Da Do Run Ron

Louise Gold starred as “Nancy Reagan”, single produced in 1984

Catalogue number: (45 RPM single) ELECTRA E9713 

Cast (includes)

Louise Gold (as Nancy Reagan, also backing vocalists The Queen & Nancy Regan on the B Side)

Chris Barrie (as Ronald Reagan, and, Prince Andrew of York)

 And possibly other Spitting Image voice-artistes in the chorus.


Production Team

An ELEKTRA recording distributed by WEA Records

Record produced by - Jon Blair

Lyrics by - Ian Hislop, Nick Newman, and, Richard Curtis

Music produced by - Philip Pope


Track Listing

Side A

Da Do Run Ron (Music by Philip Pope, Lyrics by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman based on the original words and music by Greenwich, Barry and Spector of The Crystals) - Nancy Reagan with Ronald Reagan and chorus (Louise Gold, with Chris Barrie, and chorus)


Side B

Just A Prince Who Can’t Say No (Music by Philip Pope, Lyrics by Richard Curtis) - Prince Edward and chorus (? and chorus)



The webmaster doesn’t know who voiced “Prince Andrew” in the early days on Spitting Image, but whoever he was is starring on the B side of this record. The chorus for both sides are voice-artistes from the TV show Spitting Image.

This single, Da Do Run Ron, was the first ever spin off from the television series Spitting Image.

The flip side of the single, Just A Prince Who Can’t Say No was banned by BBC Radio 1. 

The song Da Do Run Ron (as sung by Louise Gold), was later included on the album Spit In Your Ear, although for the later issue one of the verses was cut, and it appears to have been remixed as well. That album also features other vocal appearances by both Louise Gold and Chris Barrie.

As Spitting Image voice-artiste at least, Louise Gold and Chris Barrie contributed to Comic Relif 1986, in fact Louise Gold also puppeteered on it, while Richard Curtis wrote some of the material.

Louise Gold and Chris Barrie appeared, in their guise as Spitting Image voice artistes on the album Utterly Utterly Live Comic Relief, which was also produced by WEA Records.

Louise Gold, Chris Barrie, Ian Hislop, and, Nick Newman all spoke about their work on Spitting Image in Spitting Image: Must See TV.

Louise Gold and Chris Barrie have also contributed to the politically minded Fall Out group’s shows.

Richard Curtis had previously written scripts for BlackAdder.

 Louise Gold went on to sing the lead vocal on another single Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire (Soundtrack single).

Louise Gold, Ian Hislop, and, Nick Newman also spoke about their work on Spitting Image in the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image.



by Emma Shane

This was a recording I thought I knew from the compilation CD, until I played the original vinyl! It is stunningly appropriate that the show’s original Leading Puppeteer Louise Gold actually stars on, the A Side of, Spitting Image’s first ever spin off; this versatile actress-puppeteer, after all, helped to set the show up.  She also happens to have a stunning singing voice, and gets some splendid opportunities to indulge in her unique blend of vocal acrobatics. However, until I played the original vinyl I didn’t realise quite how stunning her vocal performance is in Da Do Run Ron. The lyrics by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman are also excellent: I very much liked the bit “He’s seventy three, he’s just run into a tree”, and “He’s lowered income tax, he hates the Warsaw pact”. But then the lyrics really had to be good, given who they are sung by, because if they were not (to adapt an expression of Irving Berlin’s) everyone would have heard them anyway.

The B Side, Just A Prince Who Can’t Say No, is performed well by the chorus, and more than adequately by whoever is voicing “Andy” (in other words “Prince Andrew”). But personally I found the number a bit dull. It’s one of those occasions when something becomes better known for getting banned, regardless of whether or not it is good.

I certainly found this single well worth getting, simply because it is a delight to hear Spitting Image’s version of Da Do Run Ron in all its glory. Although the song was subsequently included on the Spit In Your Ear album, the original is better, firstly because it includes at least one verse cut from the album version, and secondly the sound balance is to my mind much better, you can actually hear just what a vocal feat the lead performer achieves.


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