Hands Together

Louise Gold starred as Bridget Bottomley for this BBC TV Pilot, filmed on 19 July 1992 (with a studio audience), but never transmitted



Host – Felix Bowness


Louise Gold - as Bridget Bottomley, the youth group leader

Catherine Ford – as Brenda Oliphant, the main girl in the youth group

Melissa Palmer – as Wanda Smith

Fiona Graham – as Sandra Lee

Nicola Buckingham – as Julie Ford

Lucy Whybrow – as Linda Ford

Lorna Brown – as Lizzie Stevens

Jane Colenutt – as Susan Theobald

Michelle Monks – as Pauline Gregory

Sophia Ashen – as Gillian Taylor

Karen Trott – as Janet Dobson

Freddy Douglas – as Chris Henley

Derren Littern – as Steve Crook

Chris Kennedy – as Gary Popescu

James Frain – as Davy Drayne

Demetri Goritsas – as Des Simonds

John Fox – as Kelvin Persey

Matthew Delamere – as Timothy Denton

Shaun Dingwall – as Rob Newton

Julian Maud – as Alan Green

Andrew Wilby – as Richard Young

Jonathan Cognac – as John Crook

Jonathan Chesterman – as Derek Spivey

Scott Handy – as Andrew Cameron

Ewan Thomson – as Geoffrey Osbourne

Andy Smith – as Nick Jordan

Karl Stimpson – as Brian Gibbs

James Wallace – as Clive Lucas

William Mitchell – as Julian Childs



The piece was set in 1965,


Apart from Louise Gold, all the other actors in the piece were from the Central School Of Speech And Drama. The front of the programme actually stated that the production: was “Starring Louise Gold And Actors From The Central School Of Speech & Drama”.


Catherine Ford subsequently became known as Catherine Tate.


Eighteen years later, Louise found herself working with another group a performers from the Central School Of Speech And Drama, when that institution supplied a group of puppeteers to assist her with a Puppet Walk around Hampstead.


Production Team

Produced & Directed by - Charles Garland

Writers – Charles Garland, John Scott, Nicky Scott

Setting Designed by – Dache Punt

Lighting – Duncan Brown

Sound – Mike McCarthy

Script Editor – Martin Booth

Production Manager – Jeremy Connor

Assistant Floor Manager – Beccy Fawcett

Production Assistant – Pippa Smith

Production Secretary – Katie Tyrrell

Floor Assistant – Sarah Ross

Sound Assistant – Chris Shellard

Costume Designer – Martine Cooper

Make-Up Designer – Eve Wignall

Properties Buyer – Bobby Warans

Prod. Op. Supervisor – Terry McDonald

Resources Co-Ordinator – Steve Lowry

Vision Mixer – Hilary West

Camera Supervisor – John Vincent

VT Editor – Chris Wadsworth


Critics Comments



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