Jim Davidson Presents

Louise Gold appeared as the actress playing Tanya in Mamma Mia, recorded at The Cambridge Theatre London, Scheduled broadcast time on BBC 1 at 21:30 to 22:20 on Friday 30 June 2000. (actually broadcast a bit later, the BBC was running late)



Host - Jim Davidson

Music - Jessica Simpson

Comedy - Frank Carson & Mark Walker

Performance - Atomic Kitten

Performance - The Cast Of Mamma Mia (features: Louise Plowright as Donna, Louise Gold as Tanya, and, Lesley Nicol as Rosie)


Production Team

Director - Geoff Miles

Executive Producer - Peter Estall


Mamma Mias contribution involved the three Dynamos (Louise Plowright with her backing singers Louise Gold and Lesley Nicol) in their finale costumes, leading the Mamma Mia company with their Mamma Mia finale version of Dancing Queen.

The three Mamma Mia dynamos featured here, and possibly other members of the cast (if they went on to appear in Cast 3), were shown in action (actually in the show) in A Week In The West End, ABBA - The Reunion, and, ABBA The Mamma Mia! Story.


Summary/ Review

by Emma Shane

Unfortunately I only caught this by chance, a bit late, when the cast were in the middle of singing Dancing Queen. So effective did the seventies style Mamma Mia finale costumes look that at first glance I thought it might be something from the 70s or 80s, and someone else thought it was a spoof. However, on noticing that the song was lead by three women, I realised it was obviously a Mamma Mia cast in final post finale mode. Since the Broadway production had just opened for a moment I wondered if it could be from that. A split second later I recognised the three leading woman as (from left to right) Louise Gold, Louise Plowright and Lesley Nicol, so it was London Production Cast 2. How wonderful they were, and the two Louises were particularly good. At the end of the number the camera panned away, and is it did so happened to alight on Louise Golds face, she was clearly aware of this (she is a experienced television comedy performer after all) for she gave it a look that was just characteristically her. All in all a delightful little appearance (of which I wish Id seen the whole thing). And what a thrill to see that particular Mamma Mia cast, especially Louise & Louise on television like that.


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