Fact File On Louise Gold


 Spotlight Information

·         Height:                   5 feet 9 inches

·         Eye colour: Brown

·         Agent:                     Claire Hoath Management, See: http://www.clairehoathmanagement.com/                             

·         Voice Overs           Lip Service, See http://www.lipservice.co.uk/ 



  Other Professional Information

·         Official Twitter Account: @annalouisegold

·         Cabaret Act     LOUISE GOLD . . . By Appointment


 Other Information

·               Born in:                                                                London, 1956

·               Trained:                                                               Arts Educational School, London. (from the age of 11)

·               Professional Debut:                                            22 December 1973, as Fairy Bowbells in Dick Whittington, at the Malvern Festival Theatre (while in her last year at stage school)

·               Professional Musical Theatre Debut               Hair, in Sunderland, Autumn 1974

·               Puppetry Training                                              Jim Henson and Company, on the job (on The Muppet Show)

·               Joined The Muppets:                                         1977 (during the second season of The Muppet Show)

·               West End Debut:                                                26 May 1982 at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in The Pirates of Penzance (at least that is the first proper West End acting credit I’ve managed to find - although she did appear at The London Palladium on 21 November 1977 as a Muppeteer in The Royal Variety Performance (1977))

·               Best example of her singing on record:           Anything Goes (Recording) - (CD Music Theatre Hour) CDTEH6011 (well in the webmaster’s opinion it’s the best)

·               Best known Tv appearance:                              Blackadder (First series episode 5)

·               Best known Tv shows, as a puppeteer:            The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Spitting Image, and The Furchester Hotel.

·               Most notable puppetry characterisations:       Annie Sue Pig on The Muppet Show and Funella Furchester on The Furchester Hotel.

·               Non/Semi-Professional work                           Was roped into appearing with the politically-minded semi-professional Fall Out group’s shows in the early 1980’s.



·                Muppet Central/Tibby's Bowl Interview http://www.muppetcentral.com/articles/interviews/gold.shtml  This is an offsite link, to the Muppet Central website, where you will find an interview, that was conducted by Fax and Letter with Louise Gold, during the autumn of 1998 (The interview was actually published on the web at the end of February 1999). In this interview she tells the reader about both strands of her extraordinary career.

·                TheatreNow.Com interview: Gold On Stage: Louise Gold In Follies: http://www.theatrenow.com/asp/link.htm?news.asp?art=3430&cat=1  This is an offsite link, to an interview carried out by Theatre.Com’s Paul Webb, one hot summer’s day, while Louise was appearing in Follies at The Royal Festival Hall. Although the interview is ostensibly about her role in Follies she also talks about her other Sondheim performances, along with: Memphis Tennessee, Political Theatre, and Spitting Image

·                Mistress Of Puppets: http://www.enfieldindependent.co.uk/display.var.653310.0.mistress_of_puppets.php This Offsite link is to an interview carried out by Enfield Independent’s Alex Kasreil, to publicise Louise’s performance of the short version or her Cabaret Act at Lauderdale House in November 2005.

·                BFI Transcript of BFI event about Spitting Image: https://www.bfi.org.uk/features/interviews/spitting-image.html This Offsite link is a transcript of the BFI Spitting Image event (they had a few problems with audibility, so some comments got lost)

·                Theatre Radio’s interview with Louise Gold: http://www.officiallondontheatre.co.uk/news/display?contentId=88986  This Offsite link is to the official download page for an interview carried out by Tim McArthur, just after Louise had joined the cast of Mary Poppins, other shows mentioned are: Anything Goes, Assassins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and, Merrily We Roll Along. 

·                BBC Website Furchester Hotel Cast Interview: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/thefurchesterhotel/funella



·               Louise Gold is an actress who "sort of fell into puppetry".                              

·               She might be described as An Actress & Puppeteer.

·               Louise was the first British puppeteer to work for Jim Henson (and the only British puppeteer to work on The Muppet Show). She learned her craft as a puppeteer by being taken on as a trainee puppeteer on The Muppet Show.

·               Louise is left - handed and puppeteers that way (which is very unusual for a Henson-trained puppeteer)

·               True to her Henson training Louise is a ‘Straight Scan’ puppeteer (that means that when she is puppeteering on film or TV she uses an ordinary monitor  - for an explanation of Straight Scan and Reverse Scan monitors, see Marcus Clarke’s informative article on the subject: http://www.handsuppuppets.com/html/Puppeteer-Monitors.html )

·               As a puppeteer Louise has worked with a variety of puppeteering techniques. Obviously she is primarily well versed in the arts of Hand-and-Rod-puppetry, and, Live hands puppetry. As a Henson Puppeteer she has also: operated her share of Rod-Puppets (most notably on Muppet Treasure Island); While on The Dark Crystal she worked pretty sophisticated Cable Control Puppets and did her share of working radio control functions. And she performed a CG Puppet (Computer Generated Puppet) using HPCS  (the Henson Performance Control System) on The Animal Show.

·               Her ability to do different accents is amazing –  for example a linguist once described her Brooklyn accent as “letter perfect”.

·               She has an incredibly powerful singing voice, which often gets compared to Merman!

·               Louise was the first puppeteer hired to work on the pilot episodes of the programme that became Spitting Image, and was their original Leading Puppeteer, for the pilots episodes and first series.

·               She was the lead singer of Spitting Image’s first single Da Do Run Ron

·               Louise has twice been in shows that made it into the Guinness Book Of Records, as flops. These are Ziegfeld (one of the Greatest Theatrical Losses) and Bag (Lowest Theatre Attendance).

·               On her voice-over resume (with Lip Service) Louise is one of only 12% of actors who actually specifies that they can lip synch. (in her case “Extremely proficient at lip synching”)


  Awards and Accolades  

When it comes to awards Louise often seems a bit left-out, however, for details her few Awards and Accolades please click here.


   Further Reading

Louise herself (or at the very least her work) has been mentioned (and in some cases interviewed) in the following books: (For some strange reason it always seems to be her puppeteering that gets her mentioned in books, whereas her acting & singing tends to get her mentioned in magazines and newspapers)

·         The Art Of The Muppets - By Henson Associates, first published in 1980 by Muppet Press and bantam book. ISBN 0-553-01313-0 (Louise was not singled out in this book, but she is in one of the pictures, and is obviously one of the people referred to in the line about bit players)

·         Of Muppets and Men - The Making Of The Muppet Show. By Christopher Finch, first published in 1981 by Michael Joseph Ltd. ISBN 0 7181 2112 0 (Note, the details on this book, such a publisher info and ISBN may vary)

·         The Making Of The Dark Crystal - by Christopher Finch, Published by Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, New York, 1983 
ISBN: 003063332X

·         Tooth & Claw - The Inside Story Of Spitting Image. By Lewis Chester, first published in 1986 by Faber and Faber, ISBN 0-571-14557-4

·         Jim Henson The Works. By Christopher Finch, first published in 1993 by Random House. ISBN 0-679-41203-4

·         No Strings Attached - The Inside Story Of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. By Matt Bacon, first published in 1997 by Virgin. ISBN 1-85227-669-X (Louise isn’t specifically mentioned, but her work on certainly is)

·         Voices, Faces, Characters - by Christopher Hillard, published in 2001, by Cavilier Productions, Melbourne, Australia,. ISBN 0-646-40854-2


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