Julia And Company

- A Julia McKenzie Special

Louise Gold featured as one of four “newcomers” to television, Thames Television, recorded June 1986, broadcast Tuesday 9 September 1986


STOP PRESS: Louise Gold has two nominations in the Broadway World West End Awards: http://www.broadwayworld.com/westend/vote2015region.cfm

In particular she has been nominated for Understudy of The Year Female: http://www.broadwayworld.com/westend/liveupdate2015region.cfm?btype=4338&region=UK%20/%20West%20End#sthash.2TIlL8gx.dpbs  (for her performance as Momma Rose – she understudied Imelda Staunton)



Starring - Julia McKenzie

And Featuring - George Hearn

With Special Guest - Millicent Martin

Introduced by - Anton Rogers

And Introducing Four “Newcomers” to television - Robert Meadmore, Louise Gold, Erick Ray Evans, and, Sophie Winter


Production Team

 Directed by - Peter Frazer-Jones


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It was rather inaccurate to describe Louise Gold as “New to television”, besides having already established herself as one of the great ladies of British television puppetry with The Muppet Show and Spitting Image; she had also already appeared on television in: BlackAdder, For 4 Tonight, Rachel And The Roarettes, and been  a regular member of the cast of Laugh...? I Nearly Paid My Licence Fee.

According to his resume for The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in March 1981 (five years before this programme), Robert Meadmore was also “regularly seen on television at home and abroad”.

Julia McKenzie and Millicent Martin went on to appear together in A Time To Start Living.

Julia McKenzie and Louise Gold went on to appear together on the radio on Let’s Do The Show Right Here.

Julia McKenzie went on to guest on the radio on Ned Sherrin’s Review Of Revue, her recording credits include The Greatest Musicals of the 20th Century.

Julia McKenzie, Millicent Martin, Robert Meadmore, and, Louise Gold went on to appear in the Side By Side By Sondheim 25th Anniversary Gala, and, Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala.

Anton Rogers and Millicent Martin had previously appeared in The Royal Variety Performance (1982).

Anton Rogers, and, Robert Meadmore may have gone to appear on stage in Will Aid,

Anton Rogers went on to appear on television in A Week In The West End. He may have taken part in Thing A Thon.

Millicent Martin went on to appear in Comedy Tonight.

Robert Meadmore and Louise Gold had previously appeared together in leading role (The Mikado and Katisha) in The Metropolitan Mikado, and as a result they also appeared in A Concert Of Highlights From The Ratepayers Iolanthe & Metropolitan Mikado

. They went on to appear together in The Soap Opera, Side By Side By Sondheim, Hubert Gregg’s Memorial Service, and, Shopping With The Stars 2008.

Robert Meadmore went on to appear in Kids At Heart, and, A Love Letter To Dan; his recording credits include Simply Musicals, The Great Musicals – Dashing Heroes, Blushing Maidens, and, 100 Hits Musicals.

Thames Television also produced The Bill, and broadcast The Ghost Of Faffner Hall.

Interestingly both the girls among the “newcomers” had trained (at one time or another) at The Arts Educational School, when it was based in the Barbican area.

Julia McKenzie and Millicent Martin, in their costumes as The Dolly Sisters, appeared on the cover of that week’s (6 to 12 September 1986) TV Times.

The Dolly Sisters were also represented in the musical Ziegfeld.

Louise Gold went on to pay tribute to Dick Vosburgh in A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh, where she got to sing Film Cliche!


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The Sophie Winter Memorial Trust (in their biography of Sophie, they specifically mention her work on Julia & Company): http://www.sophiewintertrust.org/biog.htm


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