For 4 Tonight

Louise Gold featured as Maureen Bedford, one of the team of four, in an episode (actually Episode 2) first broadcast on London Weekend Television between 23:00 to 23:30 on 8 October 1983 (note, it must have been recorded several months earlier in the year, prior to the 21 July)


George Irving  - as Tony Royale (The TV Chat Show Host)

Rachel Bell - as Avril Petrie


The Team Of Four Guests

Yvonne Edgell

Jo Warne

Louise Gold - as Maureen Bedford

Norman Chappell


The Band

Don Harper

Sam Harding

Stan Roderick

Ronnie Verrell


Uncredited in the TV Times (and BFI Database)

David Claridge


Production Team

Written by - Ruby Wax

Designer - Mike Oxley

Director/Producer - Michael Dolenz

Produced by - London Weekend Television


Michael Dolenz is also often credited as Mickey Dolenz

It is worth that as a singing-puppeteer Louise Gold has certainly performed to the work of some of the members of The Band, since some of them had previously been the actual musicians providing the music for ‘Electric Mayhem’ and co on The Muppet Show. Notably: drummer Ronnie Verrall provided the real drum notes for Animal.

Although puppeteer David Claridge does not appear to have received a credit in the TV Times for playing a guest on the show, he must have been on this edition of the show because in an interview, fellow British puppeteering legend Louise Gold recollected him being on it, and asking her if she would be interested in working with him, and she subsequently puppeteered on his big BBC show Roland Rat The Series. Both of them went on to take part in the television documentary The Wonderful World Of Puppets.

Rachel Bell had previously appeared on stage with Louise Gold in Once A Catholic, a production which was supposed to mark Louise Gold’s “come back as a proper actress”.

Rachel Bell may have gone on to appear in Dear Ralph.

Ruby Wax may have gone on to take part in Thing A Thon.


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