Justinís House

Louise Gold featured, as a Guest Puppeteer, performing Funella Furchester from The Furchester Hotel, in Series 3 Episode 6, first Broadcast on Cbeebies on 2 November 2014.



 Justin Fletcher Ė as Justin

Steven Kynman Ė as Robert The Robot

Katherine Smee Ė Puppeteer, as Little Monster (and others)

Louise Gold Ė Guest Puppeteer, as Funella Furchester


Production Team

 Writing- Tony Reed


Funella Furchester and Mr Cheesechomper are both characters from the Cbeebies and Sesame Street co-production The Furchester Hotel, for once making a cross-over appearance in Justinís House.

Louise Gold and Katherine Smee are both puppeteers on The Furchester Hotel, for which Tony Reed is also a writer.

Louise Gold, Steve Kynman, and, Katherine Smee had previously worked together on Muppet Treasure Island.

Louise Gold and Katherine Smee had previously puppeteered together on The Animal Show, and, That Puppet Game Show.

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