Louise Gold featured as Carey Neal, in Series 8, Episode 11 (aka Episode 115) “Give Us This Day”, recorded on 19 May 1993, first broadcast on BBC 1 at 20:15 to 21:05 on Saturday 27 November 1993

 Many years after her mother played “Gertie The Tramp” in the medical drama General Hospital, it was Louise Gold’s turn to play a homeless woman in an episode of a medical drama, in Casualty.



Charlie Fairhead - Derek Thompson

Lisa Duffin - Catherine Shipton

Karen Goodliffe - Suzanna Hamilton

Martin Ashford - Patrick Robinson

Adele Bedford - Dona Croll

Tom Harley - David Ryall

Josh Griffiths - Ian Bleasdale

Brian Crawford - Brendan O’Hea

Jane Scott - Caroline Webster

Mark Calder - Oliver Parker

Mie Nishi-Kawa - Naoko Mori

Frankie Drummer - Steven O’Donnell

Andrew Bower - William Gaminara

Leonard McGuiness - Frank Mills

Barbara McGuiness - June Barrie

John Hayes - Colin Farrell

Gwen Hayes - Ann Penfold

Mike Howlett - Simon Slater

Emma Hayes - Helen Baxendale

Abraham - Rory Edwards

Jimmy Hare - Joseph Brady

Jennifer - Marva Alexander

Carey Neal - Louise Gold

DC Horner - Richard Hicks

Mac - John Carlsen


Production Team

Episode Written by - David Richard-Fox

Producer - Michael Ferguson

Director - Philip Casson


After reading the TV.Com page for this episode ( ) this site’s webmaster is somewhat puzzled as to how a character played by a tall actress in her mid thirties could be described as “young homeless girl”  Can anyone explain?

The Holby TV fansite’s page about this show is a bit more informative about the whole content:,884,0,0,1,0


This episode was Helen Baxendale’s TV debut (Two years earlier one of Ms Baxendale’s first jobs after drama school had been touring around Ireland in the play Amadeus).

Director Philip Casson had previously directed Louise Gold in her puppeteer’s guise on both The Muppet Show and Spitting Image, including UNTV - the Spitting Image pilot. His directorial credits also include several albums in association with those TV programmes, namely: The Muppet Show Music Hall, The Muppet Show 2, Muppet Show Music Album, and, Spit In Your Ear.

Blue Peter, BlackAdder, Joint Account, Allo Allo, The House Of Eliott, Doctors, Gina’s Laughing Gear, and, That Puppet Game Show were all also first broadcast on BBC 1.

Patrick Robinson went on to feature on A Week In The West End, which Simon Slater also appeared in.

Naoko Mori went on to appear in the film Topsy Turvy.

Simon Slater went on to appear in Mamma Mia.

Rory Edwards had previously appeared in Sink The Belgrano.

Dona Croll may have gone on to appear in Vinegar Tom.


Critics Comments



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