Dear Ralph

A Valentine Gala - in association with BBC Video

Louise Gold featured in Dear Ralph  - a fundraising event in aid of The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at The Shaftsbury Theatre (starting at 7:30pm) on Sunday 13 February 1994.

 Note: Please note the cast listing is not necessarily accurate, the webmaster wasn’t present and so is having to use the original programme for the event as a guide, although it is quite likely that the people listed took part, along with others who weren’t listed. It is known that Louise Gold definitely appeared in it.

Programme information is provided here thanks to the very kind help of The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Research Fund



 Performers (as listed in the programme): Babette Langford’s The Young Set,  Daisy Bates, Will Bates, The Will Bates Band, Christopher Biggins, Patti Boulaye, Clive Carter,  Bernard Cribbins, Belinda Cryer, Janie Dee, Jim Diamond, Lucy Dixon, Donald Douglas, Geoff Driscoll, Peter Egan, Robin Ellis, Michelle Fine, Myra Frances, Louise Gold, Kim Goody, Peter Gordeno, John Gould, Winston Graham, Steve Hackett, Francis Haines, Roy Hilton, The Hollies, Tina Jones, George Layton, Alfred Marks, Kevin McNally, Zoot Money, Richard Morant, Joanna Riding, The Peter Gordeno Dancers, Howard Samuels, Sandi Toksvig, Wanda Ventham, Jane Wymark, Jeremy Young and the stars of BBC TV’s Dear John,


Also Appearing:

The Will Bates BandQuentin Collins, Will Bates, Matt Lane, Luke Cox, Seb Chew, Eliza Mishcon

The Hollies - Allan Clarke, Alan Coates, Tony Hicks, and, Francis Haines

The Peter Gordeno Dancers Sam Dean, and, Jodie Star

The Stars of BBC TV’s Dear John  - Rachel Bell, Peter Blake, Jean Challis, Lucinda Curtis, Peter Denyer, and, Belinda Lang,

Babette Langford’s The Young Set - ?

The Band – Jason Wright (Keyboards), Jimmy Gallagher (Saxophone), David Meehan (Trumpet), Matt Cheadle (Guitar), and, Paul Morgan (Drums)



Daisy Bates, Donald Douglas, Peter Egan, Robin Ellis, Myra Frances, Alfred Marks, Kevin McNally, Richard Morant, Wanda Ventham, Jane Wymark, Jeremy Young, and The cast of ‘Dear John’.


Billed On Original Advertising (but in the end did not appear):

Linda Marlowe (but she did help with directing it), Kate O’Mara, John Sessions, Jason White, and, The Stars of BBC TV’s Poldark (it seems, that while some of them did take part individually they were not billed as a group)


Production Team

Presented by – Virginia Wetherell and the trustees of The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund by arrangement with The Theatre Of Comedy Company Ltd and Cameron Mackintosh

 Produced in association with - BBC Video

Directed by – Ian Talbot

Co-ordinators – Christopher Biggins, and, Angela Graham-Jones

Musical Director – Jason Wright

Production Team – Elli Bremner, Graeme Hampton, Andy Holton, and, Ceris Jones

Assistants to Virginia Wethrell –  Rupert Byng, and, Julian Deeming

Publicity – Deborah Carey, Nick Grange, and, Georgina Linhart

Front Of House Design – Harley Page, and, Erica Page

Marketing Consultant – Jeanne Cook

Roadie – Ray Butt

Wardrobe – Denise Montecolombi

Catering – Peter Mishcon, Penny Mishcon, Mark Harvey, and, Chrissey Welsh

Head Of Glitter Buckets – Myra Frances

The Theatre Of Comedy Company Ltd

Artistic Director – Alan Strachan

Chief Executive – Nick Salmon

Assistant to Mr Strachan, and, Mr Salmon – Jacki Harding

Theatre Manager – Patrick Murphy

Financial Controller – Rod Cheesman

House Manager – Marc Evans

Catering Manager – Mary Keogh

Box Office Manager – Claire Wharfe

Deputy Box Office Manager – Alex Welch

Chief Electrician – John Harris

Deputy Chief Electrician – Peter Fordham

Master Carpenter – Lee Eld

Deputy Master Carpenter – Paul Skeggs

Chargehand Stage – Spencer New

Stage Door Keeper – Harry Gabriel

The Ralph Bates PCR Fund Entertainment Committee – Peter Blake RA, Chrissy Blake, Ray Cooney, Angela Graham-Jones, Timothy Goode, Richard Hatton, Julie Hodgess, Patrick Malynn, Roger Ordish, Jules Peck, Robert Peck, Penny Radford, John Sullivan, and, Sharon Sullivan

Sound by – Theatre Projects (Dave Perry, Roland Hemming, and, Nicola Pretious)


