Film Acting

In the course of her long and varied career Ms Gold has made a number of film appearances. Her two best know film appearances both involved Gilbert and Sullivan. Her most notable film appearance is probably in Topsy Turvy under the direction of Mike Leigh. Ms Gold has also worked on several films, for Jim Henson Productions, in her capacity as a professional puppeteer.

 Pirates of Penzance (as Edith, in 1982)- Regrettably, like all the other minor characters she did not get to do her own singing. However, even though she was not singing she nevertheless made the most of it.

 Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire (as Miss Sullivan, in 1985) - In this Vampire-film-musical Ms Gold played a reporter covering a snooker match, where one of the snooker players was a Vampire.

 Labyrinth (as a Ballroom Dancer, in 1986). - For once, a Henson production that she worked on as an Actress rather than a puppeteer.

 Topsy Turvy (as Rosina Brandram, in 1999). - In Mike Leigh's new Gilbert and Sullivan Biopic-cum backstage musical. Ms Gold plays an indefatigable member of the Doyly Carte Company.

Crush (as Eleanor, in 2001) - This appears to be another entertainment in the Abbasolutely Fabulous genre of 70ís girls growing old disgracefully.


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