The Friday Play: Into Exile

Louise Gold featured, as Magda, broadcast on BBC Radio 4, on Friday 3 December 1999



Teacher - David Acton

Krakor - Tony Bell

Babu - Alison Fiske

Zilkha - Alexandra Gilbreath

Magda - Louise Gold

Mother - Caroline Loncq

Policeman - Steven Mangan

Sabine - Jackie Morrison

Mikla - Richard Pearce

Aram - Giles Taylor

Other parts played by members of the company


Production Team

Author - Jan Hartman

Producer - Catherine Bailey

Director - Edward Hall

Music (for violin and accordion) - Martin Lowe, based on traditional Balkan melodies.


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Giles Taylor went on to appear in the Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala.

Martin Lowe had previously been the musical director for Hot n Spicey 2, and went on to be the musical director for Mamma Mia (both of which Louise Gold appeared in). He also went on to appear on television on A Week In The West End.


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