Cabaret Appearances

It is likely that Ms Gold has made other UK Cabaret appearances. Listed here are her major appearance, or rather the ones that the webmaster is aware of. Charity performances are listed on a separate page. If anyone knows of any Cabaret appearances of Ms Gold's that have not been listed do email the webmaster.

 The All Time Get Around Sometime Play Together Every Other Friday Night Vaudeville Show  (as one of the members of the Muppet-gang, at Chats Palace, Homerton, Hackney, Saturday 29 March 1980)

 Anna Rexic & The Compulsives (as a member of this alternative cabaret group, at The Drill Hall and The Royal Court; and other venues, approximately circa 1982 to 1988)

             Comedy Store Players (made a guest appearance with, possibly around 1987)

 Louise Gold and Jason Carr in Cabaret “Louise Gold Sings Some Nice Songs” (as herself at Lauderdale House on 24 February 2002, Jermyn Street Theatre on 20 April 2002, and in the Hampstead & Highgate Festival Special at Lauderdale House on 19 May 2002)

 Louise Gold ... By Appointment (as herself at The Jermyn Street Theatre, 16 to 21 December 2002)

 Final Chic Cabaret 2003 (as herself a member of The Chichester Festival Theatre’s 2003 Repertory Company, 29 August 2003)

 Louise Gold ... By Appointment (as herself at Lauderdale House, 20 November 2005)

 Dead By 12 (as herself, a Guest on a spoof chat-show cabaret, The Sound Theatre, 11pm to 12 midnight, Thursday 11 May 2006)

 Louise Gold ... By Appointment (as herself at Norden Farm Centre For The Arts, Saturday 29 March 2008)

 Mortlake With East Sheen Society 40th Anniversary Celebration  (as herself, the cabaret entertainer hired for a for a community amenity society’s fortieth anniversary celebration, a private gig, at Sheen Lane Centre, Sunday 25 January 2009). See: . It is not known whether or not her performance incorporated parts of her LOUISE GOLD...By Appointment act.)

 James Church’s Cabaret Night – (as herself, at Norden Farm Centre For The Arts, Saturday 15 September 2012)

 Sondheim Women – (as herself (a Sondheim Singer), at St James Theatre Studio Theatre, 7 September 2013)

 Jason Carr in Somethin’ Good – (as herself, one of Jason Carr’s Special Guests for his act, Friday 8th September 2017)





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