Joint Account

Louise Gold featured as Audrey Parrish, in Series 1 (of 2), Episode 5  (of 6), first broadcast on BBC1 at 20:30 to 21:00 on Thursday 23 February 1989.


Belinda - Hannah Gordon

David - Peter Egan

Ned Race - John Bird

Louise - Lill Roughley

Jessica - Ruth Mitchell

Charles Ruby - Richard Aylen

Student - Ricky Simmonds

Audrey Parrish - Louise Gold

Mr Ricketts - Andrew Hilton


Production Team

Written by - Don Webb

Sound - Scott Talbott

Lighting - Harry Bradley

Designer - Roger Harris

Produced and Directed by - Mike Stephens


Having previously made a puppeteering appearance on an episode of Blue Peter, and appeared in BlackAdder, Louise Gold has since gone on to make featured guest appearances in Casualty,  The House Of Eliott, Doctors, and, Gina’s Laughing Gear, and also puppeteered on That Puppet Game Show all first broadcast on BBC 1.

Mike Stephens also produced and directed Allo Allo, first broadcast on BBC 1, and which Louise Gold also made a featured appearance on

Peter Egan may well have appeared in Dear Ralph.

Lill Roughley and Louise Gold went on to appear in the same episode of Rita Rudner.

It is not known whether the actor Andrew Hilton was also the Show Caller of the same name for Candide In Concert.


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