Podcast Appearances

Listed on this page are any Podcast Broadcasts. Most of these tend to be about mainly about her puppetry.


  Puppet Tears Podcast (as Guest puppeteer talking about her work on The Muppet Show and the rest of her extraordinarily diverse career, First podcasted on 17 July 2019) see https://www.puppettears.com/louisegold.html

  The Barretta Brothers, ep #43, Youtube Broadcast (as Special Guest – talking about her work, particularly as a puppeteer, livestreamed on 14 February 2021 ): https://www.thebarrettabrothers.com/episodes/ep-43-louis-gold/

 Shout Radio  - Facebook Broadcast (as Guest Puppeteer – talking about her work on Spitting Image and The Muppet Show, first podcasted 27 March 2021):  https://www.facebook.com/shoutradio/videos/1109913432810006/

 Masters of None episode 19.11 (as Guest – talking about her work as a puppeteer, first podcasted, May 2021): https://soundcloud.com/mastersofnoneshow/ep-1911-muppeteer-louise-gold-interview

 Below The Frame With Matt Vogel ep #19, (as Guest Puppeteer, talking about her life, her childhood, and her Muppet work, first podcasted on 6 October 2021): https://belowtheframe.buzzsprout.com/1234895/9278171-ep-19-louise-gold-jerry-stories-bill-barretta-i-ll-see-you-in-my-dreams

 The New Wosley Theatre Podcast, Episode 1, from April 22 (as herself, an actress appearing in The Birds & The Bees)


 Nostalgia Talk, Epsidoe #57 (as Guest  - talking about her career): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzXNZp2r7uk

 Jake’s Happy Nostalgia Show, Episode 116 (as Guest – talking about her career, mainly The Muppets, but also The Lost Musicals got a mention): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQW3YQ2C5Gc





















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