Flaunt It 2008

Louise Gold appeared as herself one of the singers taking part in this late night event, at The Fortune Theatre, starting at 23:30 on Thursday 30 October 2008. In aid of TheatreMAD



 Host Richard Gauntlett

Starring: - Desmond Barrit, Daniel Boys, Adam Buchanan, Ashley Campbell, Earl Carpenter, Anna-Jane Casey, Matt Elson, Shaun Escoffery, Joanne Farrell, Josefina Gabrielle, Scott Garnham, Louise Gold, Simon Green, Emma Lindars, Carl Mullaney, Sophia Ragavelas, Jon Robyns, David Thaxton, and, Liam Tamne


Production Team

 Musical Direction & Arrangements Michael England

The Band

Piano Michael England

Bass (Guitar) Fraser Snell

Drums Ali Van Ryne


Stage Manager Louisa Davis

Sound Leigh Davies

Lighting Peter Bragg

Poster Artwork Earl Carpenter

For The Fortune Theatre

Theatre Manager Gerry Loates

Deputy Theatre Manager Alice Miller

Box Office Manager Matt Kemp

Chief Electrician Ted Tomiak

Deputy Chief Electrician Stephen Derham

Master Carpenter Dave Peltier

Deputy Master Carpenter Jon Mullinex

Head Usher Emma Shaw

Stage Door Keepers Daniel Whelan, and, Amanda Sym

For TheatreMAD

Chair David Pendlebury

Production & Development Manager Oli Seadon

Casting Bexfield Deitch Associates


For a review/account of Flaunt It 2008 please click here.

Most of the people involved with TheatreMAD had previously been involved with Theatrecares and before that West End Cares. Louise Gold starred in The Company Of Mary Poppins for Theatrecares, and appeared in Chicago & Company, and, A Time To Start Living for West End Cares.

Simon Green had also previously appeared in A Time To Start Living for West End Cares.

Leigh Davies, Peter Bragg, David Pendlebury, and, Oli Seadon also worked on The Company Of Mary Poppins for Theatrecares.

Louise Gold has previous appeared at The Fortune Theatre in Nunsense, 110 In The Shade, and, Happily Ever After.

Ted Tomiak also worked on Happily Ever After.

Desmond Barrit, and, Louise Gold had previously starred together in Du Barry Was A Lady (2001 Production), and appeared at Chichester in: Final Chic Cabaret 2003, Curtain Up, and Christmas Concerts 2003.

Joanne Farrells recording credits include Stop The World I Want To Get Off.

Simon Green may have previously appeared in Will Aid, and, Thing A Thon. He has previously appeared in Kids At Heart, the Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala, and, A Love Letter To Dan. His recording credits include The History Of The Musical.

David Pendlebury had previously appeared in Du Barry Was A Lady (1993 Production).

Shaun Escoffrey, and, Simon Greens recording credits include The Great Musicals - From Broadway to Hollywood.



Critics Comments



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