Glenda Jackson

A Romanian Song – Pianist Carmina Sarbu & Violinist Eugene Sarbu (Arranged by Stuart Pedler)

Let Them Live – Christopher O’Mara, Zoe Sailsman, and the children from: St Judes & St Paul’s School, C E Primary School Islington, St Mark’s C E Primary School Islington; and The Entire Cast.


One wonders if the actor Aiden Gillet might really be a misspelling of Aden Gillet, who’s TV credits include The House Of Eliott, and whose stage credits include Mary Poppins.

Louise Gold, Maria Friedman, and, Claire Moore went on to record together on the JAY/TER recording of Cabaret which Lucy Dixon and Dawn Spence also appear on.

Louise Gold, Maria Friedman, and, Lucy Dixon also went on to appear together in Merrily We Roll Along (Stage Production) and on the Merrily We Roll Along (Recording)

A track of Louise Gold and Claire Moore’s recording work from Cabaret was also included on Encore The Very Best From The Musicals an album which Schezwae Powell also sang on.

Martin Smith’s recording work includes Great Duets From The Musicals He had previously appeared in The Metropolitan Mikado.

Martin Smith and Maria Friedman went on to appear in A Time To Start Living.

Ned Sherrin had previously written material for Metropolitan Mikado

Shezwae Powell and Elisabeth Welch’s recording credits include: Cole Porter - Night And Day

Christopher Biggins, Robert Meadmore, and, Claire Moore’s recording credits include Simply Musicals.

Christopher Biggins, and, Lucy Dixon may have gone on to appear in Dear Ralph.

Kevin Lloyd had previously appeared in Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire

David Kernan and Paul Bateman’s recording credits include featuring with Louise Gold on Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It (Recording).

David Kernan, and, Robert Meadmore, along with Louise Gold went on to appear in Side By Side By Sondheim.

Show People ’90 Limited went on to present the first proper British production of Noel/Cole: Let's Do It  in Oxford, which Sally Ann Howes, Louise Gold David Kernan, and Paul Bateman were also involved with.

Nick Feranti, Maria Friedman, Simon Green, Schezwae Powell, and, Josephine Blake’s recording credits include The History Of The Musical

Schezwae Powell went on to appear in Follies

Maria Aitken, Gillian Bevan, Christopher Biggins, and, Jessica Martin went on to appear in Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala to which Steven Edis also contributed.

Jessica Martin’s recording credits include Spit In Your Ear she has appeared at Dress Circle Grand Reopening, and on television in the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image.

Joss Ackland appeared in Let ‘Em Eat Cake

Ned Sherrin and Paul Batemen had previously worked on the musical Ziegfeld and it’s album Ziegfeld (recording)

Gaye Brown, Robert Meadmore, Ned Sherrin, and Martin Smith had previously appeared in Ratepayers' Iolanthe & Metropolitan Mikado

Robert Meadmore and Christopher Biggins had previously appeared in The Soap Opera.

David Kernan, Ned Sherrin, Jack Tinker, Louise Gold, Gaye Brown, Lesley Joseph, Lynda Baron, and Josephine Blake, Maria Friedman, Pam St Clemant, Barbara Young, Craig Horwood, Marti Caine, and The Stephen Hill Singers and Stephen Grant had previously been involved with Chicago & Company.

David Kernan, Ned Sherrin, Jack Tinker, Louise Gold, Gaye Brown, Lesley Joseph, Lynda Baron, Tricia George, Michael Howe, Martin Smith and Josephine Blake, Pam St Clemant, Barbara Young, and Craig Horwood, Stephen Grant and The Stephen Hill Singers went on to be involved, along with Lorna Dallas and Fenella Fielding with Broadway To Brighton for which Stewart Pedlar was a pianist and orchestra member.

Lynda Baron, Maria Friedman, and, Louise Gold may have previously appeared together in Will-Aid also directed by David Kernan.

Alan Bates, Simon Green, Sally Ann Howes, David Kernan, Sara Kestleman, Gareth Marks, Nichola McAuliffe, Geraldine McEwan, Robert Meadmore, Claire Moore, and, Angela Richards may also have appeared in Will-Aid, and Ned Sherrin may also have been involved with it. It is also possible that Nicholas Grace could have appeared in it (there was an actor named Nickolas Grace in it).

Gillian Bevan, Martie Caine, Louise Gold, David Kernan, Claire Moore, Ned Sherrin, and, Martin Smith may have gone on to appear in Comedy Tonight, which David Kernan also directed. It’s possible that Loretta O’Neal could also have appeared in it as an ensemble player named Loretta O’Neill.

Lorna Dallas had previously appeared on The Royal Variety Performance (1982), she went on to appear in Happily Ever After.

Lorna Dallas and Jessica Martin went on to be guest contestants on the BBC Radio quiz Let’s Do The Show Right Here.

Lorna Dallas, Robert Meadmore, and, Ned Sherrin went on to appear in the Side By Side By Sondheim 25th Anniversary Gala.

Ned Sherrin, Fenella Fielding, Jessica Martin, and, Patricia Hodge went on to appear on Ned Sherrin’s Review Of Revue

Robert Meadmore had previously appeared in Metropolitan Mikado, and, Julia And Company, he went on to take part in Hubert Gregg’s Memorial Service.

