Louise Gold featured, as Eleanor, filmed in 2001, This appears to be another entertainment in the Abbasolutely Fabulous genre of 70’s girls growing old disgracefully.



Kate (the school headmistress)- Andie MacDowell

Janine (the police chief) - Imelda Staunton

Molly (the doctor) - Anna Chancellor

Jed - Kenny Doughty

Rev Gerald Marsden - Bill Paterson

Pam - Caroline Holdaway

P.C. Blake - Josh Cole

Sergeant - Garry Powell

Kate’s Frenchman - Christian Burgess

Bishop - Morris Perry

Lady Governor - Richenda Carey

Hearty Governor - Roger Booth

Little Crematorium Man - Derek Deadman

Mr Yacht - Andrew Bicknell

Mr Horse - Jeremy Gittins

Mr Bundersbank - Timothy Walker

Mr Sensitive - Louis Hammond

Boring Martin - John Voce

Minicab Driver - Anthony Renshaw

Assistant 1 - Sarah Rickman

Assistant 2 - Eve Rose Cooper

Nurse 1 (as Claire Nicholson) - Claire Nicholson

Nurse 2 - Elizabeth Hurran

Nurse 3 - David Nicholls

Mr Unspeakable Lying Bastard - James Vaughan

Eleanor - Louise Gold

Smoking School Girl - Lauren Stone

Parent - Maureen Bennett

Teacher - Kevin Sargent

Little Girl In Garden - Rosie Scanlon Jones

Also featuring - Joe Roberts

Casualty Doctor - Carlton Jarvis


Production Team

Director - John McKay

Written by - John McKay

Production Company - Film4

Executive Producers - Julia Chasman, Hanno Huth, and, Paul Webster

Producer - Lee Thomas

Co-Producer - Elinor Day

Line Producer - Fiona Morham

Original Music - Kevin Sargent

Cinematography - Henry Braham

Film Editing - Anne Sopel

Casting by - Michelle Guish

Production Design - Amanda McArthur

Art Direction - John Reid

Costume Design - Jill Taylor


For a review/account of Crush, please click here. Please note, the review is in two parts, Please note, Part 2 of this review contains details which will be a spoiler, so if you are intending to try and catch this film, it is advisable that you only to read Part 1, and not read Part 2, which is intended only for those people reading this review for research purposes.

Louise Gold and James Vaughan have appeared together in a number of Lost Musicals, namely: One Touch Of Venus (1992 Production), Du Barry Was A Lady (1993 Production), Of Thee I Sing, Panama Hattie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and, Du Barry Was A Lady (2001 Production).

Louise Gold, James Vaughan, and, David Nicholls had all previously worked in one guise or another on the film Muppet Treasure Island.

Michelle Guish had previously been a casting director on Labyrinth.

Richenda Carey had previously appeared in Topsy Turvy.

Imelda Staunton had previously appeared in Up The Garden Path, and went on to star in Gypsy.

Bill Paterson has recently been the narrator on The Unity Theatre Trust’s video The Story Of Unity Theatre, which is well worth seeing if you happen to be interested in that sort of thing (especially as the legendary Unity Theatre actress Una Brandon-Jones appear on that video).

Trivia buffs may like to know, that about two dozen years earlier, Richenda Carey and Louise Gold had once been (two of three) rival contenders for a TV job, Ms Gold won.


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