Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Reading Production)

Louise Gold featured as Potiphar’s Wife, Rachel (one of Jacobs’s wives) and among the Adoring Maidens & Slave Girls at The Reading Hexagon, from 26 December 1977 to 7 January 1978.



 Joseph – Bryan Evans

Pharoah / Jacob – Damon Hardy

Narrator – Richard Fox

Potiphar – George Gabriel

Mrs Potiphar – Louise Gold

Jacob’s Wives

Leah – Valerie Minifie

Zilpah – Celia Gore-Booth

Rachel – Louise Gold

Billhah – Kay Adshead

Their Sons

Reuben – Chris Hallam

Simeon – Robert Cotton

Gada – Richard Lindfield

Judah – Richard Rees

Dan – Ian Noble

Napthall – Philip Sully

Isacher – George Gabriel

Asher – Nigel Pratt

Zebulin – Edward Newborn

Benjamin – Peter Kosta

Levi – Gordon Fleming

Adoring Maidens and Slave Girls – Celia Gore-Booth, Louise Gold, Kay Adshead, and, Valerie Minifie


The Joseph Choir : - drawn from pupils of:

Uplands School:–

Penelope Foster, Wendy Jones, Datie Rance, Dawn Sargeant, Nicola Travers, and, Amanda White;

Robert Brown, Sarah Hancy, Kathryn Markby, Debbie May, Denise Rideout, and, John Ryan.

Holme Grange Preparatory School: -

Jonathan Agar, Scott Barnard, Adam Frobisher, Paul Heppner, Simon Heppner, Johanna Hodgson, Alexia Jiuinomez, Stephen Langton, Kirsten Mayer, and, Victoria Simpson;

Richard Edwards, Claire Johnson, Julian Marshall, Alistair Minton, Neal Stamp, Jeremy Stone, Simon Stone, Roger Sudlow, and. Neil Turner.

St. Peters Church Of England School: -

Ian Armstrong, Stephen Baskerville, Jill Beames, Ian Buckley, Jacqueline Burbidge, Catherine Cain,  Donna-Marie Clahar, Justine Cooper, Elizabeth Cotton, John Curnow, Lara Dare, Joanna Dee, Louise Eggleton, David Fletcher, David Hennig, Jenni High, James Kemp, Sarah Leonard, Adrian Millican, and, Neil Oldland;

Kathryn Boulton, Wendy Evans, Alison Jackson, Harjit Kaur, Kirnjeet Kaur-Mangat, Deon Lampkin, Alex Morris, Jacqueline Neale, Rebecca Newell-Price, Lisa Paina, Catherine Payne, Katie Prismail, Angela Quartermaine, Clare Rivers, Aileen Robertson, Joanna Saunders, Frances Shewill, Rebecca Vale, Clea Warburton, Cheryl White, and, Nicola Wilmot.


Production Team

 Produced by The Reading Hexagon and Donald Bodley Productions, by arrangement with Robert Stigwood Organisation, and, David Land

Music By – Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Lyrics by Tim Rice

First Performed by The Young Vic Company at The Edinburgh Festival in 1971, with Joan Heal as Potiphar’s Wife

Directed by – Donald Bodley

Choreographer – Rodney Madden

Musical Director – David O’Brien

Guitar – Ian Woolway

Drums – Colin Woolway

Bass – Nick Fisher

Saxophone – Frank Pritchard

Designed by – Fay Barret

Lighting By – Michael Hoyle

Technicolor is the registered trademark of Technicolor Inc

Stage Manager – Malcolm Wroe

Assistant Stage Manager – Gemma Bodley


Louise Gold had previously appeared in three other productions of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She first appeared in a production in York, where she played Jacob’s wife Rachel and adoring maidens and slave girls only (as Joan Heal recreated the role of Potiphar’s Wife in that one). Louise took on the role of Potiphar’s Wife (along with playing Rachel, adoring maidens and slave girls) in a Touring production, and then in a production in Norwich.

Damon Hardy had previously appeared in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Touring Production). Which had also been directed and produced by Donald Bodley, by arrangement with Robert Stigwood Organisation. It was also designed by Fay Barret. And Rodney Madden who choreographed this production appeared in that one.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (York Production) was also produced by arrangement with Robert Stigwood Organisation and David Land, in which Joan Heal reprised her original role.

Valerie Minifie went on to appear in The Pirates Of Penzance (Film).

It is not known whether the Richard Edwards listed among the children’s choir is or is not same person as the Trombone/Euphonium player of the same name in the pit orchestra of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

It is unlikely that Kathryn Boulton of the children’s choir here would have been the same person as Catherine Boulton who was one of the towns children in Squeak.


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