Andrew Mackintosh, Ben Roberts, and, Jeff Stewart were still in The Bill four years later (when Louise Gold appeared in an episode).

Louise Gold had previously appeared at The London Palladium in The Royal Variety Performance (1977), Ziegfeld, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Nicola McAuliffe went on to originate on stage the role of Baroness Bomburst at The London Palladium in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. On that stage production’s last cast change, Louise Gold took over the role of Baroness Bomburst, to Christopher Biggins’s Baron Bomburst.

Lorna Dallas ( and indeed Petula Clarke and Stephanie Lawrence)’s recording credits include The Greatest Musicals of the 20th Century, which Paul Bateman also worked on.

Gordon Kaye along with Vicki Michelle and Carmen Silvera’s television credits include Allo Allo.

David Kernan, Simon Green, Maureen Lipman, Robert Meadmore, Christopher Biggins, Derek Fowlds, and, Ned Sherrin went on to appear in Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala.

Simon Green, Robert Meadmore, and, Angela Richards went on to appear in A Love Letter To Dan, as did Patricia Hodge, and, Jessica Martin, and also Lesley Joseph. One of the choreographers was also Doreen Hermitage. That gala also included amongst its company a performer named Nicola Keen, which might possibly be Nichola Keen.

Glenda Jackson had been a Guest Star on The Muppet Show.

Louise Gold, Claire Moore, and, Martin Smith’s recording credits include The Great Musicals - Wonderful Tales.

Lorna Dallas, and, Martin Smith’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Glamour And Majesty

Gillian Bevan, Maria Friedman, Louise Gold, and, Claire Moore’s recording credits include Centre Stage Showtime!.

After Ned Sherrin’s death The Company Of Mary Poppins’s late night FUNdraising cabaret special was dedicated to him.

Lorna Dallas, and, Robert Meadmore (and indeed Stephanie Lawrence, and, Elisabeth Welch)’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Dashing Heroes, Blushing Maidens.

Lorna Dallas, David Kernan, and, Martin Smith (and indeed Elisabeth Welch)’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Laughter And Tears.

Bunny Thompson had previously played the piano and conducted Anything Goes (stage show).

Robert Meadmore has gone on to take part in Shopping With The Stars 2008, which Nicholas Grace may have appeared in (well the actor Nickolas Grace took part in it).

Gillian Bevan, and, Claire Moore (and indeed Elisabeth Welch)’s recording credits include Magic Of The Musicals, on which Stuart Pedlar’s work is also included.

Ronnie Corbett, along with Jessica Martin went on to take part in A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh.

Simon Green went on to appear in Flaunt It 2008.

Sara Kestleman’s recording credits include The Best Of The Musicals.

Clark Peters, Angela Richards, Debbie Bishop, Pam St Clement, Emma Freud, Claire Rayner, Sinitta, Shezwae Powell, Gaye Brown, David Kernan, Ian McKellen, Claire Moore, Marina Stevenson, Ruby Wax, Alan Bates, Madelaine Bell, Christopher Biggins, Ronnie Corbett, Fenella Fielding, Lynda Baron, Gillian Bevan, Simon Green, Dawn Spence, Lesley Joseph, Patricia Hodge, Maureen Lipman, Nicola McAuliffe, Ned Sherrin, Carol Woods, Richard Calkin, Isla Blair, Julian Glover, Sally Ann Howes may have been involved with Thing A Thon, which Maria Friedman was very definitely involved with. It is also possible that Harvey Brough may have taken part in it (certainly there was an act called The Brough Boys in it).

Patricia Hodge went on to take part in Shopping With The Stars 2009.

Ronnie Corbett had previously taken part in Comic Relif 1986.

Gillian Bevan, Nick Ferranti, Maria Friedman, Robert Meadmore, and, Claire Moore (and indeed Petula Clark, Stephanie Lawrence, and, Elisabeth Welch)’s recording credits include 100 Hits Musicals.

Louise Gold, and, Claire Moore’s recording credits include Let’s Go On With The Show – Hit Songs From The West End & Broadway.

Gillian Bevan, Lorna Dallas, Maria Friedman, Simon Green, David Kernan, Claire Moore, and, Trevor Peacock’s recording credits include The Great Musicals - From Broadway to Hollywood, with also features Paul Greenwood, and, Elizabeth Welch; and includes the musical direction of Stuart Pedlar.

Gillian Bevan had previously appeared in Blood Brothers.

David Kernan’s radio credits include The Radio 2 Arts Programme Chichester Festival 1994

Julian Glover went on to appear in Oliver!. He can be heard on cast album Oliver! (Recording).

Madeline Bell, Lorna Dallas, Ned Sherrin, and, Dawn Spence, along with Gerard Casey all took part in CLIC’s 18th Birthday Celebration.

Les Dennis, and, Derek Fowlds, along with Lord Melvyn Bragg and some actors from The Bill appeared on the documentary ITV’s 50 Greatest Shows. It is possible that choreographer Chris Power may be the person of the same name who was that programme’s studio director.


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 Agency Licensing Campaign (article in The Stage):, and Online Petition (which anyone who supports it can sign): , seeing as Mark Wynter may be among the performers supporting this worthy campaign.


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