Running Order

 Part 1

1. The Will Bates Band - Quentin Collins (Piano), Will Bates (Saxophone), Matt Lane (Guitar), Luke Cox (Bass), Seb Chew (Drums), and, Eliza Mishcon

2. Master Of CeremoniesChristopher Biggins

3. The Young Set – Directed By Babette Langford

4. “Dear John”Rachel Bell, Peter Blake, Belinda Lang, Peter Denyer, Jean Challis, and, Lucinda Curtis

5. Janie Dee & Clive Carter

6. John Gould

7. Joanna Riding

8. Jim Diamond & Zoot Money

9. Peter Gordeno & his dancers Peter Gordeno with Sam Dean, and, Jodie Star

10. Patti Boulaye


Part 2

11. “Invade My Privacy” A Musical Celebration of the Works of Fran Landesman from the Kings Head Theatre, Islington

- with Belinda Cryer, Lucy Dixon, Michelle Fine, Tina Jones & Howard Samuels

Musicians – Roy Hilton (Piano), Geoff Driscoll (Saxophone),

Devised & Compiled by Howard Samuels

Directed by Linda Marlowe

12. Steve Hackett & Will Bates (Saxophone)

13. “Taking The Mikado” written by David Wood & John Gould George Layton accompanied by John Gould

14. Louise Gold

15. A Hole In The Ground Bernard Cribbins

16. Raffle Draw – drawn by Winston Graham

17. Sandy Toksvig

18. Kim Goody accompanied by Francis Haines

19. The HolliesAllan Clarke, Alan Coates, Tony Hicks, and Francis Haines

20. Finale


It is known for definite that Kim Goody and The Hollies appeared in the gala. Everyone else is very likely to have appeared.

Louise Gold had previously taken part in another charity event at The Shaftsbury Theatre, the first Comic Relif 1986.

Christopher Biggins, and, Lucy Dixon had previously appeared in Kids At Heart.

Christopher Biggins, and, Janie Dee have gone on to appear in Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala, along with Cameron Mackintosh.

 Christopher Biggins, Bernard Cribbins, Janie Dee and, Joanna Riding, along with Ian Talbot went on to appear in the Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala.

Christopher Biggins’s recording credits include Simply Musicals.

Kim Goody’s previous stage credits include a national tour of the musical Hair.

Clive Carter, Janie Dee and, John Gould George Layton may have gone on to appear in Comedy Tonight, with George Layton and John Gould also performing Taking The Mikado.

Alfred Marks may have previously appeared in Will-Aid.

Janie Dee, and, Joanna Riding, along with Cameron Mackintosh went on to appear on television on A Week In The West End.

Zoot Money had previously appeared in the films The Pirates Of Penzance (Film) and Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire. His recording credits include Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire (Soundtrack single).

Christopher Biggins has gone on to appear (alongside Louise Gold) in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Peter Egan’s TV credits include Joint Account.

Louise Gold had previously appeared at The Shaftsbury Theatre in Comic Relief, and, A Time To Start Living.

Janie Dee along with Linda Marlow have gone on to appear in A Love Letter To Dan, which Spencer New went on to stage manage; in aid of the Kings Head Theatre, Islington.

Clive Carter had previously appeared in My Fair Lady, and, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (York Production). His recording credits include The Great Musicals - From Broadway to Hollywood.

Janie Dee’s recording credits include Defiant Dames.

Lucy Dixon, and, Michelle Fine had previously appeared in Merrily We Roll Along (Stage production), and their recording credits include Merrily We Roll Along (Recording).

Lucy Dixon, and, Howard Samuels’s recording credits include Cabaret.

Michelle Fine had previously appeared in Assassins, her recording credits include Stop The World I Want To Get Off.

John Gould went on to play the piano for the radio quiz Let’s Do The Show Right Here.

Howard Samuels’s recording credits include Encore The Very Best From The Musicals, The History Of The Musical, and, Magic Of The Musicals.

Rachel Bell had previously appeared on television in For 4 Tonight, and on stage in Once A Catholic.

Belinda Lang had previously appeared on stage in Angry Housewives.

Ian Talbot had previously directed A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and went on to direct Kiss Me Kate. He also went on to take part in Shopping With The Stars 2008.

It is not known whether or not the Electrician John Harris is the same John Harris who was a rigger on the film Muppet Treasure Island.

Cameron Mackintosh went on to produce Mary Poppins, which Louise Gold appeared in.

Cameron Mackintosh appeared on television in ABBA – The Mamma Mia! Story.

Tina Jones, and, Christopher Biggins may have previously taken part in Thing A Thon.

Clive Carter, and, Ian Talbot went on to take part in Shopping With The Stars 2009.

Louise Gold went on to appear in a concert staging of the musical Of Thee I Sing, where she played Diana Deaveraux a character who might be a sort of fictitious relative of Ralph Bates’ (well Ralph Bates did just happen to be related to Napoleon).


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