Louise Gold was the first British puppeteer to work for Jim Henson's Muppets. Indeed until Catherine Smee joined the Muppet gang, Ms Gold seems to have been the only female British Muppeteer to regularly appear with the gang. Ms Gold's work with the Muppets has lead to her becoming an experienced puppeteer, who has also puppeteered on a few non-Muppet productions, most notably Spitting Image. For the purposes of this website, Creature Shop and any non-Muppet Henson productions that Ms Gold puppeteered on have been listed under 'Muppets'. Creature Shop productions that Ms Gold worked on only in her capacity as an actress have been listed under Film or Television acting. As one of the best singing talents among the Muppet performers, Louise Gold has often sung on their musical numbers, especially on The Muppet Show, and naturally she has been featured on a number of Muppet recordings, these have been listed under recordings.


 TV Shows

The Muppet Show - As: Annie Sue Pig, Lou-the-Jugband-lady, Big Mamma, and other assorted characters, 1977-1981.

The Muppets Go To The Movies - as Popcorn Girl and other assorted characters, filmed at Elstree, first broadcast in the USA 20 May 1981.

Fraggle Rock - puppeteering Gobo (not the voice), "English" "Outer-Space” segments, 1982 (broadcast 7 January to 14 April 1984), also puppeteered Sproket (not the voice) in the last handful of the “German” “Outer-Space” segments (probably broadcast in 1986).

The Tale of the Bunny Picnic - as Mother Bunny,1986.

The Ghost of Faffner Hall - as Fuhgetta Faffner, The Ghost), Tyne Tees Televison, 1989.

Sesame Street: - as: Ethel Mermaid, Louisey, Renata Scottie Dog, Charming, Frazzle's Mom, The Princess With The Pea, Prunella The Grouch, and other assorted characters, early 1990s.

The Secret Life of Toys - as: Raisin, Hortense, Daffodil and other assorted characters, filmed at Monheim Studios in Germany, first broadcast 5 March to 28 May 1994 (Muppet Central timeline says it was taped in 1993).

Jim Henson’s The Animal Show - as: Tizzy Bee, Bunnie Bear, Rhonda Rat and other assorted characters, 2nd season in 1995 and 3rd season in the last two months of 1997.

Mopatop's Shop - as various guest characters, including Meesy Mouse, Princess Lulabelle, Phoebe The Fortune Teller, Shula The Shark and other assorted characters in Series 2,  3 & 4, broadcast between 2000 and 2003.

That Puppet Game Show (as Amber O’Neal and Miss Jemima Taptackle, Series 1 first screened on 10, 17, 24, & 31 August, & 7 & 14 September 2013  and episodes scheduled for transmission on 29 December 2013 and 5 January 2014

The Furchester Hotel (as Funella Furchester and others, first screened from September 2014 onwards on cbeebies, and on Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel from November 2014 onwards)



The Great Muppet Caper - as Annie Sue Pig, Lou-the-Jugband-lady, and other assorted characters. Filmed at Elstree Film Studios,1981.

The Dark Crystal - as Skeksis Principal Puppeteer on The Gourmand Skeksis (SkekAyuk), and also fulfilled various other puppeteering duties, such as: Radio-control assistant for Kira, Skeksis Cable crew member (for other people’s Skekses), and Podlings. Filmed at Elstree Film Studios,1981.

Muppet Christmas Carol - as Mrs Dilbert Mrs Dilbert, Spider and other assorted characters, fulfilling various other puppeteering duties (such as assistant puppeteer on Gonzo in some scenes, and a Cockney Woman in others), filmed at Shepperton Studios, 1992 (Principal photography started on 11 June 1992).

Muppet Treasure Island - as Rat Tour Guide / Female Tourist rat and other assorted characters, filmed at Shepperton Studios, 1995 (principal photography 3 April to 7 July 1995).

Alice In Wonderland - (as one of The Additional Puppeteers, Tv film made by The Creature Shop for NBC, production began 10th August 1998. First broadcast Sunday 23 April 2000)

Muppets Most Wanted (as Annie Sue Pig, Wanda, A Kangaroo, and other puppeteering roles), filmed Spring & Summer 2013, realised Spring 2014



 Miscellaneous Muppet Appearances

 Royal Variety Performance 1977 - as a Muppeteer (Puppeteering Big Mamma), at the London Palladium on 21 November 1977.

