Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Touring Production)

Louise Gold featured, as Rachel (one of Jacobís wives), among the adoring maidens and Slave Girls, and Pontipharís wife, on tour, in 1976



 Listed In The Programme

Narrator - Adrian Rondeau

Pharoah/ Jacob - Damon Hardy

Jacobs wives

†††† Leah - Elaine Gibbs

†††† Rachel - Louise Gold

†††† Zilpah - Caro Gurney

†††† Bilhah - June Chadwick

Their sons

†††† Reuben - Rodney Madden

†††† Simeon - Phillip Suart

†††† Cad - Eden Phillips

†††† Judah - Warwick Evans

†††† Dan - David Creedon

†††† Napthali - Thom Booker

†††† Isachar - Kenn Oldfield

†††† Asher - Peter Walmsley

†††† Zebulin - John Cogan

†††† Benjamin - Mark Jefferis

†††† Levi - Fred Warder

Joseph - Paul Jones

Adoring Maidens and Slave Girls - Elaine Gibbs, Louise Gold, Caro Gurney, and, June Chadwick

Other parts played by the Company


Uncredited In Programm

Potiphar - Kenn Oldfield

Potipharís Wife- Louise Gold


Production Team

Presented By - Donald Bodley for Scotia Theatrical Ltd by arrangement with Robert Stigwood Organisation and David Land

Music by - Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Lyrics by - Tim Rice

Copyright in this play owned by Novello & Company Ltd, London

First performed by The Young Vic Company at The Edinburgh Festival in 1971, with Joan Heal as Potipharís wife.

Directed by - Donald Bodley

Choreographer - Denise Shaune

Designed by - Fay Barrett

Musical Director -Alan Leigh

Assistant Musical Director - David Harrison

Lighting by - Adrian M Redmond

Sound equipment - Autograph

Sound operated by - Adrian M Redmond

Costumes and Scenary - Anderton Enterprises Ltd

Company Stage Manager - Richard Lockwood

Deputy Stage Manager Ė Kim Robinson (in Nottingham), and, Giles de Gatache (in Wolverhampton)

Assistant Stage Managers - Howard Edmunds and Penny Harris

Wardrobe Mistress - Alison Love


Tour Dates

 †††††††††† Definitely: Theatre Royal Nottingham Monday 8 to Saturday 20 March 1976

Possibly:Birmingham 22 to 27 March 1976

Definitely: The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton Monday 29 March to Saturday 3 April 1976

Around this time there was also a production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Westcliffe Pavilion from the 19 April to the 15 May 1976, and in Perth from the 4 August 1976 for two or three weeks, but it is unclear whether either of these productions are in any way connected to this tour.


Louise Gold had previously appeared in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in York, only in that production Louise was in the chorus only, as Joan Heal herself reprised the role of Potipharís wife. Louise, however, went on to play Potipharís wife in productions of Joseph And The amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Norwich, and later on in Reading.

Damon Hardy and Louise Gold went on to appear in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Reading Production) which was also directed and produced by Donald Bodley by arrangement with Robert Stigwood Organisation. It was also designed by Fay Barrett. And Rodney Madden who appeared in this production went on to choreograph that one.

John Cogan had previously appeared in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (York Production), on which Kim Robinson was Stage Manager.

Louise Gold and John Cogan had also previously appeared together in My Fair Lady

Alan Leigh had previously been musical director on a touring production of Hair, which Louise Gold also appeared in. Elaine Gibbs and Thorm Booker had also appeared in that production of, but after Louise Gold had left the cast.

Louise Gold had previously appeared at Theatre Royal Nottingham when she was touring in Hair, and went on to appear there in The Cherry Orchard.

Louise Gold and Caro Gurney went on to appear in The Land Of The Dinosaurs

Louise Gold and Warwick Evans went on to appear in another religious musical Godspell

Louise Gold and Mark Jefferis both went on to become successful puppeteers (in fact both have worked on Jim Hensonís Creature Shopís productions at one time or another), and they have worked together as puppeteers on Spitting Image. They also both did voices (though not puppetry) on Five Minutes More; And contributed to the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image.

Fred Warder has also ventured into the realm of puppetry, in the 1980s he performed a few Full Body puppets on the Henson production Dreamchild. It was as an actor, however, that he appeared in Muppet Treasure Island, on which Louise Gold and Mark Jefferis worked as puppeteers.

Kenn Oldfield went on to become a successful choreographer, and fifteen years later at the Regentís Park Open Air Theatre, choreographed The Boys From Syracuse and A Midsummer Nightís Dream, both of which featured Louise Gold, another eleven years later, at the same venue he contributed to the choreography of Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala

Kenn Oldfield also worked as a choreographer on the galas Will-Aid and Comedy Tonight, both of which Louise Gold may have appeared in.

Paul Jones went on to appear in A Time To Start Living, for which Autograph also did the sound.

Louise Gold has also been in various other musicals for which Autograph did the sound, notably: Anything Goes (Stage show), Follies, Gypsy, and, Candide In Concert.

Composer Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber went on to be interviewed on television on A Week In The West End

Paul Jonesís recording credits include The Greatest Musicals of the 20th Century.


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