Julie Andrews: One Step Into Spring – as a Muppeteer (puppeteering Big Mamma and other assorted characters), TV Easter special first aired on CBS, on 9 March 1978.

The All Time Get Around Sometime Play Together Every Other Friday Night Vaudeville Show  - as one of the members of the Muppet-gang, at Chats Palace, Homerton, Hackney (a club in London), Saturday 29 March 1980.

Of Muppets and Men The Making of The Muppet Show.- as one of the puppeteers on The Muppet Show,  filmed at ATV's Borehamwood Studios mainly during April and May 1980, first screened in the UK on ITV on 27 December 1981.

The World Of The Dark Crystal - Shown puppeteering on the film The Dark Crystal, mostly as Principal puppeteer on SkekAyuk - The Gourmand Skeksis, also as Assistant Puppeteer on Kira, 1981.

Blue Peter, item about The Dark Crystal - as a The Dark Crystal puppeteer, puppeteering Podlings doing a Podling dance, BBC 1, 17:10 to 17:33 on 17 February 1983.

Jim Henson’s Memorial Service – as one of the puppeteers taking part in the service (she puppeteered Annie Sue Pig) at Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, May 1990.

The Making Of Muppet Christmas Carol - Shown puppeteering on the film Muppet Christmas Carol, 1992.

The Wonderful World Of Puppets - as an "Expert" puppeteer. Talking about both The Muppet Show and Spitting Image. Recorded 23 December 1999, Broadcast on BBC2 on 3 January 2000.

I Love The Muppets - As herself, a Muppeteer, talking about working on The Muppet Show. Also in some of the clips from Of Muppets And Men The Making Of The Muppet Show, and puppeteered in various clips from The Muppet Show. Recorded 28 March 2002, First screened 19:00 to 20:00 on Easter Monday 1 April 2002.

ITV’s 50 Greatest Shows  - as ‘The Queen’ from Spitting Image, and, as herself a Muppet Puppeteer on The Muppet Show, Broadcast on ITV 1, from 19:00 on Saturday 10 September 2005.

Puppet Walk (as herself – the tour guide, a Muppeteer, the only British puppeteer to work on The Muppet Show, around Hampstead, on Sunday 1 August 2010 (stared 11:00am).

Labyrinth 25th Anniversary Screening  (as herself, a ballroom dancer from the film Labyrinth, and a notable British film and television puppeteer, at The Little Angel Marionette Theatre, 27 March 2011)

Justin’s House (as Guest Puppeteer, performing Funella Furchester from The Furchester Hotel, first screened on 2 November 2014 on cbeebies)




 Archive Muppet Footage Only

Henson’s Place - (uncredited) puppeteering in the old The Muppet Show, and appears as herself (though unnamed) in clips from Of Muppets And Men The Making Of The Muppet Show, 1984.

The Kermit And Miss Piggy Story - puppeteering in some of the clips from The Muppet Show, is named in the credits, 1985.

The Muppets A Celebration Of 30 Years - puppeteering in some of the clips from The Muppet Show, 1986.

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson aka Jim Henson A Tribute - (uncredited) Puppeteered on some of the old The Muppet Show clips, 1991.

The World Of Jim Henson. -  Puppeteered on some of the clips from The Muppet Show, also a clip of Ms Gold herself from Of Muppets And Men The Making Of The Muppet Show, and, at Jim Henson’s Memorial Service, 1994.

CNN People Profiles: Jim Henson - (uncredited) Puppeteered on some of the clips from The Muppet Show, also clips of Ms Gold herself in Of Muppets And Men The Making Of The Muppet Show, and, at Jim Henson’s Memorial Service. Broadcast 27 April 1999.

Zippy And George’s Puppet Legends – (Uncredited probably puppeteered on some of the archive clips from Spitting Image and The Muppet Show), Channel 4, Autumn 2005

Best Ever Muppet Moments – (Uncredited) Puppeteered on some clips from The Muppet Show, and, The Muppet Christmas Carol, also clips of Ms Gold herself in Of Muppets And Men The Making Of The Muppet Show, and, The Making Of The Muppet Christmas Carol. First broadcast on ITV1 from 19:00 to 20:00 on Saturday 11 March 2006.

The Story Of Light Entertainment - Episode 8 ‘Variety’ – (Uncredited) Puppeteered on some clips from The Muppet Show, and probably also in clips from Of Muppets And Men The Making Of The Muppet Show. Broadcast on BBC2 from 21:25 to 23:00, on Saturday 9 September 2006.


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